Are you an aspiring fiction writer looking to create names for taverns within your novels? It can be challenging to think up names, especially for taverns that seem realistic for your characters to visit. You’ll want your name to be realistic but also avoid names that are already used. For example, you wouldn’t want to name your tavern ‘The Leaky Cauldron’ for your magical world because this is the name of the tavern in Harry Potter.

In this article, we look at how you can come up with an original and exciting name for the tavern in your town.

Why Use a Tavern Name Generator?

There are many reasons why you might want to use a tavern name generator to create a great name for the tavern within your story. The example above highlights how fictional taverns can become famous and you wouldn’t want to accidentally think up a tavern name that is already in use.

You might also have writer's block and be struggling to come up with name ideas for your tavern at all. You might also have a lot of names to come up with in your fictional world. Or perhaps just want to get on with writing and make name finding quicker.

Whatever the reason for needing to use a tavern name generator it is a great idea to use it anyway because it will help you come up with a list of potential names for you to consider.

Tips for Naming a Tavern

There is actually a lot that goes into naming places and locations within the literature. It’s not a case of just choosing a name at random and going for the first name that comes to mind. It needs to fit with the location that you’ve chosen, the era and the world.

It needs to be the right name for the characters to visit. Is it a tavern in a medieval novel or is it a fantasy novel? Are your characters magical or warriors? The name needs to fit the plot. Or perhaps the name of the tavern makes it seem like a place where your characters wouldn’t fit in, like in the Lord of the Rings.

Tip One – Consider the Period In Which Your Novel Is Set

Many places change names over the centuries so it is worth researching the names of old inns and taverns from your time period. Fantasy novels are often set in medieval times so looking at styles of names from the past can give you lots of ideas for good tavern names.

Tip Two – Naming Conventions

There may be some established naming conventions for buildings that characters in your genre would frequent. Inns tended to have a name like ‘the...’ person or item such as the ‘The Plough’ or ‘The Crown’.

Tip Three - Storylines

Is your tavern going to play a significant role in your story? Is it going to be a site where major events in the story take place? Is it important for the development of a character? You should consider the importance of the tavern within the story before you name it.

It might give away part of the story like be called ‘the Smuggler’s Inn’ for example. Or it might be ironic so it might be called ‘The Comfort tavern’ and your characters find the inn to be in a really poor state of repair! This could be important for their story.

Tip Four - Think About the Community Frequenting Your Tavern

The next part of the tavern naming process is to think about the characters that will be frequenting your tavern. What type of creatures or people will they be? The tavern might have close links with the surrounding town and have a link with the name of the town or city. This could be affectionate or due to a culture you have created surrounding your characters.

You might have a nickname that some of the characters use that is different to the name that other characters call it by just to create a difference in class or to differentiate locals from outsiders. You might also want to give it a nickname used by the people who work or own the tavern to differentiate them from their patrons.

Your town, village or city will need to be bought alive in the minds of your readers so it is important to take your time developing this aspect of your novel and series. A great setting is really important for your novel and it will really help you to tell your story.

Consider books like Lord of the Rings that have maps, named places and named buildings. This also allows fans to connect so they will be able to discuss the book and both be able to follow each other's views and ideas about your story because you have named everything for your readers.

Tip Five – Consider Linking to Other Places

There might be a long history for your tavern. It might be connected to the history of the town such as New York, USA is associated with York, England. Perhaps your tavern might be named after a place such as ‘York Crown’.

It might be linked to a manor house such as ‘the Tudor Rose’ tavern be attached in some way in your novel to a nearby Tudor manor called Rose Manor for example.

It might be connected to the industry in your story, for example ‘the Plough’ might serve characters from a farming community that might go back many hundreds of years in the community.

Tip Six – Meet Your Reader’s Expectations

Make sure your read all your audience's expectations for your novel. If you are writing about a tavern in a particular setting, for example, Paris. Then your readers will expect the tavern to have a French name! This might seem obvious but when you have got so many things to think about when writing a novel you can miss some really obvious aspects if you are not careful.

If you were writing about a tavern set in a fantasy world, perhaps with elves and halflings, again, you would expect your tavern’s name to reflect the setting.

How to Use the Tavern Name Generator for your Tavern

It’s really very simple to use the tavern name generator. Here are the step by step instructions for you to get started naming your tavern.

Step One – Create a List

First of all, you need to come up with a list of all the words that you can think of that are relevant to your tavern. This can include the culture, the setting, characters, and important features of the story. You want a long list here because you don’t want to miss anything.

Step Two – Reduce Your List Down Further

You can then compare the features on your list with the tips and guidelines written above. Are certain words on the list going to give away aspects of the storyline? Will the words meet the expectations of the reader? Are you naming your tavern after something that’s not relevant?

At this point, you might want to share some of your ideas with friends, family or fans to get their views on your ideas for the names of your tavern. You could create a poll on social media to see what other people think. You might want to discuss your ideas with like-minded individuals on a writers forum but be careful that your ideas don’t get used by another before you’ve had the chance to make your tavern name official!

Step Three – Add your Reduced List of Words to the Tavern Name Generator

Now you can add the words that you’ve come up with into the tavern name generator one at a time. Every time you enter a word into the generator and click on the ‘Generate’ button you will get a list of potential names that you can use. You can click on the ‘generate’ button as many times as you like to get a complete new list of names.

  • future Tavern
  • colonial Tavern
  • sophisticated Tavern
  • critical Tavern
  • clear Tavern
  • straight Tavern
  • unhappy Tavern
  • nearby Tavern
  • sweet Tavern
  • severe Tavern
  • unfair Tavern
  • ugly Tavern
  • frail Tavern
  • homely Tavern
  • stormy Tavern
  • technological Tavern
  • religious Tavern
  • inadequate Tavern

  • inevitable Drinking Spot
  • retired Drinking Spot
  • energetic Drinking Spot
  • autonomous Drinking Spot
  • golden Drinking Spot
  • allied Drinking Spot
  • personal Drinking Spot
  • favourite Drinking Spot
  • native Drinking Spot
  • random Drinking Spot
  • evident Drinking Spot
  • proposed Drinking Spot
  • cautious Drinking Spot
  • elegant Drinking Spot
  • revolutionary Drinking Spot
  • scrawny Drinking Spot
  • marvellous Drinking Spot
  • remote Drinking Spot

Tavern Name Generator

You can try the tavern name generator below.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Reduce the List To The Final Favorites

Now you can go through your list and choose the names that you like the best. You want to make sure you are choosing the names that you like the best for your tavern in the novel. This can be a very time-consuming part of the process, but you’ve got to like the shortlist of names that you mention.

At the end of this step, you need to ensure that you’ve got about 10 names that you’re happy with.

Step 5 – Check for Usability

Now you want to check that the names that you’ve shortlisted are usable. Some names might sound good, but you don’t want to have names that have been used in other works of fiction or there is a specific place that has the same name. For instance, having the name Leaky Cauldron in your work of fiction would be a bad idea.

There are some names which are also legally protected such as trademarks or copyrighted.

Step 6 – Check Domain Name Status

One of the interesting aspects of the modern age is that there are fan groups and brand pages that are based around fictional places. If you want to focus a marketing campaign for your fictional work around your tavern, you need to ensure that you can use the domain name. There might be someone who has already registered it.

To check on this, all you need to do is to click on the name when it is visible on the name generator.

Step 7 – Check Social Media

In addition, you might want to check social media. Your fictional tavern might need a Facebook page or Twitter account to communicate with fans. You don’t want to have a tavern with a social media account that is very similar to other accounts. This will confuse audiences.

Step 8 – Choose your Name

Once you’ve eliminated those names which have competition or are not available, you can then choose the name from the remainder. Be sure that you are choosing a name that you like. You might need to reach out to your community by creating a poll. Or speak to your family and friends.

Tavern Name Generator FAQs

Do you have questions about the tavern name generator? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the tavern name generator with their answers.

How Much is it to Use the Tavern Name Generator?

There is no cost for using the tavern name generator. It doesn’t matter how many times or when you use the tool, you can click on the ‘Generate’ button as much as you like. Every time that you can click on the button to generate a list of names you will get a new list of names.

Even if you choose a name from the tavern name generator, you will not be charged. However, there is a cost for choosing a domain name with the tavern, but this is made payable to the domain registration company. To see the costs, you can click on the name that you would like to use.

Can you Guarantee the Names are Available?

There is no way that the tavern name generator can check whether there are other fictional taverns with the names that are on the list. This is something that should be completed by you during the process.

Can Two Taverns have the Same Name?

In general, there is normally more than one tavern with the same name. Very infrequently does a tavern have a unique name. However, in fiction, this can cause problems. You don’t want to be upsetting fans of a certain franchise by using the name of a famous tavern from that piece of literature in your content. It might also harm your reputation. Therefore, it is best to avoid naming your taverns with the same name as another fictional location.

Can you Copyright a Tavern Name?

Some fictional locations across literature do have copyrights and trademarks assigned to them. This is hard to do and normally it is the person who uses the name first that would win any in-court battles for the name to be used.

Final Word: Tavern Name Generator

Above are the steps that are needed for you to name a fictional tavern in your new book or RPG. It is a simple process that takes very little time at all to complete, especially when you use the tavern name generator.