Painting supplies are always in demand and if you have an interest in home decor you might wish to choose to set up a painting company. You might have only an eCommerce store or decide to set up a brick-and-mortar store as well. Either way, creating an eye-catching brand is important for attracting the right audience and one of the most important aspects of your branding is your painting company name.

The painting company name generator can help you come up with lots of potential name ideas for your painting company name. You can then make sure you make a good choice by following the advice and steps in this article.

Why Use a Painting Shop Name Generator?

You’ll need a strong brand identity so potential and returning customers can identify you from among all the other shops that sell painting supplies. Other aspects that will help include having a great, eye-catching logo and providing great products and services so customers return. You’ll need a good idea of who your target audience is, for example, are you selling to trade or DIY? What types of paint supplies do you wish to sell? Are they going to be high-end or basic for example, or will you stock a wide range of paint brands?

Once you have done your business plan and got a good idea of how your business model will look you can then move on to creating a business name for your painting shop. You can use the painting company name generator to help you out as part of the steps below. The painting company name generator is a free tool and it is easy to use. Here is an example of a list of generated names:

  • melodic designs Painting
  • just Painting
  • magenta Painting
  • careful illustration
  • simple Painting
  • lonely Painting art
  • tough representation
  • bitter art work
  • dynamic Painting
  • isolated Painting
  • chinese Painting
  • lovely Painting

  • plastic art
  • very landscape Painting
  • blank Painting
  • essential sketch
  • homeless Painting abstract design
  • unlikely Painting
  • philosophical Painting
  • theoretical Painting
  • frozen Painting canvas
  • interested mural Painting
  • instant Painting landscape
  • violent Painting

Not all of the names generated will suit your brand but you will find some unique name ideas that you might not have thought of yourself.

The painting company name generator will help you to make sure you choose a name that is original when combined with the series of checks laid out in the steps below. The name you choose for your painting company must be original. In the US you must not have a business name the same as another and in some states it is illegal.

There are other problems with choosing a name that is either the same or similar to another brand. They might seek legal action to protect their brand name which could be very costly. You could lose customers to the other brand. You could also struggle to be found on search engine rankings as the other brand is likely to dominate the top spots with its longevity and reputation among many other potential problems.

Finally, brands that are successful and become iconic generally have unique and identifiable names. Think of Nike, KFC, Pepsi, and Amazon. They’re all very individual names. If you were to think of a name just from your head you would be more likely to pick a name that is similar to another brand, even without realizing it. This is because we are more likely to stick to names we know and trust. By using the painting company name generator you can avoid this and by making sure you use your due diligence and carry out thorough checks before you choose the name for your painting store you can have the best chance of success.

Painting Company Name Generator

Tips for Creating a Name With the Painting Name Generator

The tips below will help you to come up with an original name for your painting business. If you use these tips alongside the painting shop name generator you’ll come up with numerous potential painting store names like the below:

  • dark Decorators
  • scrawny Decorators
  • uniform Decorators
  • educational Decorators
  • frail Decorators
  • expensive Decorators
  • arbitrary Decorators
  • clear Decorators
  • gorgeous Decorators
  • keen Decorators
  • progressive Decorators
  • internal Decorators

  • stiff Decorators
  • delicious Decorators
  • medieval Decorators
  • video-taped Decorators
  • overwhelming Decorators
  • grotesque Decorators
  • dear Decorators
  • human Decorators
  • abundant Decorators
  • faint Decorators
  • able Decorators
  • vague Decorators

These are the best tips for you to use.

Tip 1 – Your Painting Shop Names Should be Unique

As we mentioned above, your painting shop name needs to be original. You will need to do several checks to make sure any potential names you are considering are not already a business. You should do state business register checks for all the states you wish to operate in, alongside other checks for domain availability, social media on Google, etc. The steps in this article will take you through this process.

Tip 2 – Painting Shop Name Ideas Should be Memorable

There are many strategies for coming up with a unique name for your painting business These include using initials of a series of words, choosing a short name, and also making sure that the name you choose is easy to pronounce and spell. This way you can benefit from word-of-mouth marketing. You’ll also need to make sure that your name is easy to type into mobile browsers as a lot of digital shopping is done on mobile devices now.

Tip 3 – Check whether Painting Shop Business Names Are Good Internationally

Make sure any name choices translate well into other languages, especially where you plan to sell your painting supplies in the future if this is something you are planning for your painting shop.

Tip 4 – Social Media and Domain Should be Free

Make sure that any names you are considering using for your painting store are available as domains with a variety of extensions including the common ones and the one you wish to use as your extension such as .com. You should purchase other extensions that are available and set them as a redirect to avoid others setting up a copycat version of your store.

Also, make sure the social media handles for your painting store name are available on a variety of social media platforms. Also include ones that you don't plan to use straight away, you might wish to use them in the future.

Tip 5 – Think of your Painting Store Logo

Consider how potential name options will work as logos. You might wish to have the name as the logo itself or alongside an image. You might wish to consult a logo designer if you need help with this aspect of branding.

Tip 6 – Use Free Tools Online

There are lots of free tools online that can help you come up with keywords that might be suitable for your name. The painting company name generator is a free tool as well and it includes a domain checker. Domain checkers are also free to use as well.

Painting Company Name Generator

Is the Painting Shop Name Generator Easy to Use?

The painting shop name generator is easy to use and free too. Just enter a keyword and click on ‘generate’. Every time you click ‘generate’ you will get a completely new set of names like those below.

  • kind Family Painters
  • philosophical Family Painters
  • american Family Painters
  • ltd Family Painters
  • given Family Painters
  • curious Family Painters
  • okay Family Painters
  • powerful Family Painters
  • competent Family Painters
  • educational Family Painters
  • busy Family Painters
  • technical Family Painters

  • rolling Family Decorating
  • working-class Family Decorating
  • retired Family Decorating
  • maximum Family Decorating
  • particular Family Decorating
  • sweet Family Decorating
  • metropolitan Family Decorating
  • manual Family Decorating
  • islamic Family Decorating
  • deafening Family Decorating
  • blank Family Decorating
  • watery Family Decorating

Painting Company Name Generator

Steps to Create Painting Store Name

The steps below will help you come up with a painting shop name.

Step 1 – Create a Shortlist

First come up with a list of keywords that describe your brand and your USP, your unique selling point. You may want to include some obvious keywords on your list like painting, supplies, paints, etc. This list can be as long as you like.

Step 2 – Shorten the List

Now reduce this list down to the best ten keywords. These are the words you will enter one at a time into the painting company name generator.

Step 3 – Add the List to the Painting Shop Name Generator

Add the keywords on your list into the generator one at a time to get lists of potential names for your painting shop. Collate these lists into a document so you can go through them later.

Here are some of the names that could be generated with the tool.

  • technological Family and Sons Decorating
  • superb Family and Sons Decorating
  • crucial Family and Sons Decorating
  • subsequent Family and Sons Decorating
  • developing Family and Sons Decorating
  • conservative Family and Sons Decorating
  • alternative Family and Sons Decorating
  • socialist Family and Sons Decorating
  • allied Family and Sons Decorating
  • scottish Family and Sons Decorating
  • juicy Family and Sons Decorating
  • jittery Family and Sons Decorating

  • hidden New York Decorating
  • managerial New York Decorating
  • thick New York Decorating
  • relative New York Decorating
  • convinced New York Decorating
  • elated New York Decorating
  • inappropriate New York Decorating
  • serious New York Decorating
  • smoggy New York Decorating
  • scattered New York Decorating
  • respectable New York Decorating
  • universal New York Decorating

Try the Painting Shop Name Generator Below

Try the painting shop name generator below for your potential name list. It’s easy to use and free. Just click on ‘Generate’ to get more names for your store. Remember that it is free to use the Painting shop name generator. The only cost to the generator is if you want to register the business name or buy a domain name.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Reduce Down the Painting Store Name Ideas

Now reduce your lists of potential names to the best ones that you like and that best represent your painting shop. Get this list down to about ten to twenty options.

Step 5 – Do a Domain Search for the Remaining Painting Store Names

Now carry out a domain search. You can use a domain checker which is free and you can also click on names when using the painting company name generator to check for domain name availability.

Painting Company Name Generator

Step 6 – Check Social Media for Painting Shop Names

Make sure that social media accounts are available for the names left on your list and that they are not already a store operating on this platform. Not all stores have websites, some operate just on social media or on marketplaces, like amazon so do take your time to carry out those checks carefully.

Step 7 – Do a Business Name Search for Painting Company Names

You must complete business name searches in the states you wish to operate in for any of the potential painting store names left on your list. These are free to do.

Step 8 – Check Google

Check on Google to make sure that any of the last names on your list are not established brands or that another store is operating under a similar name. Similar names can be problematic for many reasons but primarily they can make it very difficult for your brand to be found.

Step 9 – Choose your Painting Store Name

Now you can choose your painting store name. You could seek advice from friends and family if you are struggling to make up your mind. Or people you know from the decorating industry to see what they think.

Painting Company Name Generator

Step 10 – Register Everything

It’s now time to register your name to protect it. Register your business name with the local state department, and consider registering your business as an LLC. Also register your domain, social media, and other aspects.

It can take some time to register your business name, so you might want to reserve your business name before then, which can take just a couple of days.

Final Word: Painting Shop Name Generator

With the advice and steps above combined with the painting company name generator, a free online tool, you can have a great chance of success at choosing a memorable and original name for your painting shop. Good luck with your new venture!

The global painting industry was worth $160 Billion in 2021. Due to the fact that people want to complete the work themselves, there are fewer painting jobs going in most markets, making it more challenging for painters.
This is a hard option. You would need to ensure that the painters you’re hiring are good. You can’t paint jobs around the world with a small team and most painting companies have just two people working in them.
Cozy spaces that are great for home entertaining and multi-purpose are growing trends. But there is a large focus on DIY as well. So painters might need to find other revenue streams to continue in the trend.
You can sell paint to home DIY enthusiasts or painters and decorators. Or you could sell training sessions to get people better with their DIY skills.
You need to have a good digital marketing presence to attract the right audience. You then need to provide good service and products so customers return to your store.