Perhaps you are looking to create a new online store that needs a funny name to represent either your personality or the items that you wish to sell. You might wish to sell novelty gifts for example. Using a funny business name generator can help you come up with the perfect name.

We go through the steps you need to take when choosing a funny name for your business, answer any questions you might have about using the funny business name generator, and then take you through the process of using this helpful tool.

Why Use a Funny Business Name Generator?

You should use a funny business name generator for several reasons. First of all, it’s going to save you a lot of time sitting around trying to decide on a name. You will also want to save money by not having to hire a branding expert and they might struggle to add a personal aspect to your name that only you can add.

It can also be challenging to decide on a funny name for your business as well because people have such varied tastes in humor! If you use a funny business name generator you will have confirmation that lots of people will also find your business name funny.

A good name will rank well on social media provided you work at your SEO (search engine optimization) this includes using suitable keywords, adding meta titles, and generally updating your website regularly, e.g with blogging. You’ll want to make sure you can get the domain for your chosen name and it is more likely if you can choose a unique name.

You will likely have a lot of competition and choosing a funny business name can help you stand out from the crowd. For example, if you breed ball pythons you could just be Bill and Ben’s Royal Pythons or they could use a pun for Bill&Ben’s Balls.

This won’t be to everyone’s taste, but this is frequently used and a popular choice in that industry. So you can use the funny business name generator to come up with silly names for your business.

And it says something about your brand, giving your brand a personality which can be a powerful lure to new customers.

Tips for a Good Funny Business Name

Here are five of our best tips to help you come up with a funny name for your business. It can be tricky to decide what people will find funny so these tips will help you come up with some great options.

Tip One – Make it Unique

First of all, your name choice needs to not only be fun but also needs to be unique so you stand out from the crowd. Try thinking about what makes your brand unique, and what your USP is (unique selling point). Then think about anything that might be humorous about your industry or if there is any play on words.

You might also choose a funny play on words that only people with an interest in your industry will get, like an ‘in’ joke. The main thing to consider is what your target audience will think of the name.

Tip Two – Consider the Future

Choose a name that allows you to expand in the future. You don’t want to be restricted too much, to begin with, because once you choose your name it can be difficult to change it. Your name will be on your website and you will be ranked after 6 months, you’ll have your name on all of your branding material and your customers will know you by name. Changing a name can be very costly.

So try not to state a particular item or specialized service in your name that might not include future options. If you are an underwear shop and you want this in your funny name then make sure you won’t expand to sell other items of apparel for example.

Tip Three - Rhymes And Innuendos are Great for Funny Names

Consider using a funny rhyme as your funny name. Rhymes can be catchy. Think like a funny radio jingle how the rhyme and humor can be very memorable.

Think about funny aspects of your niche, and then put together words that rhyme. You might want to use an innuendo where you hint or suggest another meaning to the obvious one. This can be one way to create a great funny name for your business.

Tip Four – Make Sure Social Media is Available

Make sure that the funny name you have chosen for your business is available on all social media platforms. You should secure these as soon as you have decided on your name for certain and have purchased your website domain.

Make sure you have registered on all platforms that are relevant to you, even if you don’t plan to publish on them immediately. You may wish to use them in the future. If you have chosen a funny name for your business you may wish to use humor in a lot of your social media because this might be what your audience expects.

Humorous posts do very well on Facebook and Instagram and short, funny sketches can be very successful on YouTube.

Tip Five – Make Sure the Domain Name is Available

The domain name is the most important part of setting up your business. Once you have your domain name chosen, which should match your business name completely or as close to it as you can get you can set up your website.

Your website will enable you to set up your online store, and attract customers with a great optimized website. You can then use popups to give offers or to encourage customers to sign up for your mailing list.

How to Create a Store Name Using the Funny Business Name Generator

The steps below tell you how to use the Funny Business Name Generator to create the perfect name for your business.

Step 1 – Create a List

First of all, come up with a list of anything that might be funny and related to your business. Take your time and create a lot of words, you don’t want to miss out on a potential name that could make your brand grow quickly because you’ve rushed this section.

Step 2 – Reduce Down the List

Look at the list and decide what is most important and suitable for your store name. Cross-reference this list with the tips above and narrow it down accordingly.
Have a look online to make sure no other businesses are using your name.

You might also want to speak to friends and family before you move onto the next step. Ideally, you want to have about 10 to 15 names to put into the generator in the next step.

Step 3 – Add your Names to the Funny Business Name Generator

Now you can use the Funny Business Name Generator. It will provide you with a list of names you might want to consider.

When you click on the tool you will see a new list of names like the following:

  • civilian Humor
  • grim Humor
  • generous Humor
  • cruel Humor
  • purring Humor
  • anonymous Humor
  • dependent Humor
  • technological Humor
  • rude Humor
  • advisory Humor
  • medieval Humor
  • legislative Humor
  • anxious Humor
  • dominant Humor
  • additional Humor
  • human Humor
  • distinctive Humor

  • sad Laughs and Giggles
  • worried Laughs and Giggles
  • increasing Laughs and Giggles
  • intelligent Laughs and Giggles
  • regional Laughs and Giggles
  • tender Laughs and Giggles
  • managing Laughs and Giggles
  • big Laughs and Giggles
  • loose Laughs and Giggles
  • sore Laughs and Giggles
  • temporary Laughs and Giggles
  • tropical Laughs and Giggles
  • fluttering Laughs and Giggles
  • bare Laughs and Giggles
  • gradual Laughs and Giggles
  • balanced Laughs and Giggles
  • ill Laughs and Giggles
  • spectacular Laughs and Giggles
  • evolutionary Laughs and Giggles
  • outstanding Laughs and Giggles
  • equivalent Laughs and Giggles

Funny Business Name Generator

You can try the Funny Business Name Generator below. This tool is free to use and each time you click on ‘Generate’ a new list of names will appear. Therefore, you can get hundreds of potential names from the tool

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Reduce the List Down Further

Take this long list and reduce it to about ten names that you think could work for your store and that your customers will like. Ask family and friends for an honest opinion on your potential options. They will have a less emotional attachment to your idea and be able to provide a more objective opinion.

Step 5 – Check for Other Brands

Ensure any of the names you like aren’t already being used by another business. Don’t just find names that are an exact match. Even a close match should lead to a name being struck from your potential list.

Don’t just discount active brands either. Inactive brands can be a very bad option. They might have failed because they had a bad reputation and this reputation could be transferred to you. Therefore, you might not be able to get your brand off the ground. Considering that about 90% of brands fail within 120 days, you want to give your brand every chance possible. Associating with a dead brand is not a great way to start.

Step 6 – Check Social Media Status

Make sure the names are available on the social media channels you would like to register accounts with.

As with the website, names avoid using a name that has already been taken even if they look inactive on their sales page or social media account.

Step 7 – Check Domain Name Status

Finally, check domain name availability for the names left on your list.

Step 8 – Choose your Name

Finally, you can choose your funny business name. There might only be one option left, in which case then you have an easy decision. However, you might have chosen your shotlist so well that you have three or four names to choose from.

If you are struggling to choose just one name there are a few people that you can reach out to. The first group is your friends and family. They might be able to help you choose based on how well they know you and your idea.

Then you can reach out to an accountant, branding expert or lawyer. These professionals can sometimes know different aspects of business that can mean they have valuable advice. Though reaching out to this group can be expensive.

Step 9 – Register Everything

Register your name everywhere. This includes domain, social media, and marketplaces. Do this immediately and even if you don’t plan to use the platform ever. Some times there are people who will steal account names to pretend to be you.

One reason for this is to charge you an inflated rate to let you have access to the account or domain name. Another reason is that they’re going to commit fraud by pretending to be you, charge your potential customers and then ruin your reputation.

While the chances are limit, in the UK, there were 41,000 copycat websites that pretended to be UK government websites in 2021 alone. The exact number of private businesses in the US and UK is not really known. However, it is estimated that the world economy loses $5 trillion a year from fraud.

Final Word: Funny Business Name Generator

The Funny Business Name Generator is a fun and straightforward way to find a funny name for your business. We take you through all the steps to come up with a great name and provide tips to help.

By following these tips you can work through the process and then check your name ideas with friends and family. Once you’ve made your final decision you can then get on and order your name with your domain and set up all the social media accounts you need now or might need in the future.

The funny business name generator helps you to name your business with ease. The free tool is easy-to-use and can help you speed up the process of naming the business, so you can get on and create a new revenue stream.

While many brands go with a serious name, funny names can often be very lucrative. Some brands have made their fortune on their funny brand name that can inspire and attract audiences from around the world.

A funny business name will not hurt your brand’s SEO. Instead, it will generate some interest in your brand and make it easier for audiences to find you on Google and other search engines.
There is a risk that your funny business name could alienate audiences. However, there could also be the chance that it could make your business succeed. You just have to balance humor with taste.
The funny business name generator is free to use for you and anyone. You can use it as many times as you would like, as often as you would like, and all on the same day or across dates.
It is important to note that any funny business name from the generator is free for you to use. Any cost is only for the use of a domain that is made to our partner to register your domain.
A domain for your funny business name can be ranked very quickly. Ensure that you are getting your pages indexed through great SEO practices. Publishing at least 15 blogs a month on your website can help, and so can good fashion social media page content.
No, all domains are bought for a set period and will need to be renewed. Sometimes you can buy a domain for ten years, but this is rare. Usually, a domain is bought for 1 to 3 years.
You can technically sell a domain name that you’ve registered for your business. However, your funny business name might not be valuable to another brand. Therefore, you might not get much money for it.
You can have as many funny business names as you would like. However, it can be confusing for your customers. Therefore, you can sometimes hurt your brand with numerous different business names.