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Name fatso has many different types of generators. This page offers a slogan generator tool. If you are creating a new business, a new online store, a new blog or just need to upgrade your online presence, adding a tagline to your website and logo is one way to go about it and this page can get that task done within no time.

Using a Free Slogan Generator

A catchy slogan is one of the most memorable things related to businesses besides the actual business name. Think of Nike - "Just do it". There are many memorable slogans from big companies out there, and now it's time for you to have your very own slogan to use for your business.

About the Free Slogan Generator (i.e Free Slogan Maker)

Slogan Generator

Normally big and established businesses pay big bucks for a copywriter to write a slogan / tagline that stands out and fits the morals and standards of the company. However, sometimes all you need to do is use some AI writing tools and use your better judgment. Meaning - what we offer you is a completely free way to create your slogan.

How to Use a Perfect Tagline Generator

tagline generator

Every business has some sort of word or subject that works for them. If you own a cat food shop, it would be assumed that you would be ok writing a slogan with the word "cat" in it. Right? So all you need to do is give us one word that describes the subject of your business and we will randomly generate 200 free tagline options containing the word you entered into the tagline generator.

200 Free Slogan Ideas for Businesses, Stores, Companies, etc. by the Random Slogan Generator

  • Make Life Delicious
  • Saving Your Future, Today
  • Fitness that Fits You
  • We Care About Your Hair
  • Dream It. Build It.
  • Love Where You Live
  • Travel Far, Pay Less
  • Coffee with Character
  • Your Tech, No Stress
  • For the Love of Pets
  • Quality Counts, Every Time
  • Beauty Inside and Out
  • Fast Food, Fresh Choices
  • Smiles, Not Miles
  • Play Games, Win Big
  • You Dream, We Clean
  • Cutting Edge Style
  • Sip Back and Relax
  • Run Faster, Train Better
  • Your Health, Our Mission
  • Furniture That Fits
  • Pizza Like No Other
  • Timeless Looks, Affordable Prices
  • Your Way, Right Away
  • One Stop Fashion Shop
  • Fresh Flowers, Happy Hearts
  • Nuts About Health
  • Your Comfort Zone
  • Life’s Too Short for Bad Vibes
  • Cars You Can Trust
  • Get Loud, Be Proud
  • Sleep Tight Tonight
  • Fast Fixes, Fair Prices
  • Relax, You’re Home
  • Life in Every Bite
  • A Cleaner Tomorrow
  • Better Banking for You
  • Don’t Stress, Just Press
  • Innovation Starts Here
  • New Shoes, New You
  • Easy Living, Every Day
  • Find Your Flavor
  • Your Path to Wellness
  • Cooking with Love
  • Good Vibes Only
  • Gear Up, Game On
  • You Grow, We Mow
  • Look Sharp, Spend Smart
  • Pawsitively the Best
  • Let’s Get Cooking
  • Dream Big, Pay Small
  • Your Fitness Buddy
  • Tunes for Your Soul
  • Delivering Smiles Daily
  • Feel the Burn
  • Worry-Free Warranty
  • The Real Deal Meals
  • Cutting Costs, Not Corners
  • Memories That Last
  • Taste the Adventure
  • Book Today, Save Tomorrow
  • Family First, Always
  • Food You'll Love
  • Your Style Destination
  • Spice Up Your Life
  • Heating Up Happiness
  • The Power of Plants
  • Satisfy Your Craving
  • Snack Smarter
  • Dreams to Reality
  • Look Good, Feel Good
  • Affordable Luxury Living
  • Fashion Meets Function
  • Say Cheese, Smile Please
  • Your Trust, Our Priority
  • Healthy Life, Happy Life
  • Snuggle Up and Save
  • Celebrate Every Day
  • Sparkle and Shine
  • Fuel Your Passion
  • Tech on the Go
  • Books for the Curious
  • Quick Click Shopping
  • Bake, Rattle, and Roll
  • The New You Awaits
  • The Pet’s Paradise
  • Unlock Your Potential
  • Travel the World with Us
  • Make Every Day Count
  • Flicks You Can’t Miss
  • Trust Your Taste
  • Cheers to Choices
  • Be You, Be Beautiful
  • Your Health Hero
  • The Perfect Fit
  • The Spice of Life
  • Unbeatable Prices, Unbeatable Fun
  • Because You’re Worth It
  • Stay Cozy, My Friend
  • Treat Yourself Right
  • Run Wild, Live Free
  • Food that Fuels
  • Kids Love Us, Parents Trust Us
  • Go Green, Live Clean
  • Quality You Can See
  • Buy Better, Live Better
  • Sip, Savor, Repeat
  • Eat Fresh, Feel Fresh
  • Your Perfect Getaway
  • A Touch of Class
  • You Click, We Ship
  • Play Hard, Win Easy
  • Paint Your Life
  • Gear for the Great Outdoors
  • Chill Out and Grill
  • Treats for Your Sweets
  • Your Local Hero
  • One Click to Chic
  • Relax, Renew, Revive
  • Make Your Mark
  • Eat, Sleep, Repeat
  • Redefining Fast Food
  • Boost Your Brainpower
  • Life’s a Party
  • Your Brand, Your Style
  • Tasty and Trusty
  • The Future of Fitness
  • Young Hearts, Brave Minds
  • Handmade, Heartfelt
  • Your Home Advantage
  • Coffee That Cares
  • Create, Connect, Celebrate
  • Experience the Difference
  • The Joy of Giving
  • Better Choices, Better Life
  • Find Your Zen
  • Make Waves
  • Fun for the Whole Fam
  • Stay Curious, Keep Learning
  • Serving You, Satisfying You
  • Travel Smart, Travel Light
  • Never Stop Exploring
  • Where Style Meets Comfort
  • Ready for Anything
  • Live More, Worry Less
  • Your Favorite Place
  • Elevate Your Game
  • Fashion Without the Fuss
  • The Sweetest Spot
  • Warm Hearts, Full Plates
  • Your Best Life Starts Here
  • Ready, Set, Save!
  • Healthy, Happy, Home
  • Snuggle, Don’t Struggle
  • For Those Who Do
  • The Better Way to Stay
  • Love Your Look
  • Be Bold, Be You
  • Paint the Town
  • Your Daily Dose of Awesome
  • Your Joyride Awaits
  • Creating Happy Homes
  • The Perfect Pour
  • We’re Here for You
  • Flavors You’ll Savor
  • Chill and Thrill
  • Own the Day

Catchphrase Generator

Catchphrase Generator

The best Slogans & taglines are basically catchphrases that are associated with a business. You want to choose the best catchphrase generator option for your business obviously. With that in mind, every time you choose to click "generate" on the tool above, we will generate catchy slogans. Hundreds of new options for your business catchphrase. Your job is pretty simple. Just choose the correct word that you want to be added into your business slogan and we will run our one of a kind catchphrase generator and give you lots of options.

Why are Slogans So Important?

Slogans can be a vital way you can distinguish yourself from others within your industry. There are numerous advantages to a catchy slogan that it can become just as memorable as the brand name. For example, Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ or EA Sports' “Its in the Game” or KFC’s ‘Finger Lickin’ good’ are just as recognizable as the brand name. Having a memorable slogan means that just the slogan can act as a marketing point for your brand rather than having to have your name mentioned continuously, making it more acceptable to audiences. Sometimes, the brand’s slogan can become more popular than the brand name.

What Makes a Great Slogan?

Numerous elements make a great slogan and therefore it can be hard to write down what are the best elements to concentrate on. However, if you’re looking for the elements that all slogans have in common then you are wanting to:

Yet other elements can help make the best catchy slogan for your business. One that will be heard by your audience for generations.

Using a Random Free Slogan Generator

random slogan generator

A random slogan generator is something that can help you bring life to your brand identity and allow you to grow your business beyond the name that you have chosen. In addition, it can help you to generate catchy slogans quicker than it would if you’re looking to do it all by yourself. The slogan can also prevent you from creating a slogan that is too similar to another brand, which can often be the case when you try to do it without any assistance, as this is a common problem. Remember it is important to be unique.

Why is it Important to a Unique Catchy Slogan?

Unique Catchy Slogan

There are numerous reasons why you will need to have a unique catchy slogan for your business. For one, you will need to have something that will distinguish you from other brands. However, if you have one that is too similar to other brands, then audiences might get confused. In addition, you might find that some slogans are protected by other brands. Therefore, if you use a brand that is too close to another brand’s slogan, then you might find that you are taken to court over it. There are also problems that customers might not like seeing you use another brand’s slogan, which can damage your reputation.

The Cost of the Slogan Maker

If you’re looking to use the slogan maker but are concerned about the cost, then you will be relieved to know that it is a free slogan maker. Therefore, you can use it without enduring any costs for your business. This can be something that can save you lots of money as many brands spend thousands on making a memorable slogan for their brand. Marketing teams can take weeks or longer on the slogan. And there are professional brands that can also run campaigns to find the best slogan. Despite all this help, numerous brands don’t get the right slogan. And therefore, many brands would be better to do it themselves using a free slogan generator.

Make a Slogan With Your Logo and Browse Slogan Ideas

One of the first things to think about is your logo. The logo and slogan ideas should go hand-in-hand as they are going to be two of the three things that people are going to notice when you publish content to them. Your logo and slogan should be something seen together because that is the only way that audiences are going to connect the two. So when you have your logo, look at how big it is, what it represents, and how they combine to give the audience information about your business. These are the elements that are going to be brought together to create your slogan. So by using a free slogan maker you should take that part into account before just spitting out the first result on your website.

A Memorable Slogan is Simple

free slogan maker

A memorable slogan is simple, not just to read, but to say. People need to see a simple, memorable slogan because they’re going to be easier to remember. Our brains see enough to fill at least 74 GB of information every day. Yet, within a month, we will tend to forget about 90% of this information, and within about 3 days, more than half will not be remembered. The things that get remembered are going to be easy-to-digest bits of data that are interesting and exciting. If you don’t make a memorable slogan, then you are going to find that audiences will forget it quicker than not.

The Shorter the Slogan the Better

Most slogans, from the best-performing brands, are short and simple. No more than six words, though shorter is often better. The shorter the phrase, the better memorable slogan you have for your brand. Just look at Nike’s Just Do It, Walmart's, “Save money. Live better.” and other slogans from well-known brands. They don’t have entire sentences, just a couple of words that explain who they are, what they are about and what their brand value proposition is. Keeping it shorter allows for a slogan to be easier to fit in on a logo, include important marketing messages, without overloading the main message and are easier to remember.

Brainstorm Words Associated with your Brand and Start Filtering Slogan Ideas

Before you start to build your perfect, catchy and memorable slogan with the free slogan maker, you need to create a list of words that you think to capture the essence of your brand. There can be many things that you could associate with your brand, this could be what the value proposition is for your customers, who you are targeting, something fun about your business or something that you think is what people need to know about you. You can take an hour or two to do this process and you might want to include friends, family and employees to help you.

Make a Catchy and Memorable Slogan that is Easy to Say

As you will see with this free slogan maker, a good slogan can be easy to say. You want people to be able to say it to their friends, family and everyone else. You also want to be able to say it regularly on media. You don’t sound like you’re saying something completely different or having to retake your YouTube videos several times because you can’t pronounce your slogan. The words should also be completely distinguishable from other words used. Otherwise, you’re going to have some people confused about what is being said in your slogan.

Use Power Words in the Catchphrase

It is important to use the right words within your catchy slogan. Those that invoke emotion are some of the best to use within your slogan. So using power words is a must within any slogan. Consider some of the other top-performing slogans like ‘Do it’ and ‘Between love and madness lies obsession’ from Calvin Klein. Using these words can inspire audiences to take action and be more memorable. They can also give a hint about what your business is about and what actions you expect the audience to do when they’re engaging with you or your products/services.

Think about Timing

When you are creating your slogan with the slogan creator, you are probably going to spend a few hours, if not a few days creating the slogan. However, that doesn’t mean that this is the length of time that your audience is going to spend on your slogan when they see it. They might see it briefly before some advertising while walking/driving past it or hear it briefly on the radio. They might get just two or three seconds to hear and process it. Therefore, that is the length of time you’ve got to get their attention and allow them to process the marketing message you’re trying to get them to hear.

Blind Test Catchy Slogans

An important element is to ensure that you are blind testing catchy slogans. If you’re a small business this can be very challenging to do. You don’t have a large budget to get people off the street and test slogans with them. However, when you have 3 or 4 slogan ideas, you could go and ask people for their opinions on your slogan ideas without revealing your brand. Offering a cash reward or vouchers can be a good way for you to get more engagement with your audience if possible. Another option is to use a free service like SurveyMonkey online to collect feedback.

Positive or Neutral Slogan Ideas - Don’t Be Offensive

There are many times when even the big brands have tried for a catchy slogan but have failed. For example, Dr. Pepper’s 2011 marketing was headlined by the term ‘Its not for Women’. Whatever the marketing team were thinking about with this slogan, it alienated half of their audience and probably didn’t work. Negativity within a slogan should never be used. Another brand that attempted to use this, almost the exact same message, is the chocolate bar brand ‘Yorke’. Stay away from these kinds of slogans or any terms that will offend some of the population whether based on gender, age, religion or something else.

Free Slogan Maker Pro Tip: Avoid Being Too Simple

While being simple is really important, a catchy slogan is something that is going to be memorable. And that is why "Ford" failed to capitalize on their campaign when they created a new slogan that was simply, ‘Drive One’. There was no way to know what the car manufacturer was talking about. Was it a Ford car, one of their models, or was it just a car? And there was nothing that connected those simple two lines to the brand at all. While short and simple can work, it has to have context as well. That's what can actually be the edge of slogan makers, they are usually anything but too simple.

Slogans Have to Make Sense

BP, when they created the slogan ‘Imagine more snacks than you can imagine’ created something that might have worked, had it not been repetitive and if had made more sense. While some of their audience might have connected to the slogan, especially those who weren’t reading it properly, the slogan failed because people were stumped by the repetition of ‘imagine’ in the line. However, it makes the slogan much harder to say and doesn’t flow.

Seriously Think About How the Slogan Could Be Misused

Sega released a challenging slogan to get around when they used the slogan “The more you play with it, the harder it gets”. There are lots of sexual contexts that this could come across, and Sega felt the wrath of consumers for this slogan. But it isn’t just them who’ve failed in this area, Sunglass Shack used the term “Sitting on faces since 2001”. Therefore, carefully consider how your slogan might be interrupted by those reading your content online or while driving. Remember that it takes only a few seconds to convey the message to your audience.

How Will Your Slogan Translate

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and selling internationally, then you might want to consider how your slogan will translate across the world. So many slogans have been translated and, while accurate in the translation, the connotations in the other language are radically different. Consider Uzbekistan Airway’s slogan of ‘Good Luck’, in many western nations that might be interrupted as you need some otherworldly interventions to survive a flight when you’re traveling with them. Therefore, it is always best to find a slogan that can translate as well, if in doubt, speak to a translator before you finalize on any slogan.

Advocate your Audience

If there is one thing that you can learn from a good slogan, it is that you should make your audience feel good about using your product/service. Ilon Specht, from McCann Advertising agency, came up with of the best slogans that has stood the test of time with L’Oreal’s ‘Because you’re worth it’ slogan. Devised in 1971, the slogan promotes self-worth and confidence in women. The timeless slogan is something that is just as relevant now as it was back in the 1970s. It is therefore still being used today and is one of the reasons why the brand constantly performs well.

Challenge your Audience

There are a few brands that have used their slogan to issue a challenge to their audience. For example, Lay’s chips and Pringles. Both of these companies use slogans that challenge audiences to eat just a few of their products. For example, Lay’s was ‘Betcha Can’t Eat Just One’ while Pringles’ was ‘Once you Pop, you can’t stop’. Both of these not only challenge the audience but also promote healthy eating, something that is vitally important in today’s health-conscious market.

Have a Slogan that Stands the Test of Time

You must have a slogan that can be used not just for now, but one that can last for a long time. L’Oreal’s has been the same for the past fifty years. And that is something that will always be there. However, other brands have created a slogan that has lasted much longer, consider how the New York Times has used the slogan “All The News That’s Fit to Print” on their newspapers since 1897, more than 120 years ago!

Use Cautionary Tales

It is important to remember all the cautionary tales that have come about because of the terms used before. Red Bull’s ‘Give you Wings’ is something that has certainly done the company good, it is highly memorable and fits nicely with the idea that the drink will make you more active. However, when used in combination with some of their advertising, the company had to make a settlement because the drink doesn’t give you wings. Therefore, ensure that when you use a slogan you’re not being fraudulent.

Engage Audiences in a Question

Slogan maker - engage

One of the more interesting techniques is to ask the audience a question and engage them in a conversation. Consider how Capital One asked the audience “what’s in your wallet?’ with their slogan. It is simple, catchy and relevant not just to the product but also to the audience. And it is something that audiences can respond to on social media, discussions and more. Therefore, are there ways that you can change your slogan to make it more engaging with the audience?

Create Compelling and Catchy Slogans

The last thing you want to do with a free slogan maker is to make some boring sentence that means literally nothing to a brand, you want to have a great slogan that is catchy and means something.

How Many Catchy Slogans Can You Have?

There are three types of slogans that you can create. There is one that is the overriding one for your brand. This is something that will be associated with your brand over the longer term. There are brands like Nike and L’Oreal where the main slogan is used and associated with the brand all the time. Then some slogans are going to be used for just one product or service. Finally, there might be slogans that are related to just one of your marketing campaigns, these are drivers of campaigns. You can use the free slogan maker for all of these.

Do You Need Three Types of Slogans?

Catchy Slogans

There isn’t always a need to have three different types of slogans. If you’re a really small brand in a local area, then you might only want to have the main brand slogan. Or your main brand slogan might be something that does everything that you need. Therefore, you should be able to use just a single slogan to encompass all your marketing.

When Should you Change a Slogan?

There are numerous times when you might want to change your slogan. It might be that you are expanding and your slogan that refers to where you were based before is no longer relevant. Or you might be creating a new marketing campaign and want to update your branding so you are more relevant than you were before. There are numerous reasons for a slogan update, but it has to make sense. There are plenty of times when a change has been reversed because the old brand slogan was better.

How Long Should Building a Catchy Slogan Take?

That all depends on several complexities. You might find that building your catchy slogan takes just a couple of hours, or it could take days. It will heavily depend on how long you take to come up with certain elements of your brand. Do you know what your brand means to your audience? Do you know what words should be used? Will you get too many slogan options that you find it hard to choose between them?

How Long Should a Slogan Be at Most?

slogan length

Slogans should be no longer than six words, slogans longer than this are very hard to remember because they have too many words that the mind can’t remember accurately. Remember that a slogan might be the term used in search engines to find your brand. So the shorter they are, the easier they are to type to find you as well.

Could a Single Word be a Slogan?

In theory, a single word could become a slogan, but that would be very hard to achieve. Instead, you will want to be using two or three words. Think of Apple’s ‘Think Differently’ as a good way to use two words in a catchy slogan that will optimize your slogan for audiences. However, there are times when two words are not enough and you will need to have a longer slogan.

Is This a Business Jingle Generator?

business jingle generator

Many people can find that the free slogan maker can also be used as a business jingle generator. And this is a good use for it. Most of the best business jingles are also the best slogans. These are highly memorable and can be used in lucrative radio and TV spots. Or they can be used on social media to create better content that will get shared longer.

Are Slogans Good for YouTube and Social Media?

Slogans should be used across the larger media platforms you use. You should use your slogan on any YouTube, TikTok or other video content that you are using. You should also use the slogan and any business jingle on social media posts like on Facebook and Twitter. This strategy helps to keep the core message with your audience and also helps you to ensure that people know more about you, without having to say too much.