Are you looking to create a good game name? Then you might want to consider using a game name generator. These can be useful for your online branding, improving your revenue potential and building a following. There are lots of tips that can help you create a great game name too.

Why use a Game Name Generator?

There are numerous reasons why you will want to use a game name generator. The first is that games are one of the top streamed activities online. They are also a great community forum for those who have common interests to join in a conversation. For instance, many of those who are first-person shooter fans love to interact in the same games and will communicate there.

This means that many gamers have identifiable names on these platforms. However, it can be very hard for you to come up with the best username that is memorable and also unique. At the same time, there are thousands of gamers, so you might have found that usernames that you might have wanted beforehand have been taken.

And there are probably names that are close to ones that you might have used previously. If you’re looking to stream and earn revenues from your games, then you might want to avoid having names that are similar to other ones that are currently in use.

For example, you don’t want to use something like GamingUS if there are other gamers called USGaming or GamingUSA.

This will only create confusion with your audience. They won’t find you.

Likewise, you don’t want to have a name that might offend. You will also want to use a name that matches your branding. For instance, if you have a particular style of gaming, you might have those words incorporated into the name.

Tips for a Good Game Name

There are many tips for a good game name. Here are some of the top tips for you to consider.

Tip One – Unique Name

The first thing that you want to check is to ensure that you have a name that is unique and identifies you. This has been mentioned above. Without a unique and identifiable name, you can lose your audience in one of two ways. The first problem is that you could lose audiences by following the wrong gamer.

The other problem is that someone who has a similar name might not follow the rules, be rude or do something that can ruin your reputation.

Tip Two - Stage Name

Another thing that you might want to consider is to use a stage name instead of your real name. Many people who use platforms like YouTube and Twitch have stage names. These are names that are brand identifiers and can be used across platforms as well.

There are numerous reasons why you might want to consider using a stage name. The first is that it will protect your real details from those who might want to do identity theft.

Another reason is that it can be a great way to have a more searchable way to find you. If you have a tough name to spell or pronounce, then you could lose audiences from typos and more. A classic example of this is PewDiePie. His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. His fan base is really big, but not everyone knows what his real name is. However, it would be very hard for followers to use his real name on a mobile device.

Tip Three – Use Concatenations

Many different gaming channels and brands will use concatenations by entering your initials with other terms. This can be a great way to build a gaming brand on several different platforms. There are lots of examples online. For instance, there is Marques Brownlee. He uses the concatenation of MKBHD for his YouTube channel name. The channel name is the first three letters from his initials with the second two to describe that videos are only uploaded in High Definition.

Tip Four – Check for Social Media Availability

While you might think all you need to have is a good game username, you will also want to that social media channels and domains are available. The reason for this is that your followers on streaming channels will want to connect with you on other platforms. And they will use your game name to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

And you will want to make sure that you have secured those names so people aren’t diverted to other brands or those who just register the username. You should make sure that your brand’s identity is clear and very different. When there is a social media account with a similar name, it can mean that your audience is confused.

Check all the social media accounts even if you don’t intend to use them until later.

Tip Five – Domain Name Availability

In addition to checking that the social media channels are available, you will also want to check that you can have a good domain name connected with your game name. You can use a website to promote your brand, sell merchandise and collect other revenue streams that can improve your income.

This is very similar to how many brands that are streaming on channels like YouTube and Twitch operate. For instance, CBR, WatchMojo and WatchCulture do this. They create an article for every stream and video they produce. Sometimes there is a slight twist. However, it does help them to bring in a great audience and earn some more revenue.

So be sure that there is a workable domain name that is available for your game name.

Tip Six – Think of Expansion

The final tip is that you have expansion plans. For instance, you might only play one certain game now, but what if you want to branch out later on. By having just a single game title in your name, you are restricting your search potential and the chances for expansion.

Therefore, you want to get something that is a little more generic.

How to Create a Brand Using the Game Name Generator

Here are the steps that are required if you’re looking to create a brand using a game name generator.

Step 1 – Create a List of What You’re About

The first thing that you want to do is to grab a list of everything that makes you a good gamer. This could be the type of games that you play, where you stream, how long you stream, or your playing style. There could be a long list. But you want to have a few things for the next step to ensure that you’re covering everything.

Step 2 – Reduce Down the List

Now, look at the list you’ve created and reduce it down to just the things that are very important to you and your brand. You want to use about two or three meaningful options. This will be enough to help you have a long list of potential names from the game name generator.

There are numerous ways that you can reduce your name list. For instance, you can remove names with the help of fans, friends or family.

Step 3 – Add your Names to the Game Name Generator

Now you need to add the list of words that you have identified to the game name generator. With the two or three names that you have, you can create a lot of great names that can be used for your brand. Here is a list of potential names that could be created.

  • ripe player
  • primitive player
  • controversial player
  • objective player
  • thick player
  • different player
  • grieving player
  • relaxed player

  • overwhelming strategy
  • valuable strategy
  • confused strategy
  • agreed strategy
  • beneficial strategy
  • judicial strategy
  • salty strategy
  • joint strategy

Game Name Generator

You can try the game name generator below.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Start Working Through the List

Now you should look at reducing the name list down again. You can get hundreds of names, depending on the words that you input into the name generator.

If you want to have some help with your name choices, there are different people you can contact to help you. This includes friends, family, other gamers and more. Or you can look at competitors.

Remember the tips above to help you choose between the names. You want to reduce the list so you have a final choice between about 10 names. This list will be lowered as you go through the checks later on.

Step 5 – Check Availability on Games

The next check is to ensure that there is availability on the game or the streaming channels for your user name choices. You want to make sure there is no one else using the exact or similar names. For instance, if you have someone who has StrategyGamerUS you don’t want to be using StrategyGamerUSA.

Inactive game names should also be discounted because people might still get confused when they’re completing a search.

Step 6 – Check Social Media Status

Now you need to check social media platforms to ensure that no one has registered the social media channels with the game names you’ve selected. You need to check that there are no similar or exact names, like before. This can be a lengthy process and it can take a few hours to complete.

Be sure that all channels are checked, even if they seem inactive. An inactive account can still cost you in followers and more. Therefore, you can reduce your potential earnings in the future.

Step 7 – Check Domain Name Status

One of the final checks that you need to do is to check that the domain is available for your game name. You need to register a domain so that you can connect your streams to a website. A good website name is important for SEO and improving revenues.

You don’t need to build a website at the beginning, just register it to prevent it from being used by someone else.

To check your website domain potential, you need to just click on the name within the game name generator.

Step 8 – Choose your Name

Now you need to choose the name that you would like for your game name. You might want to speak to several people before you make the final choice. This might include your game fans, friends, fellow gamers, and more. You might also want to check that your name works on merchandise, logos and other graphics.

Choosing the name is very challenging, so be sure to take your time.

Step 9 – Register Everything

Now you can register everything on every platform that you want to use now and in the future.

Game Name Generator FAQs

There are many questions that people have about the game name generator. So here are some questions and some answers.

How Much is it to Use the Game Name Generator?

The game name generator is free to use and you can use it as many times that you need. To get more names, just click on the ‘Generate’ button and you will get a unique set of potential names.

Can you Guarantee the Names are Available?

You will need to check that the names are available.

Can Two Profiles have the Same Name?

It is not recommended that any two game profiles have the same name. It is confusing for many different people, including your target audience, potential sponsors and more.

Can you Copyright a Game Name?

While some people copyright the game name, it is very difficult to do. In law, if someone else has used the name in the past and wants to reuse it again, they may have the law on their side. It is best to just find a unique name that you can claim.

Final Word: Game Name Generator

Above are the steps and tips that you need to get started using the game name generator. With this, you can build a great brand for your gaming needs. This can help you earn revenue as a professional gamer. Use the generator with ease and it can drastically reduce the time that it takes you to create a good game name.