If you are trying to think up a cool name as a username, perhaps for a new game or a group. You might want to use a different username for security if you use the same name for your email as you do for all your social media accounts such as Instagram or Facebook you are at greater risk of getting hacked.

Using a cool name generator can help with security but also help you find a memorable and cool name that people will recognize for example when gaming or chatting on a forum.

Why Might You Want to Use A Random Name Generator?

It can be tricky to think up original names that are unique and not already being used. And sometimes you might come up with a name that is already in use you just don’t remember coming across it.

A Name Relevant to Your Platform

You might want to have a username that fits in with a particular game or platform. On Facebook, you might want to have a username that fits the posts you wish to share or your particular interest. Perhaps you post screenshots of your favorite games. Perhaps your posts are all about your pet dogs. And this is true on eCommerce platforms too, like Shopify, Wix or Squarespace.

Protect Your Identity

A platform relevant username is also better for security. Research has shown that every 40 seconds, in the UK someone becomes a fraud victim and in the US, there are about 3 million fraud victims every year.

People often use their full name as their username and this means that criminals can find out information about them. This can lead to identity fraud. You need to be careful to protect your personal information when online. This includes your name and date of birth these are items of information that criminals can use to steal your identity.

Use a Cool Name to Become Well Known

A cool name can enable you to become easily remembered when online and you could become a well-known authority in your industry or hobby. Perhaps you like playing a particular game and wish to be seen as a leading authority on game play tips?

Then a cool, memorable name will mean that people can remember you. This name might be connected to other platforms, you might start a YouTube channel hosting game play videos or you might want to sell associated merchandise on a website.

Using a cool name generator is a great way for you to do this.

Create a Unique Persona on a Platform

If you have ever tried to find the name of someone you’ve met and would like to follow on social media platforms you will know how it can be tricky to find that person among all the other people with the same first and last name.

Yet an original name can be so much easier to find. When someone mentions that they will try to connect on social media you can give them your original username and it will be much easier for them to find you than scrolling through many similarly-named people.

If you add something unique to your name that people could associate with you. Perhaps something to do with your character or interests. Then you will make it much easier for friends and family to find you online.

Steps for Creating a Cool Name with a Cool Name Generator

Here are our tips for creating a cool name using the cool name generator. These tips will work on social media platforms, forums, gaming etc.

Step 1 – Decide on What type of Cool Name You Want

Do you want a cool name that’s specific to one particular game, or interest or do you want a more generic name that describes you more? Is it a name to use just for fun or is it going to be connected to your work, such as YouTube videos.

If it’s not connected to anything then you might want a random name that’s completely unconnected to you.

Step Two – Decide If You Want To Use Your Name

Decide whether you would like to use your name as part of your cool name. Some platforms such as Facebook require you to use your real name but you can set up a page with a cool name that is connected to your interests.

Generally, people don’t use their real names on a forum. As a gaming username, you might choose to use your first name as part of your cool name.

Step Three – Check the Rules for Names

This does depend on what you want to use your new cool name for. Check the social media platform, forum, gaming platform etc. and follow their guidelines for names. It’s better to follow their rules in the first place because it would be a shame to earn a reputation as an authority and then have your account canceled as your cool name doesn’t fit in with the rules of the platform.

Generally, these rules include no famous names, offensive/foul language, special character etc. There’s usually a requirement for the name to be within a certain number of characters.

These rules can usually be found in the terms and conditions. It might take you some time to find this. You might be able to search for it directly.

Step Four – Generate a List of Ideas

Now you need to come up with a list of words that describe you or your hobby or that you want to be associated with your cool name. You can ask friends or family for ideas.

Step Five - Use the Cool Name Generator

No, you can use the cool name generator tool. This will help you build a list of potential cool names that you can use. Here is an example.

  • bitter Player
  • hard Player
  • moderate Player
  • clinical Player
  • integrated Player
  • evident Player
  • primary Player
  • hurt Player
  • deep Player
  • fundamental Player
  • miserable Player
  • minimal Player
  • back Player
  • friendly Player
  • married Player
  • democratic Player
  • dependent Player
  • urban Player

  • comparative Gamer
  • uneven Gamer fearless
  • extensive Gamer up for
  • exceptional Gamer disposed
  • major disposed
  • psychiatric Gamer interested
  • unconscious Gamer
  • Olympic Gamer
  • inquisitive prepared Gamer
  • exuberant fearless
  • automatic Gamer
  • international Gamer
  • relaxed Gamer
  • present intrepid Gamer
  • useless Gamer hardy
  • dutch Gamer
  • empty Gamer

You can click on the ‘generate’ button as many times as you wish and it is completely free to use every time. Each time you click on ‘generate’ you will get a completely new list of names.

Cool Name Generator

Now you can try the cool name generator yourself. Just enter in a word below.

Get a Name Idea

Step Six – Reduce Down the List

Now you can ask friends or family what they think about the potential names you like. They might think that some names suit you more than others. It can be really helpful to get other people’s opinions because they might think something about a name that you haven’t.

If you reduce the list of names down to about 5 that you really like and that other people like too, this will make it a less daunting task when you come to make your final choice. And once you’ve chosen your cool name and applied it to an account or forum it can be hard to change the name so you need to make sure you’ve made a good choice.

Step Seven – Check Usernames on the Platform

Now you should check to make sure that the names of your final shortlist are not already being used by someone else. Don’t be tempted to use a very similar name to another just because you really like it. This can confuse people trying to connect with you. You could also become associated with their reputation.

Most platforms will not allow you to register the same name as another but this isn’t always the case such as with Facebook. However, you are aiming for a cool name and so ideally your name should be completely original and not already taken.

If a name on your shortlist has been taken then cross it off your list.

Step Eight – Choose the Final Cool Name

Now you can choose your cool name and use it perhaps on a gaming platform, social media platform or on a forum. Where people can get to know you by your cool name and learn about your expertise and skills. Or just get to know you.

Remember to register your name with all the platforms you might wish to use in the future. So you might be looking for a cool name for a gaming forum but you might want to produce game play videos in the future and work under the same cool name. So you want to make sure you register your cool name everywhere potentially relevant to you.

You could also register your cool name as a domain. This is especially useful if you wish to monetize your hobby or skills in the future.

Cool Name FAQs for Using the Cool Name Generator

Here are some FAQs to help you when using the cool name generator. You should find all the answers to any questions you might have below.

How Much Does it Cost to Use the Cool Name Generator?

The cool name generator is completely free to use. Just enter in a keyword that you would like to be associated with your cool name and click on the ‘generate’ button. Then you can choose from the list. Every time you click on the ‘generate’ you will see a completely new list of names. And it is free to use as many times as you like.

Is There a Limit to The Number of Uses?

No, not at all. You can use the cool name generator as many times as you like and for as many different keywords. It is great fun to use and you do not need to pay to use it.

If you wish to register your name with other businesses such as a domain or if there is a sign up fee then you will have to pay for that but you should look into that before you decide to go ahead. Otherwise actually just choosing your cool name on the cool name generator is completely free with unlimited uses.

Can You Protect a Username?

Most usernames will be protected on the platform on which they’re registered. This means that you will be able to protect the cool username that you like. It won’t stop someone from using the same name elsewhere or using a similar name on the platform but once you have registered your name it will make it a lot harder for people to copy your cool name.

How Much Does It Cost to Register a Username as a Domain?

So if you think you would like your cool name to be part of a website address so people can find out more about your skills and expertise then you will need to register your cool name as a domain. The costs for this can vary and it is wise to check this out first before you decide on your name. Prices for domain names can vary and you usually register the name for between one to three years.

Can You Change a Cool Name?

On most platforms and forums it can be quite difficult to change your username once you have registered. You will need to check with the platform that you are registering with to see if there are any restrictions on changing your name if you wish to in the future.

Are There Any Specific Words to Avoid?

With any username, you should avoid words that could be offensive this includes but is not limited to just swearwords. Avoid political words as well. Make sure your word choice will be acceptable to the general public.

Final Word: Cool Name Generator

By using the cool name generator and the tips above you will be able to come up with a cool name for use on any platform. Within a short while, you will have plenty of great options to choose from and to see what your friends and family think.

You never know, your cool name could be the start of a whole new career or enable you to make friends with a whole new community of like-minded people and with your cool name people will be more likely to remember you!