Iowa is an iconic state. And if you’re looking to start a business in a well-known state, then you are going to want to choose a business name that is unique and memorable. In this guide, we will detail how you can ensure this with the help of an Iowa business name search to check for business name availability. We will also detail how you can register an Iowa business name.

Iowa Business Name Search

Why Start a Business in Iowa?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to start a business in the state of Iowa. Here are some of the reasons for you to consider.

Highly Educated People

Those who reside in the state are some of the most educated in the USA. They are also productive and known for their high work ethic. Therefore, you can expect the employees you hire to work for the benefit of the company. Worker’s compensation is also 11% less than the national average, making it very affordable.

Sales and Use Tax on Equipment

Iowa has one of the best tax systems in the world. If your business purchases industrial equipment or computers that are assessed as real property that will be used in numerous industries, then it is exempt from sales and uses taxes.

Iowa Corporate Income Tax

In Iowa, the corporate income tax system offers lots of advantages for businesses, especially when you compare the system to other states. For example, there is a reduction in tax for corporate tax through the New Jobs Tax Credit. And there is a single factor appointment that means the tax is based solely on the sales income within the state. And there is a 50% of federal taxes deduction from the state’s corporate income tax.

Personal Property Tax

Personal property, which includes inventories of finished goods, raw materials, and goods-in-process, is not assessed for tax purposes. Machinery and equipment are also not taxed.

Iowa Business Name Search

Why Check for Business Name Availability

One of the most important steps in building any business is that you have a brand. A good brand name and identity can make the difference between success and failure. Investors are more likely to provide funds and good credit rates if they like the brand. At the same time, brands with good names are more likely to convert audiences.

However, some of the best names for brands are already taken. Especially if they are very simple. This like Iowa Gardening Services is likely to be in use, and while this is a good name, especially for SEO, using it can cause complications.

For one, the reputation of the existing brand can be transferred to your brand if you use the same name. This isn’t a bad thing if their reputation is good, but it is if they have a bad reputation.

Another problem is that an existing brand will dominate online searches. About 70% of high-profile brands can rely on brand-related searches on Google. If your brand has the same name, then most of the traffic will likely go to the existing brand via search engines. It is important to note that Google prefers to rank brands with a longer history higher than those with a shorter history.

Finally, there are legal considerations. Using a name that is registered with the state is against commercial law. Therefore, you can be taken to court and forced to change the name. You might also need to pay compensation if it has been determined that you have generated revenue through the use of the name that might have gone to the rightful owner of the brand.

Therefore, it is always best to have a unique and memorable business name.

Iowa Business Name Search

Steps to Checking Business Name Availability

In this section, we will detail the three steps it takes to check for Iowa business name availability. And we will also detail how to register your business.

Step 1 – Choose Business Name Ideas

The first thing that you need to do is to have a few ideas for your Iowa business name. There are numerous ways that you can generate business name ideas. You can use a business name generator, speak to friends/family, use a keyword tool, and others.

You want to make sure that you have a few ideas because if one is taken, you don’t want to have to start the process all over again. It is highly recommended that you have about 10 to 20 names when you start this process.

It might sound like a lot, but sometimes in highly competitive markets, several names might have been taken.

Iowa Business Name Search

Step 2 – Iowa Business Name Search

Go to the Iowa secretary of state’s website and from there you can do an Iowa business name search that can find whether the name that you have on your shortlist is available or not. You will see all sorts of details on the website, including the business structure.

At the same time, you should check other platforms for potential business name use. Google and social media searches are very important.

And while you’re at it, check for domain name registration. You don’t want to find a great name only to find that someone has registered the domain before you. A domain name, as well as the Iowa business name search, are free to do and take seconds.

When you’ve got a list of the names that aren’t taken, you can look to see which one you want to use for your business. You might want to speak to friends and family to make the final choice.

If you need to speak to the team at the Secretary of State, you will find them at the following addresses.

Website Website
Phone 515-281-5204
Email [email protected]
Hours Monday – Friday, 8.00 am – 4.30 am

Step 3 – Register an Iowa Business Name

Now you need to register an Iowa business name. You can do this at the same time as registering your domain name. The process is very simple, you can do this on the Iowa secretary of state website. There will be a filing fee.

If you need help, you can speak to ZenBusiness and IncFile who can help you in this state and many others.

Iowa Business Name Search

Final Word: Iowa Business Name Search

Iowa is an excellent state for you to start a business. However, you’ve got to make sure that you have a unique name for your business. The only way to do this is to conduct an Iowa business name search for your business name options and select one that hasn’t already been registered.

Iowa is one of the best states to start a business in. The population is highly educated, works hard and the labor costs aren’t too high. At the same time, the state is very business-friendly with lots of tax breaks for new and existing businesses.
Iowa is well-known for being a great location for agriculture and food. Brands in these sectors will do well. However, the state is also known for manufacturing, finance, and real estate.
The average business owner salary in Iowa is about 11.09 per hour. This isn’t one of the highest in the country, but it is significantly higher than the minimum wage across the USA.
Iowa has an unemployment rate of just 3.1%, which is about average for the USA. However, those that are in work are deemed to be some of the hardest working employees across the country.
When filing for a name online, you expect your business to be registered within one day. Compared to other states, this is very, very fast, where sometimes they can take weeks or months.