Photography is a very popular pastime. The industry is estimated to be worth approximately $10.1 billion in the US and is growing significantly. There are numerous ways you can start a photography store or photography shop locally or online. However, one of the starting points is to ensure that you have some good photography store name ideas that are generated by a photography store name generator.

In this article, we will look at why and how you can develop a great brand with the help of a photography shop name generator.

Why use a Photography Store Name Generator?

photography store name generator

There are numerous reasons why you need to use a photography shop name generator for your new business venture. For one, there are lots of competitors out there. Many photography shops are owned by one or two people who have fantastic ideas and are looking for some individuality to distinguish them from competitors.

You too need to ensure that your customers can find you without accidentally stumbling across one of your competitors. It is not an easy task. Many names that you might automatically choose have been taken. In addition, you will have to consider what matters to you and combine that with a catchiness that is easy to remember and also sounds appropriate to your audience.

One of the ways that some people develop their brand is with the help of a marketing firm or branding agency. While these are very clever people, they are also expensive and often out of most price ranges. Many people who start a business have very little money, if any, to spend on services that are not essential. A photography store name generator is a free tool that can help you build an identity.

And it is important to save as much money as you can. Nine out of every ten businesses will go bust within 120 days because of cash flow problems. Even if you have a large amount of money to invest, you want to spend that money as wisely as possible. Otherwise, you could end up without a lot of money to spend on it.

Finally, you want to use a name generator because it can help you find alternatives that you’ve never thought of before. There are so many times when we resort to something that we’re familiar with. And therefore, when naming a brand, we don’t tend to build a unique name, but one that is rather similar to something we know.

This can cause significant issues. Legally, it might not be allowed. In addition, it can mean you’re associating yourself with another brand. For example, you could name your brand, Ian’s Photography Shop; however, there might be another one that is the same.

Tips for Choosing the Best Name with the Photography Shop Name Generator

photography store name generator

There are numerous tips and guides on how you can generate a better list of photography Shop name ideas for your business. Here are some examples of photography shop names that you could use, for example. Each of these was created using the photography shop name generator.

  • governing Photography
  • low Photography
  • old-fashioned Photography
  • worldwide Photography
  • running Photography
  • atomic Photography
  • rear Photography
  • clever Photography
  • surrounding Photography
  • rough Photography
  • insufficient Photography
  • living Photography
  • planned Photography
  • bumpy Photography
  • spicy Photography
  • private Photography
  • conservation Photography
  • key Photography

  • cheerful Pictures
  • remarkable Pictures
  • advanced Pictures
  • mammoth Pictures
  • male Pictures
  • managerial Pictures
  • then Pictures
  • bitter Pictures
  • diverse Pictures
  • double Pictures
  • deaf Pictures
  • zealous Pictures
  • green Pictures
  • chubby Pictures
  • strange Pictures
  • diplomatic Pictures
  • beneficial Pictures
  • spectacular Pictures

If you would like to create names like this, or even better, then here are some tips for naming your new photography brand.

Tip One – Your Photography Store Name Ideas Need to be Unique

The first thing that should always be done is to ensure that any brand name ideas you have are unique to you and your brand. There are so many brands in the world that will aggressively defend their brand name should they feel that a newcomer has taken a similar name. It doesn’t matter if the name is not the same. A name that has similarities can sometimes be seen as copying.

Many brands might be worried that by using similar names you will take some of their customers, steal some of their social proof or try to associate themselves with your brand. For example, if you named your store Phil’s Photography of London and there was another brand called Phil’s Photography of New York, the latter might think that you’re trying to establish a connection between the two brands, insinuating that your brand is a new branch of the latter office.

Some people recognize this problem and have suggested that when there are cases like this that go to court, those that used the branding first will be given priority. So even if your brand becomes more popular, it can sometimes be that you will have to pay compensation for using the name and changing your branding.

Changing your branding can be very costly. So it is best to be right the first time.

Tip Two – Your Photography Store Name Ideas Should Incorporate the Future

While you might be content with just selling photo sessions of families, in the future you might want to expand. Some start with portrait photos and then move into events, weddings, identification, and other options.

Therefore, if you named yourself Phil’s Family Photos but then wanted to move into weddings or corporate events you might start to struggle. Potential clients will be hard-pressed to find you on Google as your name wouldn’t include it and Google might not assume that. Also, when presented with a list of potential businesses, with such a definitive name, potential customers might assume you only do family photos.

Therefore, always ensure that you have a brand name that will represent you now and in the future.

And don’t think just about products/services. Think about locations as well. You might only cover a small area now, but you can always take on some additional staff and expand your operations. If you use a location in your name and then move, it can be rather limiting to your potential growth.

Tip Three – Try Using Concatenations Within your Photography Store Name

photography store name generator

Try using concatenations within your photography store name. Simply combine the first letters from all the words in your potential names to create a shorter name that is easier to remember. There are so many brands that do this at the moment. And there is a good reason, brands like BMW, ASDA, and KFC have used this tactic to become big brands.

Tip Four – Ensure Social Media Accounts are Available for your Photography Store Name

Another thing to consider is that social media is going to be one of the best ways that you can advertise your brand. Your photography business is about images and there are no better ways for you to showcase your talents than to show images you’ve taken.

There are going to be so many options for sharing images, with Instagram and Facebook as two obvious options.

And social media can be a great way for you to build leads and generate sales. To make sure that you’re successful, you need those social media account names that match your branding. This will help audiences to find you.

Tip Five – Ensure the Photography Store Name Domain is Available

photography store name generator

If you don’t want to lose out to other businesses, then a website is essential. Although 34% of businesses don’t have a website, these sites generally don’t perform well. They are often limited in their sales and tend to get most of their business through word of mouth and not online. Without a website, you won’t be able to advertise your services or use SEO to appear high.

A website can also help you manage your business. You can use appointment software, online booking forms, good bot chats, and other elements to ensure that you are automating as much as you can for your business.

Don’t rely on Google for ensuring a domain is available. Some brands might buy a domain and then never use it. But just hold onto it. This can be a great business move for some people who ‘flip’ websites or domains, buying a domain for a small amount and then selling them for a lot more money. Instead, you need to use a free domain checker. These are simple to use.

How to Use the Photography Store Name Generator

photography store name generator

Below are the steps that you need to have a photography store name generator create the perfect branding option for you. This set of steps will help you generate the perfect list of photography store name ideas that you can then choose your favorite.

Step 1 – Create a List of Important Words

The first step is for you to choose and brainstorm a list of the most important words that will describe you, your work, and the brand. There are so many different options here that you can utilize. For example, you can add words to the list that describe you, your services, your ethics, your location, your customers, what inspired you, and more.

The list is likely to be rather personal to you. It should not be a generic list that could refer to any other photography store, brand, or shop. And you shouldn’t worry about the length of the potential word list. At this stage, you can have a relatively long list.

Step 2 – Reduce the List to the Best Options

The next step is to go through the list and select only the words which are most likely to reflect your photography business. Take out any words from the list that could be questionable or not present the right image for your photography brand. Make sure the words you have chosen are going to enable your business to expand in the future.

There are ways to get help with this. Try speaking to a branding expert, this can be expensive but you might be able to find a local branding expert that charges for a consultation session that might be helpful. You might be able to get free advice on social media from an expert. Don’t overlook advice from friends and family, they may have an association with a word that you have considered. Perhaps a younger family might think a word sounds old-fashioned!

By the time you have finished this step, you should have about ten words left on your list.

Step 3 – Add your Names to the Photography Brand Name Generator

Now add this list of words to the photography brand name generator.  You can click on the ‘generate’ button as many times as you wish and it can generate hundreds of names for you to consider for your new photography business. Copy the list of names from the name generator into a separate document to save them.

  • premier wedding photos
  • sore wedding photos
  • considerable wedding photos
  • respectable wedding photos
  • so-called wedding photos
  • public wedding photos
  • regulatory wedding photos
  • hungry wedding photos
  • primary wedding photos
  • horizontal wedding photos
  • puzzled wedding photos
  • round wedding photos
  • official wedding photos
  • brainy wedding photos
  • critical wedding photos
  • organisational wedding photos
  • miniature wedding photos
  • intimate wedding photos

  • musical photography
  • unfortunate photography
  • cheerful photography
  • slippery photography
  • wrong photography
  • considerable photography
  • integral photography
  • rapid photography
  • political photography
  • amused photography
  • lively photography
  • driving photography
  • friendly photography
  • evident photography
  • liberal photography
  • philosophical photography
  • Olympic photography
  • few photographies

Photography Brand Name Generator

Now you can try out the photography brand name generator for yourself. You will get so many name options with this fantastic tool.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Reduce Your photography Brand Name Ideas Down

Now you will have a list of potential names that you could consider as the ideal name for your photography business. You’ll want to get the list of generated names down to about ten to twenty potential names to consider.

You’ll find this quite easy to do now, as some names you’ll just know to take off your list.

Step 5 – Check for Use by Other Brands

The next step is to reduce your shortlist, you can use a Google search to see if any of the names are currently being used by other brands. Discount any potential names that are similar, you don't want to lose customers because they accidentally visit a similarly named photography brand.

They might also not have a good reputation so you wouldn’t want to be associated with them anyway.

Step 6 – Check Social Media

Many businesses do not have a website at all. Some rely heavily on word of mouth, local knowledge, or just social media. Some photography brands might only be on social media, focusing on local groups and reaching customers that way.

The name may have been used by a business that is no longer running and the account may now be inactive but you should still avoid using that name because they may not have been successful with that name, they may have had a negative reputation and finally, they might decide to become active as that brand again. Many businesses are active but just fail to regularly update their social media accounts.

Step 7 – Check Domain Name Status

Finally, you must do a domain search for all the names that are left on your list. Make sure they are available in the format you wish the name to be. It doesn’t take long to do at all yet is an essential step to do.

Step 8 – Choose your Name!

The most fun aspect of this process is choosing the name for your photography business. You should only have a few options left now. Reach out to friends and family for their thoughts and you can also get some idea of what people think on social media.

Step 9 – Register Your photography Brand Name Everywhere

Register your name for your photography business on every platform and as your domain name. Do this all at the same time so you don’t lose out on any platforms.

Final Word: Photography Brand Name Generator

Use these tips and steps to get the best name for your photography brand or photography store with ease. The photography store name generator is a free, simple-to-use tool that you can build your new brand identity. Good luck with your new venture!

The photography industry is worth approximately $32.92 billion every year worldwide. Only about 20% of these sales are made online, but there is the potential for significant growth online.

The photography brand name generator provides a list of names that are potentially a good fit for your brand based on a keyword. Many will be unique and available, but there is no guarantee, so use your due diligence.

While one in three businesses do not need a website, not having a website can immediately lose you sales. Not having a website is a mistake. You should have a website.
The average business owner spends $40,000 in their first 12 months of operations.
Try to save as much money as possible while you’re starting it. Branding is really important but you can do a lot of the branding and marketing yourself.