If you are looking for craft store name ideas for your new shop or brand then you will need to use the Craft Store Name Generator. In this article, we will go through all the steps you need to do to come up with the ideal name for your new business venture and achieve the best results.

Why use a Craft Store Name Generator?

There are lots of reasons to use a Craft Store Name Generator to create a unique name that defines your brand and tells everyone about you and your store. First impressions are really important so you need to get your name right. That’s why you can benefit from the independent help of a Craft Store Name Generator.

You could consult an agency to help you brand your store but this can be very costly and you might need to pay for services in other areas that you really can't do like logo design or website creation. It's best to try and do any aspect of business development yourself and save your startup funds for aspects that you do need help with. Reigning in your expenditure will give your business the best start.

Craft Store Name Generator

You need to make sure your craft store name is unique because brands have been known to take legal action against other brands that have used similar names. You will therefore want to make sure that your craft shop name is unique.

By following the process laid out in this article you will find choosing a name for you, you may find it saves you time because you just work through the process methodically. You’ll need to check out your name with others but it can be a helpful timesaver.

Tips for Choosing the Best Name with the Craft Shop Name Generator

There are lots of names you can generate with the craft shop name generator. Here are some examples of the names that you could generate:

  • hidden handcraft
  • long handcraft
  • vivacious handcraft
  • colourful handcraft
  • fair handcraft
  • sensible handcraft
  • light handcraft
  • labour handcraft
  • different handcraft
  • printed handcraft
  • fat handcraft
  • grateful handcraft
  • abstract handcraft
  • front handcraft
  • tricky handcraft
  • moderate handcraft
  • disturbed handcraft
  • prominent handcraft

  • welsh Pretty Things
  • useful Pretty Things
  • irrelevant Pretty Things
  • other Pretty Things
  • revolutionary Pretty Things
  • illegal Pretty Things
  • friendly Pretty Things
  • alone Pretty Things
  • effective Pretty Things
  • select Pretty Things
  • usual Pretty Things
  • amused Pretty Things
  • comparative Pretty Things
  • particular Pretty Things
  • bright Pretty Things
  • miserable Pretty Things
  • salty Pretty Things
  • variable Pretty Things

Craft Store Name Generator

Here are some tips to help you come up with these names. With a unique name, you really will be able to attract more customers and grow your craft store.

Tip One – Your Craft Store Name Ideas Need to be Unique

So the first aspect to consider is that your name is unique because you don't want to risk being sued by another craft shop that is already established and using a very similar name. You don't want them to think that you’re trying to steal their customers or use their established customer base to gain social proof.

Be careful not to think that a variation of a name will be fine. If you wanted to call your craft store after yourself, such as Tracey’s Craft Store you can’t use this name if another store is called Tracy’s Crafts. It doesn’t matter that you’ve got the same name by coincidence, it will be seen as a copy so you just have to go with something else.

If names are protected legally you could have some problems. Also, the law tends to side with the brand that has longevity, which you do not have being a startup.

It does also work the other way. Once you establish your brand you might find that your customers accidentally go to the other brand instead so choosing an original, unique name is a must.

Tip Two – Your Craft Shop Name Ideas Should Incorporate the Future

Your name should enable you to expand to plans. So don’t name yourself Sew & Sew if you might want to expand to paper craft or crochet in the future. You will need to listen to your customers and if you start to get requests for a particular product it’s a wise idea to consider their requests. So try to make sure you choose a name that allows you to expand in the future.

You might also not want to limit yourself by using your location in your name. So you might want to name your store Newport Crafts but this might not attract customers from around the US if you decide to also sell your craft products online. You might also want to sell your products on a marketplace like Etsy or Amazon so you’ll need to choose a name that enables you to access a variety of sales platforms. The more places you reach customers the higher the revenue you’ll make.

Tip Three – Try Using A Series of Initials Within your Craft Shop Name

There are lots of well-known brands that combine the first initial from a series of words to create their name. Some great examples include KFC, BMW, MAC, IBM, etc. These can be a great way to produce an iconic name but you will need to wait to achieve such brand loyalty that can be achieved with this naming strategy.

A big advantage to this type of name is that it can be very easy to remember. So if you want a long name like Ellies Crafting Companions. Then you could just shorten your name to ECC. You can always explain the full name underneath.

Tip Four – Ensure Social Media Accounts are Available for Craft Store Name

Although social media only accounts for 1-3% of all your sales it is still a really important avenue for making sales. You will need to have all the associated social media accounts connected with your choice of name. So the social media accounts all need to be available for you to take control of.

Make sure that the name you have chosen is similar to another account that is not so popular then you might not want to go with that name because you don’t want to be associated with a brand that has not got a good reputation. You don’t want audiences getting confused between your account and another.

Tip Five – Ensure the Craft Store Name Domain is Available

You need to have a website for sales online, and for sharing information about your store and products. So you will need to have the domain name that matches your craft store name. You don’t want to spend money on marketing materials if you aren’t able to secure the name of your brand as a domain for a website.

It is free to use a domain checker and it doesn't take very long to do. Don’t just check the domain by looking for the website names in your browser; they may be owned by someone but not an active website, so use the proper domain checkers.

You should register your domain as soon as possible. There are always SEO penalties that will restrict your traffic for six months of being active so the sooner you register your domain and get updating your website regularly the sooner you will get through this period.

How to Use the Craft Shop Name Generator

Here are the steps below, to use the Craft Shop Name Generator to come up with a list of potential craft store names.

Step 1 – Create a List of Important Words

First of all, you should brainstorm all the words you can think of that describe you and your store. You can include words that describe your ethics, your products, and anything about your brand that you wish to convey to your customers. You can make this list as long as possible as this will be quite personal.

Step 2 – Reduce the List to the Best Options

Then take your list and reduce this down to the best options that work for your craft store brand. You might wish to ask family and friends to help. You could also ask a branding expert for advice or put a survey out on social media to get a wider opinion.

By this point, you will want to have about ten words that you can put into the Craft Store Name Generator.

Step 3 – Add your Names to the Craft Store Name Generator

Now add the shortlist of words to the Craft Store Name Generator. This free tool can be used as many times as you like and each time that you click on the ‘generate’ button you will get a completely new list of potential names.

  • urgent Bits and Bobs
  • additional Bits and Bobs
  • artificial Bits and Bobs
  • christian Bits and Bobs
  • great Bits and Bobs
  • ltd Bits and Bobs
  • continuous Bits and Bobs
  • appropriate Bits and Bobs
  • appalling Bits and Bobs
  • soft Bits and Bobs
  • provincial Bits and Bobs
  • wonderful Bits and Bobs
  • nearby Bits and Bobs
  • injured Bits and Bobs
  • atomic Bits and Bobs
  • vague Bits and Bobs
  • industrial Bits and Bobs
  • convinced Bits and Bobs

  • fine Table Decorations
  • colourful Table Decorations
  • panicky Table Decorations
  • elaborate Table Decorations
  • condemned Table Decorations
  • marxist Table Decorations
  • selective Table Decorations
  • furious Table Decorations
  • shy Table Decorations
  • solar Table Decorations
  • burning Table Decorations
  • convenient Table Decorations
  • complex Table Decorations
  • vertical Table Decorations
  • increased Table Decorations
  • comfortable Table Decorations
  • dying Table Decorations
  • naked Table Decorations

Craft Shop Name Generator

Now you can try to use the craft shop name generator to get your craft shop name ideas. It takes just a few seconds to get your list ready.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Reduce Your Craft Store Name Ideas Down

Now you will have loads of potential names that you could use for your craft store name ideas. You now need to turn those words into another shortlist of 10-20 potential craft store names. These need to all be names that you could see yourself using for your brand.

Quickly remove any names that don’t seem right.

Step 5 – Check for Use by Other Brands

Then go through the shortlist and check that other brands aren’t using the name. Make sure there isn’t another brand using the same name because you don’t want customers to get confused. You also will want to choose a name that is easy to spell and remember, not a name that can easily be misspelled or confused.

Don’t go for a name that is slightly different from another established brand. Like New York Crafting and then choosing Crafting New York. It’s just going to be confusing for audiences. It could also have legal implications for you.

If the other brand has a poor reputation then you could get associated with that and that's not a good way to start a new store. You’ll be fighting an uphill battle right from the very beginning. It will be very hard for you to compete on social media with the other company as well.

Step 6 – Check Social Media

Make sure you check on all the social media platforms for the craft store names you are considering and look for variations of the potential names as well. Some brands are significant on one social media platform and not on others. Like they may be on Etsy but not on Facebook so don’t assume that a potential brand name hasn't been taken just because it’s not on one social media platform.

If you come across a craft shop name that hasn’t been in use for some time don’t be tempted to use it. They could have had a poor reputation and potential customers may remember the brand.

Step 7 – Check Domain Name Status

Next, on any of the potential craft store names still on your list, make sure that the domain name is still available. Domains can be registered but not used so make sure you check properly on a domain checker rather than just enter the potential URLs into the browser search bar. You can alter the domain to make it more user-friendly.

Step 8 – Choose your Name!

Now is the most exciting part, choosing the name for your craft store. From the shortlist you will probably have a few favorite options. Choose the names that you like the most. You can speak to friends, family, customers, etc to see what they think about your name choices. You might also want to consult with a lawyer or accountant to get their advice. You might also want to put another survey out on social media or take a survey with people in the local shopping area.

Step 9 – Register Your Craft Shop Name Everywhere

Now you need to register your craft store name on every platform and register your domain. Registering everything now means you won’t miss out. You can then get on with starting to upload your media when you're ready.

Final Word: Craft Store Name Generator

Above are all the steps that you need when you want to start your craft shop or a craft store. The Craft Store Name Generator is a free tool that you can use to build your brand from the ground up and you can be a huge success with it. Good luck with your new venture.

One of the biggest reasons why brands don’t last long is because of cash-flow problems. Try and save as much money as possible when you start. The Craft Store Name Generator is just one way to save money for your startup.

The Craft Store Name Generator provides a list of names that are potentially a good fit for your brand based on a keyword. Most will be unique and available, but there is no guarantee, that is why you must always complete your due diligence.

The Craft Store Name Generator can help you name numerous items, including your products, stores, and other items. It can be used as much as you like, for free. And each time you click on ‘Generate’ you can get lots of new names.

Yes, you can copyright the craft store name that you choose. However, it can be a very costly experience that doesn’t always protect you. And legal systems often offer protection for those brands who first use the name. Always speak to a lawyer regarding this option.