Are you planning to set up an LLC? There are 21.6 million LLC companies in the USA alone. An LLC has many advantages when starting a new business or organization. It is useful particularly if you’re going into a partnership and you don’t want to take on the risk of being responsible for company debts. If you are in partnership you’ll want a straightforward, logical way to come up with a name for your LLC that suits all parties, using an LLC name generator is a great way to do this.

In this article, we also go through all the important steps to consider when choosing a name for your new LLC. By using the LLC name generator you will soon have a great name for your new venture, whether it is a Shopify store or a service business, without needing to spend additional funds on branding.

Why Use an LLC Name Generator?

There are lots of great reasons for using an LLC name generator. Coming up with a name for your LLC, especially if this is a joint venture can be a challenge. It is not always easy to agree on a suitable name or even to come up with good ideas in the first place. This article will take you through the steps and will help you approach naming your LLC more methodically.

A memorable name will encourage repeat custom to your LLC. A unique name will also help you stand out from competitors and encourage new customers to try out your brand's products or services. Research has shown that it is much easier to sell to existing customers than to try to acquire new ones.

If you choose a unique name for your LLC by using an LLC name generator then you will be more likely to secure the domain and social media accounts associated with the name. It will also help with ranking as you will have less competition around your name and you can focus on great SEO (search engine optimization) to rank well on search engines and help new customers find you.

Finally, using an LLC name generator will save you from wasting too much time discussing name options. You can then get on with all the other tasks you need to do when launching a new LLC such as branding, setting up a mailing list, securing investors and suppliers, and gaining a strong online presence among many other tasks! Choosing a name for your LLC will seem so easy!

Tips for a Good LLC Name

Below you will find five tips to help you decide on a great name for your new LLC venture. You’ll need a new name that will be attractive to both investors and customers and also be memorable.

Tip One – Make it Unique

This is the most important first step, you need to make sure the name you choose is unique. You don’t want to have potential customers going into another store or visiting another online business instead of yours.

If you choose an LLC name similar to another then you will likely be competing with them both for customers to your site online, to your business, and also for a good position on search engine ranks.

There are lots of significant decisions to make when setting up your LLC so by using an LLC name generator you can make sure that the name you choose is unique and not going to cause any difficulties for you in the future.

Tip Two – Consider the Future

It’s a good idea to make sure that the name you choose for your new LLC isn’t going to typecast you and prevent you from expanding in the future. You might want to make sure that you choose a name that covers a wide range of options whether your LLC is going to be selling products or offering a service.

This is probably more important than it is with other business names as it can be harder to change the LLC name. An LLC name change will cost more money as you have to re-register your business. It might also confuse accountants.

Tip Three - Concatenations Are Great for Names

You might want to consider using a concatenation for your name. This is when you use the initials of a series of words or phrases to shorten it. Some examples include KFC and IBM among others. The advantage of this is if you have a set of words that describe what you offer but they just seem too long, then shortening the phrase can be useful. This is especially the case when entering your LLC name on a mobile.

Tip Four – Make Sure Social Media is Available

This is such an essential point. You will need to make sure that the name you choose for your new LLC is available for you to take ownership of the associated accounts on a wide range of social media accounts.

It’s a good idea to register your name on all the social media accounts available even if you don’t plan to use them immediately. For a start, it will stop other people from purchasing the accounts and using them and potentially directing customers away from your store. You also might change your mind and wish to start using one of the platforms in the future and so this does keep your options open.

Tip Five – Make Sure the Domain Name is Available

This is the most important aspect of all. Make sure that the domain name for your potential LLC name choice is available. If you can’t book an identical domain name then you're better off choosing a different name!

You need to make sure that people can walk into your business premises and then be able to find your LLC online as well. It can also work the other way, that customers can easily find your store online and arrange a click-and-collect. When they go into your store or business they will be more likely to purchase other items or services.

How to Create an LLC Name Generator Name Using the LLC Name Generator

The steps below will show you how to use the LLC name generator to find the best name for your new business venture.

Step 1 – Create a List

Produce a list of important aspects of your brand. Include important names, words, references, or anything about the niche for your LLC that you might wish to include in your name. It could perhaps be a reference to your location, the building you plan to set up, or your ethical views.

Step 2 – Reduce Down the List

Decide what is most important on the list and suitable for your LLC name. Cross-reference this list with the tips above and narrow it down accordingly.

Have a look online to see if other brands are using similar names to any of the words you’ve chosen. You want to avoid using the same name as others as this can be confusing, especially as an LLC is just the status of your business and not the name. You will be known as the parts before the LLC part of your business.

Step 3 – Add your Names to the Store Name Generator

You can then use the LLC Name Generator which is a great tool that will provide you with lots of potential name options to choose from.

When you click on the generate button you will see a new list of names like the following:

  • ambitious Washington Store
  • continued Washington Store
  • regional Washington Store
  • southern Washington Store
  • warm Washington Store
  • creepy Washington Store
  • opposite Washington Store
  • tricky Washington Store
  • reliable Washington Store
  • faithful Washington Store
  • democratic Washington Store
  • whispering Washington Store

  • costly Secondhand Store
  • slight Secondhand Store
  • eldest Secondhand Store
  • static Secondhand Store
  • burning Secondhand Store
  • average Secondhand Store
  • helpful Secondhand Store
  • occasional Secondhand Store
  • jolly Secondhand Store
  • uneven Secondhand Store
  • subjective Secondhand Store
  • organizational Secondhand Store

LLC Name Generator

You can try the LLC Name Generator down below. Remember, every time that you click on the ‘Generate’ button you will get a new list of names.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Reduce the List Down Further

You can take this long list of words and choose 10 of the best and then share these with your family and friends to see what they think. You may be choosing the name on behalf of partners in the LLC so you will need to run the ideas by them to get an idea of what they are looking for in a name as well.

Step 5 – Check for Other Brands

Make sure the potential names on your list are not already in use by other established brands. If your name sounds too similar to another you will have a challenge ranking well on social media and your customers might visit another brand instead.

Check different versions of the name like it is spelled different ways or the words are written a different way round. Even if the company is no longer operating don’t be tempted to use the name for your LLC.

Step 6 – Check Social Media Status

Have a look at all the social media channels and make sure all the names on the list are available. Don’t assume that a name that isn’t linked to a website won't be an established brand on social media. A lot of companies work from just social media, particularly events companies or gyms for example.

Avoid using a name that has already been taken even if they look inactive on their sales page or social media account.

Step 7 – Check Domain Name Status

You can have a look at the list and check the availability of them as domain names. This takes just a click on the list of names and our partner will ensure that the name is available for you.

You can also use this time to purchase the domain name if you find only one name available.

Step 8 – Choose your Name

You can then move on to the exciting part which is choosing your name and making the final decision. You should make sure that any partners in the LLC are happy with your choice and also see what friends and family think. You could always run a survey, perhaps on social media. This will give you a more unbiased opportunity to find out whether or not it is a good name choice.

Think about how your LLC name will fit with a logo as well. The best brands have a logo that will match the style of their brand name or the brand name forms part of the logo.

Step 9 – Register Everything

When you’ve chosen your LLC name, register your name everywhere you want to be, domain, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Do this straight away once you start, don’t get distracted!

Final Word: LLC Name Generator

By using an LLC Name Generator you will find deciding on a name to be a straightforward task. This can be particularly helpful if you are in partnership with others as it can sometimes be difficult to come to agreements on significant issues like names.

By using the steps above you can turn the process into a simple one and work through each point methodically. You should come up with a list of features about your brand and the products you are going to sell or the services you will be offering with your LLC.

When you have your final list of names and you have checked the tips and advice for names you can make your final decision. Involve friends, and family and survey the public to see what people think about the new name of your LLC. Then you can register your name for social media and buy your domain name. Then you're ready to move on to the next step of your LLC planning!

No, two LLC businesses cannot have the same name. The LLC registrations create a business as an entity and to stop confusion, two LLC businesses cannot share a name. However, there might be some that are similar.
If another business starts to use your LLC name, then you can legally challenge them if you’re registered under that name. This is because only you can legally use that name.
If you’re looking to choose to form a wide range of potential names for your LLC business, then you can use our tool for free. It is easy to use and every click on the generate button allows you to get a fresh list of potential names for you to use.
The costs for the domain depend on several factors, like where you’re purchasing it from, the extension of the domain, the popularity of the name, and more. However, most domain names cost between $5 and $20.
No regulation says you have to change your business name because you are going to change the business structure to LLC. The most obvious change is that you are adding LLC to your business.
No, becoming an LLC does not mean that you will rank higher. Many LLC businesses do not rank high at all. Instead, they rank very low. The LLC only affects your brand’s corporate identity and how it should be operated.
Many factors affect how fast it takes for an LLC business to rank on Google. However, it can sometimes take between three and six months for a domain name to rank high on a search engine. To improve the ranking speed, adopt better SEO practices.
Numerous brands don’t just own one domain, instead, they own two or three domains (sometimes more). This is to prevent others from using similar domains to pretend to be the brand and steal traffic from their competitors or legitimate businesses.
No, you don’t need to have LLC in your domain name. This is not a requirement. You do need to show your LLC status on the website, this can be done in the footer for ease.
When you’ve chosen your LLC Business name it is advisable to buy the domain name and register other accounts you might need. This is because it can take just minutes to complete and this can be enough time for someone else to steal the domain name.