A stage name generator is a great way for you to create an identity for your performance or entertainer identity. By using a stage name generator you will be able to come up with a unique, stylish name and not something generic that will be easily forgotten.

In this article, we will take you through all the steps you need to come up with the perfect stage name for you with the help of the stage name generator.

Why Use a Stage Name Generator?

There are many reasons why you might want to use a stage name generator. One of the most common reasons for using a stage name is that the person just doesn’t like their name, it might seem boring, unattractive or embarrassing.

Another reason for using a stage name is that there is already another performer using the same name as them or a similar name. This is the case for Katy Perry whose real name is Kathryn Hudson. She didn’t want to be confused with Kate Hudson, the actress.

You might also want your name to be different and stand out. On YouTube, a lot of people have a stage name for their YouTube channel. This name might be more in line with the theme for their videos and more current.

Tips For a Good Stage Name Generator

Here are our top tips to help you choose the best stage name for you.

Tip One – Chose a Unique Name

You want your name to be unique so that when people hear about your performances or when you go to auditions you are memorable. You also don’t want to have a similar name to someone else because you don’t want to be associated with their reputation. Especially if it’s not a good one! Even if they do have a good reputation at the time, you don’t know that this will always be the case.

Tip Two – Consider a Connection With Your Real Name

You might want to consider using a similar name to your own, or just your first or last name. You might want to use your mother's maiden name, this is a common option.

Part of your name might be difficult for others to spell, or pronounce so you might consider amending your name so it’s more straightforward. Or you might want to change your name completely like the YouTuber PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. His full name would be tricky to type out and he has chosen a memorable stage name.

Tip Three – Consider Using Concatenations

You could try combing your initials with another term that describes your industry like Tina Jane Smith who creates YouTube videos about craft projects could use TJScrafty as her stage name. It’s fun, identifies with her real name and tells people what her videos are going to be about.

Tip Four – Check that Your Name Choice is Available on Social Media

If you have an idea for your name or some terms you would like to consider checking out if other people are using this term, name or phrase on social media. Check all the platforms you might consider using in the future including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more is vital.

When you make your final choice of name after following the steps and using the stage name generator make sure you register your name on all the social media platforms to ensure that you don’t lose the opportunity.

Tip Five – Domain Name Availability

You might also want to have a website and to do so you will need to purchase a domain name. You might want to include a keyword associated with your niche so that search engines will find you easily with an improved SEO footprint. Or you might want to rely on becoming well known by your name.

You might want to write a blog about your experiences as an actor or entertainer. You might want to write an accompanying blog to go with your videos or episodes.

You can also use a website to monetize your brand. You could create a logo to go with your stage name and sell items such as t-shirts, pins and caps for example. You might want to consider contacting a logo designer to see what you can do with your ideas for your stage name.

So before you confirm your stage name make sure that the associated domain name is available and purchase it as soon as you decide on your stage name for sure. You can usually purchase a domain name for between 1 and 3 years.

Tip Six – Think of Expansion

When you’re choosing your stage name you should consider future expansion. So if you were going to consider the name TJScrafty for your YouTube channel, think about if you might want to go in another direction in the future. With this example, it could be restrictive if, for example, Tina wants to go into DIY videos in the future.

So if your name is too specific you could find it tricky to move into new directions in the future and a more generic name could be a better option for you.

How To Create a Stage Name Using the Stage Name Generator

Here are the steps to follow if you’re looking to come up with a stage name for yourself.

Step One – Create a List of Words You Associate With Yourself

First of all, considering the tips we discussed above come up with a list of names or words that represent you and your brand. It could be your initials or a simple word such as ‘fashion’. It could be a phrase.

Step Two – Reduce the List Down Further

Look at reducing the list. Are there some terms or phrases that aren’t as good as the others? About 5 of the best is a good place to start. You could ask friends and family what they think about the words and phrases that you think are most appropriate for your stage name.

Step Three – Add the Name Ideas one at a Time into the Stage Name Generator

Now add your names to the stage name generator. For every name you add you will get lots of different options like this example below.

  • competent Videos
  • proud Videos
  • brainy Videos
  • suspicious Videos
  • additional Videos
  • soft Videos
  • left Videos
  • colossal Videos
  • famous Videos
  • indirect Videos
  • eager Videos
  • giant Videos
  • holy Videos
  • varying Videos
  • still Videos
  • human Videos
  • terrible Videos
  • multiple Videos

  • prominent Technology
  • convenient Technology
  • watery Technology
  • continuous Technology
  • dangerous Technology
  • instant Technology
  • strict Technology
  • retail Technology
  • nosy Technology
  • holy Technology
  • uncomfortable Technology
  • civil Technology
  • Japanese Technology
  • scrawny Technology
  • unconscious Technology
  • new Technology
  • condemned Technology
  • blushing Technology

Stage Name Generator

You can try the stage name generator below.

Get a Name Idea

Step Four – Work Through the List

Now take a look at your list of potential names that have come out of the stage name generator. There could be lots of names to choose from and you can ask friends and family to help you narrow down your options if you wish.

Consider the tips above to help you in making your choice. Keep your options open and have a few names in mind that you can check for availability on the various social media platforms.

Step FIve – Check For Others Using the Same Name

Now check carefully for your name options to make sure they’re not being used as a stage name by someone else already. Check different platforms, social media and online. You also don’t want to use a name that is similar to a stage name used by someone else.

Step Six – Check Social Media For Availability

Check the reduced shortlist for availability on social media. Check all the platforms you might want to use, both now and in the future. Even if a name has been used and is now an inactive account it is still a good idea to cross this name off the list. It could confuse or limit your growth.

Step Seven – Check Domain Status

Now you need to check domain name availability against the names on your list. Even if you’re not sure about getting a website to link to your stage name it could be a great way to build a brand around your career and get yourself noticed by agencies and fans.

Even if you don’t use the domain, by purchasing it you have control over it and have the option to use the domain name in the future. You might find that as you get more know someone could buy your domain and try to sell it to you and it could get really expensive.

Step Eight – Choose Your Name

Now you are ready to choose your new stage name. You might want to go back to your friends and family to see what they think. Think about the logo options or your name on your merchandise. Does your stage name look like a name that people would want to wear on their jumper? For example, if you’re a comedian and you expect to produce jumpers to sell that have your stage name and tour date details on them.

Choosing your final name can be tricky, you might want to take your time on it because once you’ve made your final choice it can be difficult to change your stage name. Especially once you start to register it and definitely as you start to get known by agencies and fans or online for example.

Step Nine – Register your Stage Name Everywhere

Now you need to register your chosen stage name on YouTube, social media and your domain name, with agencies etc.

Stage Name Generator FAQs

You might have some questions about the stage name generator. Here are the answers to some common questions.

How Much Does it Cost to Use the Stage Name Generator?

The stage name generator is free to use and you can use it at any time as often as you like and it is free every time. Every time you click on the ‘generate’ button you will see a completely new set of unique potential stage names.

Can You Guarantee that the Names Generated are Available?

It is not possible to guarantee this through the generator. You will need to check the availability of names yourself but there are lots of tips on how to do so in the article above.

Can Two Channels have the Same Name?

Some channels and social media platforms enable people to use the same name but this is not recommended. It could confuse your audience and could harm your reputation.

Can You Trademark or Copyright a Stage Name?

This is possible, but you would need to look into this yourself. It is not often done because people rely on getting known by their stage name. You could consider how copyright or trademark would protect you and if this is necessary.

Consider how you plan to promote yourself positively so people recognize your stage name. It can also be difficult to monitor, challenge and enforce copyright and trademarks. You would need a lawyer, to begin with.

You might want to consider your logo as well and whether that should be trademarked or copyrighted.

Can You Change Your Stage Name?

It is best to make sure that you like the stage name you chose and that you can't foresee any potential problems with it. This is because it can be very difficult to change your stage name, especially when it has been registered everywhere.

Final Word – Stage Name Generator

Choosing your stage name is exciting and it could be the start of a whole new career or hobby for you. Be sure that you find a unique and memorable name that suits both yourself and your niche. You can use the stage name generator to help you do this. You can use it as many times as you like and it is free to use. The Stage Name Generator is a great tool.