Did you know that your website’s name is just as important as any part of your branding? Without a good website name, your traffic to the website can be much lower than you need for your website’s success. In this article, we will discuss how to come up with a website name and in addition, tips to make it successful.

Why Does a Name Make a Difference to Your Website’s Success?

How to Come up with a Website Name

Two different paths mean that your website’s name is important to the success of the site.

How Audiences See Your Website Name

The first aspect is how your audience will see the name. Many audiences will assess the trustworthiness of your brand based on your name. If you don’t have a good name, you won’t be able to attract the right audience and therefore, your viewing figures will be bad.

In addition, a name can have an impact on how many people will link to you. Brands that look for sources and sometimes offer a linking service will only connect to you if your brand name is compatible with their policies and guidelines.

Linking is a vital way to get your website to rank. The higher you rank on Google, the more traffic you get. For instance, those who rank in the top spot get about 40-50% of the search traffic. Those who rank in positions six to ten tend to only get 1% of the search traffic.

Other elements can also contribute to search ranking, so you can’t rely on that. However, it can be a significant part of your ranking strategy.

Ranking Elements

How to Come up with a Website Name

Another part is ranking on Google and other search engines. While, above, we covered the linking aspect, the name can also be part of the factors that contribute to your ranking. For instance, if you sold model boats, having a website name that included that will rank higher than perhaps a website that is named something more unique.

Therefore, you will notice that a lot of top-ranking names will have something close to their purpose in it.

However, this isn’t always the case. As some top-ranking websites have better SEO strategies. Though there are some issues here. For one, you need to know the best SEO tactics to get your website there. The second element is to ensure that you have the time to properly manage your website.

Considering these two factors, it is clear why it is so important to come up with a good website name.

How to Come up with a Website Name

How to Come up with a Website Name

Numerous elements combine to bring together your website name. Here are some of the elements that you might want to think about when you’re coming up with a website name for your business.

1. Connect Services/Products with the Name

The first thing that you might want to do is to connect what you do with your website name. For instance, look at how the Internet Movie Database used its main purpose to create its website name. It is simple and explains exactly what they are about. Therefore, it creates an expectation from audiences about what the website is about, and it is great for ranking on Google.

2. Think About the Length

Another factor is that you want to ensure that the length of the website name is short enough that it can be remembered by audiences and there is less chance of a typo. This strategy improves the traffic getting to your website. More complicated names tend to reduce the traffic getting to the website because too many mistakes are made when typing them.

Consider having a name like How-To-Receive-Refunds.com has so many chances for typos. Customers can use underscores, not leave gaps, misspell receive and even not have the s on refunds. As a result, so much of the traffic will go to the wrong website or get a 404 error.

3. Don’t use Underscores

How to Come up with a Website Name

The basic convention has always been that underscores denote a space and a dash connects words. However, for Google, it is the other way around and this can affect rankings. So the domain buy_pet_food would appear as buypetfood on the Google bot system, making it less effective for ranking.

In contrast, buy-pet-food would appear like buy pet food for the Google bot. This system is much better for ranking.

4. Use a Domain Name Generator

A website name generator can help you quickly create a unique domain name for your business. All you have to do is to enter a keyword and press Generate. Then you will be provided with a list of potential names for your website. The domain name generator is a free tool that can be used as much as you like.

5. Be Unique

How to Come up with a Website Name

While no two websites can have the same domain, you can have a name that is too similar to another brand. If you have example.com and someone else has examples.com, these are too similar.

There are several reasons why this is not a good idea, but primarily you don’t want someone getting confused and going to the wrong website.

6. Speak to Friends and Family

Support networks can be a powerful resource. They might have ideas or factors that you’ve not considered when it comes to building your next website. For example, do they not like a domain name you’ve suggested because it is negatively associated with a recent event, historical event, cultural taboo, or something else. These are important factors and you should listen to the support networks you have.

Final Word: How to Come up with a Website Name

When it comes to your website, several factors are important for the success of your brand. You need to have a name that is really good for now and the future and you want to have something that is going to be memorable to your audience. Above are the reasons why you need to choose a good website name but also how to come up with a website name that won’t require the use of an agency.

Technically speaking, a website only has one website, however, you can have redirect domains, where someone entering that domain is redirected to your main website and the main URL. Some brands do this with hundreds of domains to ensure customer loyalty.
Domains cannot be bought outright. You can only buy a domain for use for between one and three years. Though you can re-register as soon as a domain is about to expire. The cost is about $10 per year, though prices can vary.
There are times when you can purchase a domain that is already registered. Sometimes the cost for this can be significantly high. And there are no guarantees that your website domain will be completely surrendered to you. Therefore, always seek legal advice when buying a domain from a third party.
Domain scams are prevalent and you should be careful when buying a domain, not from a proper domain registration company. If you’re approached via email about a domain, the best option is to not engage.