If you are looking for a geek store name idea for your new shop or brand, then you should use the Geek Store Name Generator. This article will go through all the steps you need to do to get the best geeky name for your new brand and to help you have the best start for your brand. Without having your name sorted, you won't be able to talk to suppliers, arrange any branding or seek investment. Your name is your top priority, so let’s get started!

Why use a Geek Store Name Generator?

There are many reasons for using a Geek Store Name Generator to come up with a unique and quirky name to define your brand. Using the Geek Store Name Generator can help you make the right first impression. This can be very helpful if you're identifying with a niche customer base and perhaps offering a range of products. Choosing the right name will help attract the right customers to your geek store.

You could consider consulting a branding agency to help you brand your store but this can be very costly. You are the expert in this niche so you are best placed to choose the best name for your brand. When you’re starting you need to be careful about cash flow and spend as little money as possible.

Your name must also be unique, don't think about using a name similar to the local gaming store in the hope that their customers also check you out. For a start, they might be loyal to the other geek shop and not want to go into your store for being a copycat. You could also face legal action from the store if the name is similar enough and this can be very costly.

You’ll also find that your store will get swamped by the other brand on search engines so it will likely make it harder for people to find your store online.

Finally, your geek store is likely your dream business. Why not make it your own and give it a cool, individual name that you've come up with? Choose a name that means something to you. The steps in this article will make the naming process straightforward and allow you to work through it logically, saving you time in the long run.

Tips for Choosing the Best Name with the Geek Shop Name Generator

You can generate so many names with the geek shop name generator. Here are some examples of the names that you could generate:

  • level Geeks
  • direct Geeks
  • average Geeks
  • diverse Geeks
  • complicated Geeks
  • slippery Geeks
  • disabled Geeks
  • loyal Geeks
  • unexpected Geeks
  • nosy Geeks
  • acceptable Geeks
  • capable Geeks

  • unaware Computer Games
  • maximum Computer Games
  • healthy Computer Games
  • comparable Computer Games
  • comparative Computer Games
  • interested Computer Games
  • violent Computer Games
  • generous Computer Games
  • applicable Computer Games
  • individual Computer Games
  • respective Computer Games
  • limited Computer Games

Below are some tips to help you come up with these names. A unique name will help you attract more customers and grow your geek store.

Tip 1 – Your Geek Store Name Ideas Need to be Unique

As mentioned above, you want your name to be unique. It’s a geek store, so it needs to be original and stand out from the crowd. The Geek Store Name Generator will help you achieve this and avoid all those potential pitfalls mentioned above, like legal complications, alienating other local or online geek stores, or having no chance at all on search engine ranking.

Tip 2 – Your Geek Shop Name Ideas Should Incorporate the Future

Make sure that you can expand in the future. The more you can offer your customers the better. This might not be possible to start with, you might just want to sell comic books but if you get a lot of requests for gaming miniatures you might want to expand and offer these products as well.

geek store name generator

So you might not want to incorporate a name with comics like Warlock’s Comics if you plan to expand into other products in the future. Although you know your brand well and your regular customers will, you’ll always have new customers who may overlook your store if your name no longer reflects what you have on offer.

Tip 3 – Try Using A Series of Initials Within your Geek Shop Name

geek store name generator

Many well-known brands combine the first initials from a series of words to create their name. Some great examples include KFC, BMW, MAC, IBM, etc. These brands have become iconic but this does take time and perseverance to achieve success with this naming strategy.

These names can be really easy to remember, especially if one of the words you want to use in your name can be misspelled. If you just use the first initials you limit the risk of this.

Tip 4 – Ensure Social Media Accounts are Available for Geek Store Name

Social media accounts for only 1-3% of all your sales but it is a really important way to make sales. It’s important, especially for a geek store, that you are available on a lot of social media platforms so you can reach as many people as possible. Consider marketplaces like Amazon and also video streaming platforms like YouTube and TikTok. You will therefore need to choose a name that is available on all the social media platforms that you plan to use both now and in the future.

Tip 5 – Ensure the Geek Store Name Domain is Available

A website is essential for any store as you know. You can host events and sell tickets, sell merch, and even set up an online store to increase your revenues. You will need to have a domain name that matches your geek store name. Don’t spend money on marketing materials until you have secured the name of your brand as a domain for a website.

You can use a domain checker to see if a name is available as a domain, which is your website address. This doesn’t take very long and it is very easy to do. Don’t be tempted to check the domain by searching your browser; remember that someone could have bought a domain but not set up their website yet. So use a domain checker.

Register your domain as soon as possible. There are SEO penalties from Google that restrict your traffic for six months of being active. This means that the sooner you register your domain address, the quicker you get past this, it’s important to remain active on your website during this time, just don’t worry too much about engagement statistics.

How to Use the Geek Shop Name Generator

geek store name generator

Here are the steps below, to use the Geek Shop Name Generator to come up with a list of potential geek store names.

Step 1 – Produce a List of Important Words

Brainstorm all the words you can think of to describe your brand and your store. Include words that describe your ethics, your products, and anything about your brand that you wish to convey to your customers. This list should be as long as possible and quite personal to you.

Step 2 – Reduce the List to the Best Options

Now reduce your list to just the best options for your geek store brand. You can ask friends and family to help. Ask a branding expert for advice or put a survey out on social media to get a wider opinion.

By this point, you will want to have about ten words that you can put into the Geek Store Name Generator.

Step 3 – Add your Names to the Greek Store Name Generator

Now add the shortlist of words to the Geek Store Name Generator. This fantastic free tool can be used as many times as you need. Every time you click on the generate button you will get a new list of potential names. Set up a document to cut and paste these into.

  • brainy Movies
  • level Movies
  • olympic Movies
  • plastic Movies
  • stable Movies
  • worthwhile Movies
  • due Movies
  • operational Movies
  • assistant Movies
  • loose Movies
  • sunny Movies
  • ripe Movies

  • icy Geeky Games
  • tiny Geeky Games
  • abstract Geeky Games
  • underground Geeky Games
  • high-pitched Geeky Games
  • standard Geeky Games
  • proper Geeky Games
  • parental Geeky Games
  • additional Geeky Games
  • relaxed Geeky Games
  • striped Geeky Games
  • old-fashioned Geeky Games

Geek Shop Name Generator

Now you can try to use the geek shop name generator to come up with geek shop name ideas. It doesn’t take long at all to get your list.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Reduce Your Geek Store Name Ideas

By now you will have loads of potential geek store name ideas. Now you have to turn those words into another shortlist of 10-20 potential geek store names. Quickly remove any names you’re not sure about. You need to be really happy using your store name in conversations and branding.

geek store name generator

Step 5 – Check for Use by Other Brands

Next, go through the shortlist and check that no other brands are using the name. The stores don't necessarily have to be geek stores, for example, they could be magazine stores or gift shops, for example. Any store with a similar name would offer a lot of competition for search engine ranking so you need to be careful to avoid a name that’s similar to another brand. If any names could be difficult to spell or can be spelled in different ways then avoid these names.

Step 6 – Check Social Media

Ensure you check on all the social media platforms for the geek store names on your list, and look for variations of the potential names as well. Some geek stores will be very active on some platforms like YouTube but might not have any presence on Facebook at all. It does depend on your audience, you need to be where they are.

Don't be tempted to use a geek shop name that hasn’t been in use for some time. They might become active again in the future, as many brands have times when they don't post much online. They could have also had a poor reputation which you don’t want to get tarnished with.

Step 7 – Check Domain Name Status

Next check that the domain names are available for the final list of words. You’ll want this to be as close as possible to the potential name of your geek shop. Remember to use the domain checker not just enter the words into your browser. Remember that domains can be bought and not everyone sets up the website straight away. Or they could be bought to be sold.

geek store name generator

Step 8 – Choose your Name!

The most exciting part is to now choose a name for your geek store. You will likely already have a few favorite options and you can ask friends and family what they think about them. This is important because they might have thought about something you haven't for one of the names. You could also ask friends on social media what they think.

Step 9 – Register Your Geek Shop Name Everywhere

Now you should register your geek store name on every social media platform and register your domain. By registering everything at the same time you won’t miss out. Then get on with connecting to customers on social media and build an amazing and informative website.

Final Word: Geek Store Name Generator

These steps will help you start your geek shop or a geek store by choosing a fantastic name. The Geek Store Name Generator is a free tool that you can use to name your business and build a great brand. Good luck with your new venture!

A lot of brands fail because of cash flow, try and use as many free tools as possible when you're starting out, like the Geek Store Name Generator.
The Geek Store Name Generator will provide you with a list of potential names for your geek store. You will need to follow the steps and advice to make sure you check that the name is unique and available.
As many as you like! There are no restrictions when using the Geek Store Name Generator. Every time you click on ‘Generate’ you get lots of new names to choose from.
You can copyright your geek store name but you should speak to a lawyer regarding this option.
Domain names are usually registered every year or two.