When you have created a great product then you might have got stuck on what to call it. Finding a name for your product could be one of the hardest decisions that you have to make. Once the product has a name it will be challenging to change as it can be very difficult to rebrand a product once it has become an established name.

Choosing the wrong name can harm your product. It could prevent people from investing in your product and from purchasing it. But if you choose a good name for your product it could have a significant impact on your success and help to make your product a great brand.

A great option for your product name is to use a product name generator. This is a free tool that can turn a keyword into a great name for your product.

Why Use a Free Product Name Generator?

The product name generator is a free tool that requires you to enter a keyword about your product to produce a list of potential names. So perhaps your product is a special type of sponge for cleaning. You might want your product name to include the word ‘sponge’ so your audience can easily identify what your product is. Or perhaps you want it to include the word ‘clean’.

It can take a long time to come up with a product name and you might have been thinking of one for days. By using the product name generator you can get on with developing and promoting your product.

Tips for Choosing a Product Name

When using a product name generator there are a few great tips that you might want to consider.

Here are some ideas to think about.

Choose a Product Name That’s Easy to Spell and Write

The first thing to consider is that your product name should be easy to spell or write. You don’t want to lose customers who are looking for your product online by having a product name that can be misspelt. You also don’t want to choose a name that can be pronounced incorrectly when family and friends are making recommendations to each other about your product.

Be Sure you Know what your Product Name Means

If a name comes up for your product make sure you research all the possible meanings and references to the name. Perhaps you’re considering using ‘Teddy PJs as a name for a kid's teddy to keep their PJs in. However, teddy is not just a name for a soft bear it’s also a name for women’s lingerie nightwear so this would not be an association you would want when people are searching for your product!

Consider Future Products & Expansion

You might also want to expand to a range of products so consider how your product's name could fit in with a range of other products you create.

Try to make sure that your product's name will be suitable for use in other countries as well. If your product takes off you could be selling it around the world.

Check Names Carefully on the Internet

Make sure that any names generated by the product name generator are not already being used for another product. You don’t want to use a product name that is already being used by someone else especially if it is copyrighted or trademarked.

Using the same or a similar name as another product is not a good idea. Not only could you become associated with the other product's reputation but it will confuse your audience.

Choose a Name that is Relevant to Your Audience

Your audience needs to be able to identify with your product name. This will create a positive relationship with your audience and make ensure that you are attracting the right customers to your product. For instance, if you have created a product for paper crafting you’ll need to make sure the name you chose connects with the crafting community.

Think About Your Product Being Found On Search Engines

You want to make sure that your product name is searchable. You will want your customers to be able to find your product online, read more about it and purchase it. For instance, if your product is a type of food you might want to have the food type in your name like ‘Jim’s Chocolate’. Then people searching for chocolate will be more likely to find your product.

The advantage of this is that you can build search traffic around your product name.

Choose a Memorable Name

The product name generator will come up with lots of options for you but you will need to make sure the option you choose is a name that is catchy and will be remembered by your customers. You don’t want to choose a name that is too unusual that customers won’t remember the name when they come to purchase your product again.

You will want customers to be able to talk about your product with ease to their friends and family and you want the name to be a good name that people can easily write about using your product on social media.

How to Use the Product Name Generator

Below are the steps that are needed for you to create a new product name with the product name generator.

Step 1 – Consider Key Aspects of the Product

The first thing that you need to do is to consider the key aspects of the product and list those words down. This should be a long list of words that you like.

Step 2 – Reduce the List Down

Now take that list and reduce it down to the most important words that you can think of. These might be words that are core to the benefits or features of your product. Or it could be something associated with your brand or history.

Step 3 – Add Words to the Product Name Generator

Now enter the keywords associated with your product into the product name generator tool. A random list of potential names for your product will be generated. It is easy to use and completely free to use as well.

Here are some examples of what you will get.

  • main Lawnmower
  • thoughtful Lawnmower
  • residential Lawnmower
  • fat Lawnmower
  • tory Lawnmower
  • ashamed Lawnmower
  • splendid Lawnmower
  • related Lawnmower
  • post-war Lawnmower
  • correct Lawnmower
  • relative Lawnmower
  • orthodox Lawnmower
  • lengthy Lawnmower
  • qualified Lawnmower
  • uncertain Lawnmower
  • helpless Lawnmower
  • welcome Lawnmower
  • intelligent Lawnmower

  • missing Storage
  • brainy Storage
  • fixed Storage
  • administrative Storage
  • Iraqi Storage
  • past Storage
  • likely Storage
  • diverse Storage
  • useless Storage
  • Italian Storage
  • front Storage
  • fancy Storage
  • gentle Storage
  • selective Storage
  • grey Storage
  • emotional Storage
  • theoretical Storage
  • only Storage

Product Name Generator

You can test out the product name generator below.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Choose Ten of your Favorites

Now, you need to choose ten of your favourite names from the product name generator results. This can take time. Speak to friends, family and colleagues if you’re stuck on this part.

Step 5 - Check For Trademarks

Conduct a search on relevant websites to check for any trademarks or copyright already on the names you have shortlisted. You should not use a name for your product that has already got a trademark or copyright on it as this will likely result in legal action against you.

Step 6 - Ensure you Complete a Secretary of State Search for Your Product

If your product is going to be the name of your business and you are likely to structure your new business venture as a corporation or LLC, then you should complete a Secretary of State search. This is so that your new business name will not be confused with another name registered by someone else.

If you have a name that could be confused with another registered name, you can be prevented from registering it. A corporation lawyer to help you conduct this search. This could be a worthwhile investment to ensure the long term potential of your product and business.

Step 7 - Collect Feedback

It’s a good idea to come up with a shortlist of names when you are using the product name generator. A list of the best names that you think matches your product. Then you can ask friends and family what they think of these names.

You could also run a poll on social media and get an idea of what the public thinks about your name choices for your product. Be careful though that someone else doesn’t use your name before you have trademarked or copyrighted it. Having feedback on your product name choice from potential customers can be really helpful before you’ve committed to it.

Step 8 - Make Sure You Are Happy With The Name You Choose

One of the last things to think about is that you like the name. If you aren’t completely happy with the name you choose for your product. If you aren’t completely happy with the product name you have chosen then you might struggle to promote your product and grow your brand.

Though it is worth considering how a name can grow on you. I’m sure you can think of a product name that now seems completely normal to you but when you first saw it you thought the name was strange or unusual. Try saying any potential names out loud and write them down to see how they sound and look.

Step 9 - Talk To A Logo Designer

It’s worth taking the time to see how potential names would fit with a logo. Ask the logo designer which ones are a better fit for a logo and what kind of designs they envisage going with the names. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, etc., all have their logo as the brand name and this might be the same for your product.

A really long name might not go well with a logo so consider how the logo will work, It also needs to look good on the packaging and social media. If you have a really long name or few words in the name you choose for your product then consider using an acronym.

Step 10 – Check Domain Name

You should also check whether the domain name for the product name is available. Most products have their own website. So be sure to check if you can register a domain for it. You should also check for social media accounts to ensure no one can pretend to be you or that audiences don’t get confused.

Step 11 – Finalize Choice

You should now finalize the choice. This is really important and could take a long time. Once you’ve finalized the choice for the product name you can register it with trade bodies, domain authorities, social media, etc..

Product Name Generator FAQs

Here are some FAQs for the product name generator. Many people have questions, and here are the answers that you might want.

How Much is the Product Name Generator to Use?

The product name generator is free to use for everyone. You can use it as many times as you would like. Every time that you click on the ‘Generate’ button you will see a completely new list of names.

You can also use the product name generator to check for domain name availability for free by clicking on the name. If the name is available, the cost is only for registering the domain name, which is not made payable to this website.

Are the Names Guaranteed to be Available?

No, the names are not guaranteed to be available on the generator. You will need to complete a manual check for this as stated in the guide above.

Can Two Products have the Same Name?

Yes, some products do have the same name. However, these are usually low-quality products that have lots of versions of the same basic product. They’ve also usually been on the market for generators. New products tend to have unique names.

Final Word: Product Name Generator

The product name generator steps for use, tips and FAQs are listed above. It is free to use the product name generator and you can have a good name within minutes or hours. Just be sure that you take your time and get the right name for your product.