Starting a business has numerous challenges. Many business owners struggle with elements like funding, finding suppliers, marketing, and operating procedures. However, one area that is often considered, but not always given much thought once the name has been decided upon. However, conducting a Colorado Business name search can be vital for the longevity of the business and to protect business operators from costs in the future.

What is a Colorado Business Name Search?

A Colorado business name search is the process that takes place when you check that the name you intend to trade under is checked for other entities that are using the name. Registered businesses have protected the name they use. Therefore, when the business registers as an LLC, no one else can use a similar or the same name.

If someone does infringe on that protection, the registered owner of the name can take the other person to court. The business infringing is not going to have set up an LLC in Colorado, therefore, there is no protection against their personal assets, which makes it very expensive for them.

Why Start an LLC Business in Colorado?

There are many advantages to starting an LLC business in Colorado. The first factor is that it protects the business name from being used by another brand in the state. The protection is critical because you will not confuse audiences with a name that is similar to other brands. At the same time, it means that you will not lose out on branded search engine inquiries. Many top brands get 70% of their traffic from branded searches on the platforms.

Another reason is that registered LLCs protect the personal property of the owner. Therefore, should the business get into debt, only business assets can be seized by creditors. Tax rates are also better for those who are in an LLC.

Colorado Business Name Search

Other benefits can help the business succeed. For example, you can open a business bank and get financing easier for your business.

Finally, you might find it easier to get better credit terms with suppliers.

Preparing for the Colorado Business Name Search

Before you start the naming registration, you need to check that your business name will be accepted by the state. Numerous individuals start the process, pay the fee and then find their name has been rejected. Submitting a second name will cost additional fees.

There are rules and regulations that you can read on the Colorado Secretary of State website that allows you to check your name against certain regulations. However, it is also important that you check business name availability in the state.

Colorado Business Name Search

If you would like to speak to the Secretary of State or access their website, their details are as follows:

Phone 303-894-2200
Email [email protected]
Hours 8am–5pm, Monday–Friday

How to Complete a Colorado Business Name Search

To complete a Colorado Business Name Search you need to visit the Secretary of State's website and then access their business name database. Here you can enter your potential name on the website and then you will be directed to search results that should show any business that has an exact match or is similar.

You might need to check the advanced options to ensure that you have exhausted all options to find businesses that have a similar name. Some of the advanced options allow you to check filing dates, registered agents, trademark names, and other aspects to ensure accuracy. It is always wise to double-check these.

The database will tell you whether the name is available.

At the same time, check for domain name availability as well as other elements.

Colorado Business Name Search

How to Register a Colorado Business Name

Here are the instructions on how to register a Colorado Business Name as an LLC.

Step 1 – Choose your Business Name

The first step is to choose the business name that you would like to have. You need to ensure business name availability and that your name conforms to all regulations. Some regulations are simple to follow, like the inclusion of a Limited Liability Company or a shorthand form within the name.

You can also have two names. One that is the professional name, the LLC, and one that is known as the Doing Business As a name, which can be a shortened name. For example, you can register your business as Colorado Business Limited Liability Company but trade as Colorado Business. The DBA name can be a great way to have a more memorable brand for audiences, while also conforming to all state regulations.

Step 2 – Check State Business Database

As mentioned above, complete the business name search on the Secretary of State website.

Colorado Business Name Search

Step 3 – Reserve Name

Now reserve the name for your business with the secretary of state. It takes just a few minutes to register the LLC name. Reserving the name provides you with 120 days where the name cannot be registered with another LLC.

Step 4 – Submit Articles of Organization and Other Documents

Now you can register your Articles of Organization to the Secretary of State. There might be other documents that you need to submit for your business. If in doubt, speak to either ZenBusiness or Bizee who can help you with the whole process of registering your business in the state and act as your professional registered agent in the state.

Colorado Business Name Search

Step 5 – Wait

Now it takes about four to five weeks for the documents to be processed by the Secretary of State's business team. This can seem like a long wait, but they need to do their checks and processes. When completed, you will get all the documentation that is required for the business. From there, you can start trading as an LLC.

Final Word: Colorado Business Name Search

Above are the steps and instructions on how to run a Colorado Business Name Search. At the same time, there are instructions on how to register your business name. The process does not take long and costs about $150-$200. However, it is an essential step that provides you with more opportunities and better protection. If you would like more help, some businesses can help you build a better business.

Colorado costs for registering a business can vary. On average, most LLCs can be established for about $150. Though those registering from out of state or those who make a mistake when doing a business name search can pay significantly more.
You do not need to prove that you’ve done a business name search. However, if another entity exists with a similar or exact name, your application will be rejected and you will need to pay again for registering your name and submitting documents to form the LLC.
No, reserving the name in Colorado will protect it from others trying to trade under the name. However, you can only reserve the name for 120 days. You can always renew the reservation after that time.
You need to buy the domain as quickly as possible. There are business individuals who check for new LLCs or reserved business names and buy the domains and then flip them for a profit. This practice costs some business owners thousands more than necessary.
No, you need to register the business name across all fifty states if you want to protect your name nationwide. To help you, get a registered agent that can help you cross state lines.