200 Website Name Ideas

  • CoolCrafters.com
  • VividVibes.net
  • InstantInfo.org
  • SwiftShop.biz
  • TrueTrends.com
  • NaturalNest.net
  • PeakPros.org
  • GourmetGenius.biz
  • QuickQuests.com
  • DigiDreams.net
  • FastFinds.org
  • SavvySolutions.biz
  • LifeLuxe.com
  • SmartSavers.net
  • FreshFinds.org
  • EasyEats.biz
  • NextGenNutrients.com
  • HighRiseRealty.net
  • GlobeGazers.org
  • FoodieFaves.biz
  • GreenGurus.com
  • TechyTreats.net
  • QuickQuizzes.org
  • PetParade.biz
  • ActiveAdvisors.com
  • TravelTrailers.net
  • SwiftSavings.org
  • BuzzBrand.biz
  • SmartSnacks.com
  • VividVisions.net
  • StudyStack.org
  • EliteEats.biz
  • GamingGurus.com
  • InstantInnovators.net
  • SolidState.org
  • OptimalOutfits.biz
  • CozyCorner.com
  • ChicChoices.net
  • GlobalGrub.org
  • LifeHarmony.biz
  • AlphaAesthetics.com
  • HappyHavens.net
  • ActiveAdventures.org
  • UrbanUnbox.biz
  • SmartStats.com
  • BeautyBeacon.net
  • CloudCapitol.org
  • MaxMingle.biz
  • SmartStarters.com
  • TrueTrustTours.net
  • QuickKicks.org
  • LimitlessLogic.biz
  • GrowthGurus.com
  • NuvoNutrition.net
  • TravelTreasures.org
  • SwiftShop.biz
  • SportsSavvy.com
  • TastyTrips.net
  • MindfulMeals.org
  • HighGearMotors.biz
  • DreamyDesigns.com
  • FabFinds.net
  • WiseWeb.org
  • WanderlustWorld.biz
  • ClearCutCuisine.com
  • GoldGrade.net
  • CyberSkills.org
  • RevolveRetail.biz
  • WebWonders.com
  • RecipeRush.net
  • StyleSavvy.org
  • SocialSolutions.biz
  • GameGurus.com
  • AgileAdvice.net
  • OptimalOrganics.org
  • GourmetGroove.biz
  • VividVacations.com
  • StudySmart.net
  • ProPulsePets.org
  • FullFlavors.biz
  • CryptoCrafts.com
  • PlatinumPicks.net
  • GlobalGetaways.org
  • TrendyTots.biz
  • SmartStrategies.com
  • TrueTaste.net
  • PowerPulse.org
  • EliteExperiences.biz
  • FamilyFusion.com
  • ActiveMindz.net
  • InstantInfo.org
  • VividVistas.biz
  • UrbanElite.com
  • HandyHacks.net
  • TastyTrips.org
  • CyberCafe.biz
  • TravelTrailz.com
  • ChicCouture.net
  • KeyKrafts.org
  • SwiftSaves.biz
  • TrueTrends.com
  • FitnessFrontier.net
  • FoodieFavs.org
  • GamingGuru.biz
  • AutoAce.com
  • LifeLuxeLiving.net
  • SavvySolutions.org
  • HighRiseHomes.biz
  • KeyKrafts.com
  • EasyEats.net
  • OptimalOutdoors.org
  • PeakPerformance.biz
  • TechToolbox.com
  • GlobeGazers.net
  • WebWizards.org
  • FabFashions.biz
  • NextLevelNutrition.com
  • FancyFoods.net
  • LifeHackHaven.org
  • AlphaAesthetics.biz
  • WanderlustWays.com
  • GlobalGoods.net
  • UrbanUnbox.org
  • QuickKeto.biz
  • TrueTrust.com
  • HappyHavens.net
  • MasterCrafts.org
  • BrightByte.biz
  • TravelTrailers.com
  • EasyEats.net
  • LifeHarmony.org
  • GreenGrowth.biz
  • SwiftStats.com
  • RevolveRetail.net
  • GlobalGrub.org
  • FancyFinds.biz
  • SmartStats.com
  • StudySavvy.net
  • SwiftShop.org
  • HighTechTrends.biz
  • TrendyTreats.com
  • NuvoNutrition.net
  • FoodieFavs.org
  • BeautyBuzz.biz
  • VividVisions.com
  • TastyTrips.net
  • QuickQuizzes.org
  • GlobalGrub.biz
  • RevolveRetail.com
  • ChicChoices.net
  • CraftyCorner.org
  • BuzzBrand.biz
  • TrueTaste.com
  • UrbanElite.net
  • FastFinds.org
  • CryptoCraze.biz
  • TrendyTrips.com
  • OptimalOrganics.net
  • WanderlustWorld.org
  • InstantInfo.biz
  • QuickKeto.com
  • SwiftStats.net
  • GlobalGoods.org
  • EasyEats.biz
  • ActiveAdvisors.com
  • TrueTrends.net
  • SavvySolutions.org
  • LifeLuxe.biz
  • HandyHacks.com
  • OptimalOutdoors.net
  • SwiftShop.org
  • GourmetGenius.biz

*Note that these names were automatically curated and not vetted for availability. You click on each name to check its availability.

A website is an essential component for any business these days, even if you have a brick and mortar store, visit clients or advertise on social media. It’s essential for providing social proof, advertising and for making money. You can use a website name generator to find the perfect website name for your business.

In this article, we show you how you can come up with a website name for your business. We will explain the steps to achieve this using the website name generator. At the end of the article, we have an FAQ section to hopefully answer any further questions you might have about using this great tool.

Why Should You Use a Website Name Generator?

There are so many reasons why you might choose to use a website name generator when you are creating a new website for your business whether you're using Shopify, Wix, Squarespace or another CMS. First of all, you are going to want to use a unique name so potential customers and visitors to your site can easily find you through search engines and social media or just enter your URL in a browser.

You also want to create an identifiable and memorable website name that hasn’t been used by another brand before. You don’t want your potential customers going to another brand instead. You also don’t want a website name that is too similar to competitors as this could be confusing.

This would also be a problem if the competitor with a similar website name has a poor reputation. So a unique and new name can set you apart from the competition in your industry and a website name generator can help to have a good start, independent from other brands.

You also want to use a website name that is available across all the different social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. It’s really important that if someone is chatting to you on Facebook about your products they can easily find your website to take a look at the products or services you have to offer by them having the same, or a very similar, name.

Here are our Top Tips for Choosing a Great Website Name

There are a lot of tips that can help you when choosing a name for your website and your new business venture. Here they are below.

Tip 1 – Choose a Website name with .com at the End

There are many options for your website extension such as .com, .org etc. but it is better to have .com at the end if possible. This is still a very trusted extension and the majority of users will be happier to see this than an unusual choice of extension. You might think that it will make your brand stand out but it could backfire. So play it safe and stick with .com.

Also, go for a straightforward name then .extension. For example, holiday.clothes could end up with visitors entering holiday.clothes.com which would bring up an error code. The straightforward name and domain like this: holidayclothes.com is much more trustworthy and easier to remember.

Tip 2 – Research Keywords for your Niche

When choosing your website name you should be mindful of keywords. These play a really important role in search engines knowing that you provide the products, services or information that searchers are looking for. For example, jaynesclothes.com does not tell holiday shoppers that she sells holiday clothing, yet hoildayclothing.com does. It also suggests that jaynesclothes.com is a ladies' clothing store which it might not be either! It could just be owned by Jayne. So consider how people who don’t know you will perceive your website name choice.

You might need to play around with the wording to get the right keywords for your website name.

Tip 3 – Length of Your Website Name

You should try not to have too long a website name. It should be as short as possible so it is memorable. This will make it much easier to enter on browsers and will be better for mobile users.

You should try to keep your website name to 15 characters or less.

Tip 4 – Make Sure Your Website Name is Easy to Pronounce and Spell

So for the example above, Jaynesclothing could be a problem in the fact that there are other ways to spell Jayne, such as Jane. If a potential customer has seen an advert and looks for your website but enters janesclothing.com, they might not find your store but one of your competitors. This could lose your sales in the short/long term. So make sure your name is easy to spell and say and not at all ambiguous.

Tip 5 – Stay Unique

Think of a name that will make you stand out from the crowd. Try to think about something unusual about your store, consider your USP, and what makes you special. Yet also try to combine this with a clear description of your product, service etc.

Tip 6 – Avoid Hyphens and Double Letters

When choosing your website name don’t include hyphens as this is often associated with Spam websites. Using double letters can also cause problems with potential visitors to your website with many misspelling your name. Keep your name simple and easy to remember.

Tip 7 – Make Sure Your Name Will Enable Expansion in the Future

Think about your future plans for your business, what could you wish to sell or what services you wish to provide in the future? If you stick to holidayclothes.com but might want to sell school uniforms for kids in the future, you are going to struggle to attract the right audience.

Even if searches do bring up your website, you’ve still got to convince people to click on your website to find the school uniform. So you can see how a restrictive website name could potentially hold you back in the future.

So try to choose a fairly broad and generic name for your website to allow your business to expand in different directions in the future.

Website Name Generator

You can try the website name generator down below.

Get a Name Idea

How to Create a Name using the Website Name Generator

Here are those important steps for creating the perfect website name for your business.

Step 1 – Produce a List

First of all, create a list of all the potential elements that you want to use for creating your website name. Write down all the words that come to mind when describing your business, products, services etc. Everything is connected to your brand.

Step 2 – Reduce Down the List

Be realistic when you take a look at the list. Consider all the tips discussed above. Take your time to research the different words, phrases and ideas and see if there are any potential problems with searching for your name.

For example, putting down teddies as an option for a soft toy website will bring up search options such as soft toys, nurseries, a school, charities and nightwear. So taking the time to research words and phrases on your list is extremely important. Cross off any items on the list that don’t appear to be good options for your website.

Try and reduce the list down to your 10 favorite options.

Step 3 – Add the Potential Names to the Website Name Generator

Now add the shortlist of 10 names to the website name generator. This will provide you with lots of potential names for your website that include the names you’ve added. Every time you click on the ‘Generate’ button you will get a new list of names.

Step 4 – Reduce the List Down Further

Reduce the list further to 10 or so names that you could see being a great fit for your brand. It could include different focus words. This is a good time to put your suggestions to friends and relatives to see what they think. Make sure that you really like all the names on the list.

Step 5 – Check for Brands Already Using the Names

Make sure that none of the names on your list are already being used by another brand or anyone using a similar name. You don’t want to cause any confusion with your audience.

Step 6 – Check Potential Website Names on Social Media

You might think that the above check is all you need. However, some brands have an Etsy or Amazon account without having a website. These brands sometimes have social media however and this could be limited to just Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Make sure that no one is using the names on your list or a similar version on social media platforms. Even if you don’t plan to use a social media channel immediately you should make sure your name is available and secure it because you might change your mind and decide to use that channel in the future.

Also, it will prevent competitors from signing up for the name you’ve chosen.

Step 7 – Domain Name

Make sure your website name choices are all available as domain names. This is the address for your website and the essential first step to getting your website set up.

Step 8 – Choose Your Website Name

Now you should have narrowed your choice down further and now you can make your final choice. You could do a poll on your social media or other platforms to get an idea of which names the general public prefer. Also, think about the logo you would use to go with each of the names.

Step 9 – Register Your Website Name Everywhere!

Purchase your domain name and register your website name on all the social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms. This prevents others from using them.

Website Name Generator FAQs

You might have further questions about using the website name generator. Hopefully, we can answer those for you below.

How Much Does It Cost To Use the Website Name Generator?

The website name generator is free to use and you can use it as many times as you like. For example if you have Print on Demand business, you can use such generators to provide you the name ideas. Each time you click on it you will get a new set of potential names for your website.

Can You Guarantee that the Website Name Will be Available?

It is not possible to make sure that the website name you choose will be available. If you click on the name you will be able to see if the domain name is available.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Website Name?

This is the domain that you will need to purchase. The cost of a domain can vary depending on numerous factors and for how long you want the domain.

How Long Can You Register Your Website Name For?

A domain name can be registered for between one and three years. The maximum amount of time for registering a domain is ten years. However, this option is rarely available.

What If My Name Choice Is Only Slightly Different to Another?

It’s not a good idea to choose a website name that is very similar to another website. You might come across as a scammer to your audience as this is a tactic they sometimes use. And you wouldn’t want people to think this about your brand. This is why you must register your chosen name everywhere before someone else does.

Is Hosting Included With the Domain Name?

No, it is not. You have to buy hosting separately from the domain name but you can buy both from the same supplier. Hosting is often paid monthly. The costs for hosting depend on the service you buy so you should research this.

Final Word: Website Name Generator

We have loads of tips and some great steps to help you use the website name generator to find the perfect name for your new website. With a great choice of name, you will be able to get your new business venture off to a great start.