Are you an author or participate in role-playing games? Are you looking for a new name for your fantasy character, town or nation? Then you might want to use a random fantasy name generator that can help you create a new name for your character or place name. This helpful tool is good at saving authors time in naming elements in their stories.

Within this article, we look at how you’re able to use a random fantasy name generator that can help you to name your fictional elements. This is completely free progress that allows you to name your characters or kingdoms with ease. This guide does include steps to use the generator, a set of FAQs and tips for the names.

Why Use a Random Fantasy Name Generator?

There are numerous reasons why you will want to use a random fantasy name generator for your storyline, characters, town and more. The first reason is that as humans we tend to name things that are based on our experiences and history. For instance, we generally use names from the people we know or the literature that we’ve read.

Therefore, when naming a random fantasy character, you’re likely to use a name from a franchise or book you know well. Even though this is rather unintentional. A classic example is to use the name Baggins for a halfling.

To get around this, you should be looking towards tools like the random fantasy name generator to help you choose a new name that is not connected to another franchise.

Or you might have written a dozen books beforehand with lots of character names in the past but you use a previous name. This could be confusing for some of your well-established fans or those who have recently joined you and recently read all the books.

This is completely unintentional in most cases, but it can be confusing to audiences.

Another factor is that you will want to spend less time creating the name for the character, but more time building the storyline. Perhaps you want to spend more time with your storyline and writing the novel or you don’t want to be caught in some of the finer details.

The problem is that you need to spend some time creating your character’s names because this can be very important for your audience.

Whatever the reason, the random fantasy name generator is a great tool for you. It can save you time, without compromising on the quality of the name.

Tips for Naming a Character

There are numerous tips to consider when you’re building a new character. Everything from the clothes that they wear to how they act has to be considered to bring your story to life. Likewise, you will have to carefully consider their name to make sure that you have a good character or fantasy place name, that is perfect for the world that you’re building and believable.

So take some time to develop the name of your character. To help you out, here are some great tips to help you.

Tip One: Consider the Era

Fantasy is often considered to be of a middle earth era, with medieval weapons and level of technology. But the truth is that fantasy can be any era. You could have a fantasy adventure that is based in the current time, one in the future or one in the distant past.

This means that you might need to think about what names were in common use during those periods. Are you talking to people who have names that are connected to gods, what jobs they did, where they are from or based on their family history or wealth?

Different time periods had different conventions. The old name for Edward, for instance, comes from Eduardo and Duarte in Portugal. This means that if you have a character from the past, you might want to use the older version of the name.

Likewise, other names like Davidson might have come from the term David’s Son and over time this has been shortened.

Tip Two: Naming Conventions

Naming conventions are really important when it comes to the success of the names that you’re giving your characters. Within fantasy, there are plenty of different naming conventions based on the species that you’re using.

Elves, orcs, dwarfs and other species all have different naming rituals that can have an important part to play in the character’s name and the storyline.

Sticking to these conventions is very important. Many fans of fantasy are very fanatical about how names are and might point out errors in stories if you use the wrong naming conventions.

This is true for characters as well as for place names within your storyline. For instance, halflings or hobbit place names are often named after the natural location they are in like the Shire. Whereas other places are more mythical in their naming.

Tip Three: Storylines

Another consideration is that you might want to name your characters based on what they are doing in the novel. Some characters have a name that is associated with the actions that they are going to take. So they might be a thief and you will want to name your character or location.
In addition, you might want to throw your readers off by using names that are against their traits or actions later on.

Or you could use names that aren’t related to anything about the place. For instance, the Valley in the Sun could be the name for a location where it always rains. This ironic naming option can be a good way to add humor to a storyline.

Tip Four: Think About the Community

Another factor is to consider the community that you’re building. Your readers expect certain elements and naming conventions from you. So you might need to think about your audience and what they want. Are they expecting foreign names or those that are connected to history?

Try to build character and place names that will immerse your audience in the world that you’re building.

And it isn’t just about the one character that you’re developing the last name for. It is about their friends, family and other aspects.

Tip Five: Links

You can use a random fantasy name generator to have a connection to the local area or to something in the past. This can be very important when you’re building a place or character with a very rich history that might be important for the storyline. For example, certain last names can be traced back to nobility or certain careers. They might also have a connection to locations that they’ve come from.

Edward has many different variants in history for example. In France, Edward was Édouard and in Italy, the same name is Edoardo and Odoardo.

At the same time, there might be links to older kings. Many kings and queens have names that are based on previous reigning royals. You might also have locations that have names connected with the past.

There are places like New York and Boston that have connections to locations within the UK where settlers had come from. There are also places like New South Wales, New Hampshire, etc. And then there are countries like New Zealand that have a connection to a Danish island in Europe.

How to Use Random Fantasy Name Generator in your Artistic Works

A random fantasy name generator is easy to use for anyone. So here is some help to get you to name your new fictional character.

Step 1 – Create a List

The first thing that you will want to do is to create a list of things that are going to be important for the place or character within the story. This could include things like the culture, era, place, environment, history, place in the story and more. You should include everything that you want to include to ensure that you maximize the possibilities in the next couple of stages of the process.

Step 2 – Reduce Down the List

Now reduce the list that you have so you are creating a list that is only about five long and is the most relevant to your character/place name. This could mean that you are going to remove names from the list that might give too much of the story away or are so irrelevant that including them might take away from the storyline or the character.

This can be very challenging, so you might want to take some time out. You might want to speak to your fans, family, friends, other authors and others. You might also want to create a poll on your Facebook/Twitter account to support your search for a good set of words.

You want to have about five words in the end for the next few stages.

Step 3 – Add your Words to the Random Fantasy Name Generator

Now you need to take the remaining words that you have, which should be about five, and then enter these into the random fantasy name generator. Every time you enter one of the words in the list to the generator and click on the ‘Generate’ you will get a list of new potential fantasy names for you to use.

Here are some of the examples of what you might get.

  • qualified Eldo
  • inc Eldo
  • rational Eldo
  • considerable Eldo
  • soviet Eldo
  • high-pitched Eldo
  • arbitrary Eldo
  • intense Eldo
  • little Eldo
  • bizarre Eldo
  • resulting Eldo
  • redundant Eldo
  • angry Eldo
  • free Eldo
  • mixed Eldo
  • practical Eldo
  • inherent Eldo
  • thick Eldo

  • tough the Wise
  • immediate the Wise
  • exceptional the Wise
  • ministerial the Wise
  • growing the Wise
  • superb the Wise
  • scornful the Wise
  • fascinating the Wise
  • explicit the Wise
  • aggregate the Wise
  • heavy the Wise
  • rational the Wise
  • tiny the Wise
  • smart the Wise
  • integrated the Wise
  • exotic the Wise
  • lively the Wise
  • dusty the Wise

Random Fantasy Name Generator

You can try the random fantasy name generator below.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Reduce the List Further

Now you should take all the names that have been generated using the tool on the website and see if you can reduce your options further. This can be time-consuming, but it makes the next steps worthwhile.

At the end of this step, you want to have 10 names that you like and are ready to move on to the next checking stage.

Step 5 – Check for Usability

With the list of ten names that you have, you need to be sure that you can use them. For instance, you might find that the name that you have on the list is used in another piece of work or is the name of someone online.

These names should be discarded from the shortlist as they might infringe on copyright or confuse audiences.

Step 6 – Check Domain Name Status

Now you want to make sure that you have a name that has an available domain name. This might seem odd, but a domain name can be a good way to earn more revenue from your book. A domain name for a character is highly searchable and can be a good way to sell books, merchandise, announce news and more from your book series or brand.

Selling merchandise can be easy on platforms like WordPress or Shopify websites.

Step 7 – Choose your Name

Now you can choose the name that you would like to use for your fantasy character or location. There are numerous ways that you can choose the final name based on the shortlist that you have. You can speak to friends, family, fans, and others to help you.

Remember to only use names that have passed the checks in steps five and six.

Random Fantasy Name Generator FAQs

Do you have questions about the random fantasy name generator? Check to see if the answer is below.

How Much is it to Use the Random Fantasy Name Generator?

There is no cost to use the random fantasy name generator. It is a free tool that can be used as much as you like. Every time that you enter a word and click on generate, you will get a random list of potential names for you to use. Even if you use the same word again, a new list of options will appear.

Can you Copyright a Name?

There are times when names can be copyrighted. For instance, Hobbit is a protected name that you can’t use for commercial purposes. However, you can use the term halflings. Some names are protected in other franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek and others.

Final Word: Random Fantasy Name Generator

Above are the easy steps, FAQs, tips and more to help you name your fantasy characters using a fantasy name generator. It is a quick and simple process for you. And if in doubt, you can always use the name generator again and again until you find the right name.