If you want to be successful in business you need to have a good brand. Branding always starts with a name. Customers recognize a name and associate products/services with that name.

A classic example of this is Hoover, the company sells vacuum cleaners, but everyone associates the company with the product so much that many people refer to the product as a hoover. However, if you want to be this successful, you have to learn to conduct a Alabama business name search and register your name to protect your business’ identity.

This article will guide you through the important steps of using a business name availability search and also how to register an Alabama business name.

Why Register an Alabama Business Name?

How to Register an Alabama Business Name

So many people don’t think they need to register a business name in Alabama. This is technically true, but there are significant benefits to registering your business. For one, it can support you with legal issues with the government. If the government decides that your business needs to be closed, there is no legal protection and you’re not able to appeal against the decision. And without registration, they can take personal assets as well.

Filing the right legal documents ensures that you’re not personally liable for everything that happens in your business. Therefore, if another company or a consumer sues you for damages that happen while you are working with them, then you can lose everything as personal assets can be seized without that legal protection.

And a registered business opens up opportunities. Many financial services will only work with those with a registered business name. So you can gain better funding.

How to Register an Alabama Business Name

In addition, it ensures that no other brand can take your business name. If they take your name and register it, they can force you to close down your business and rebrand it to continue operating.

What are the Costs of Registering a Business in Alabama?

The name reservation for your business is $25. This fee is for processing your claim on any name that you would like to register. Some certifications can cost about $200, though they can go to about $250 in some circumstances. If you’re a foreign business that requires additional evidence, then the costs can be higher.

If there are questions about the cost, then you should contact the Alabama Secretary of State to learn more about the registration fees.

How to Register an Alabama Business Name

Their contact details are as follows:

Website https://www.sos.alabama.gov/
Phone (334) 242-7200
Email [email protected]
Hours 8 am–5pm, Weekdays

Most payments can be made via the bank details that are included on the inquiry form.

What is a Subscriber?

A subscriber is a person who has created an account and paid a fee for use of the Alabama state online services. There are different fees for those who are subscribers and non-subscribers for each service they provide.

In practice, for one business, there isn’t much difference in the cost between a subscriber and a non-subscriber once the subscriber costs are included. However, being a subscriber can often make applying for all the relevant documentation quicker as more details are kept and can be automatically included in online forms.

How to do a Alabama Business Name Search and Register a Name

How to Register an Alabama Business Name

Here are the steps to register an Alabama Business Name. These are very easy steps and you can build a presence in the state without too much work.

Step 1 – Read the Guidelines

The first step is that you should read the guidelines for a business name in Alabama. Part of this process is preparation for running your business like how you can create a business plan and future expansion steps.

It will also detail some of the legal requirements for building and naming your business.

Step 2 – Name your Alabama Business

The next step is to name your new venture. You can use a name generator, like the one below, to help you generate a good business name. All you need to do is to enter the keywords and click on generate. Then the potential list of names will come up.

Get a Name Idea

Step 3 – Alabama Business Name Search

If you’ve got a few good business names that you like, you need to ensure you can use the brand names. Use a domain search to ensure no one is using the domain, search on social media, and check with search engines for brand name usage.

You should also check the Alabama Government Records Inquiry System to check business name availability. The process is very simple, you can enter various pieces of information including the name, business type, formation location, principal city, and current status.

The results will show any brand that has the same name or one that is similar. Therefore, you can be sure of business name availability.

How to Register an Alabama Business Name

You might be able to call or email the Alabama Secretary of State Office to ensure business name availability. However, the office is most likely to redirect you to the Inquiry System.

Step 4 – Certificate of Name Reservation

The first thing that you need to do is to complete the certificate of name reservation. This can be done on the Alabama Secretary of State's website. This should be done with the Business Entities Division of the Office of the Secretary of State.

If the business name you’ve chosen is available, you will receive the Certificate of Name Reservation.

There is a fee that you will need to pay when registering your business name.

Step 5 – Register your Business Name in Alabama

It is relatively easy for you to register your Alabama business name with the Alabama Secretary of State Website. There is an online services page that will detail the necessary fees and options you need to follow for registration.

Part of the process is to complete all the relevant forms that will provide the state with all your contact information and details regarding your business including what you do. If you want to save money and time, create a subscriber account.

You need to have your Certificate of Name Reservation. This document will prove that you own a specific business name in the state. Remember that it is important you own the name in the state, not just in the country.

The Alabama Secretary of State is responsible for online registration. There are online services you can use that can help you reserve a name or apply for the correct documents. This portal is suitable for both domestic and international corporations.

Once you’ve sent the documents, you just need to wait for the department to confirm.

Final Word: Alabama Business Name Search

Above are the steps that you need to know for an Alabama business name search and how to register a business name. It doesn’t take too long to complete and the process offers numerous benefits to you personally and the brand. If you need help, you can speak to ZenBusiness or Bizee to help.

It can take several hours to complete the registration forms for an Alabama business name. Then you have to wait for the state department to complete their work.
The costs are roughly $200. However, sometimes these costs can increase depending on the specifics of your business and whether you’re a domestic operator or an international brand.
There is no legal requirement to register your business in Alabama. However, you might want to consider registering your business in the state so your brand name and personal property are protected.
If another company starts to use your brand name once you’ve registered it, then there is the opportunity to take them to court to get them to cease using that name.
No. The business name generator can check your business name against registered domains, just click on the name. However, it cannot help you check your business name against any state registrations.