Podcasts are becoming a very popular way for users to consume information and find entertainment. There are many different podcasts available covering subjects from business to hobbies; politics to product reviews. And if you’re starting a new podcast, you might want to use a podcast name generator to help you choose the right name.

Why use a Podcast Name Generator?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to use a podcast name generator. Here are some of those top reasons.

There are numerous podcasts that are available and running. And there are new podcast episodes every day. Each of these podcasts has its own name, which allows them to be found on the search engines and the search features on podcast channels.

A unique name makes it much easier for the podcast to be found. It also distinguishes you from the competitors and allows you to have your own brand. This can make it much easier to have a successful podcast and returning audiences.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to choosing a name for any brand, whether a podcast or something else, is that brain fog can happen. This is when you are unable to make choices because there are so many options, it is almost unlimited.

A Podcast name generator can help you cut through the brain fog and give you a specific direction to go into when you’re naming the podcast.

Check for Domain Availability and Costs

Another factor is that you can then use the podcast name generator to help you find whether or not a domain is available. It is important that you utilize this as you should always have a website. A website offers you several benefits for the podcast. For instance:

    • Offers you a chance to list several episodes of your podcast.
    • Can create blog posts that can highlight the features of your podcast.
    • Improve the monetization of your podcast.
    • Adds a central place for your SEO to get more organic traffic for your podcast episodes.

Top Tips for a Podcast Name

Here are some of the top tips for naming your podcast.

Tip 1 - Think About your Content

The first thing that you need to do is to think about what you’re going to talk about, discuss, the guests you’re going to have and more on your podcast. You need a name that incorporates that and starts from there.

However, you must think about the extension of your content. You might only talk about political news now, but what if you want to expand to environment news or something else? Then your name might become obsolete.

Therefore, consider ensuring that your name is something that has the potential to expand.

Tip 2 - Keep it Succinct

When you’re choosing a name, you want to make it as short as possible. On average, names are often between three and four words long and no longer than 20 characters. There are numerous advantages of shorter names:

    • They are easier to say for the audience and those on the podcast.
    • They’re easier for your core audience to remember.
    • Shorter names are more convenient to use in marketing.

It is important to think of your additional marketing materials. The longer the name, the harder it will be to appear on web art, search engines and podcast preview images.

Tip 3 - Keep it Search-able

To make your podcast reach a wider audience, you need to be sure that those who are searching for you can find you using Google and other search engines. There are lots of different things that can make this easier, such as using keyword tools to find high search volume, low competition keywords but also using terms that are associated with your content.

It is also important to find that you can keep your podcast name within that search. Although you can also make your podcast searchable using content within the podcast by creating blog posts and optimizing these for keywords.

Don’t try to be special with your podcast name. For instance, don’t try to add a distinction to your name by replacing letters with a special character or number. This only makes it more challenging for your podcast to be found and it can look unprofessional.

Tip 4 - Say the Name Out Loud

Podcasting is a very audio medium, so you should ensure that the name that you’ve chosen can be said easily out loud. This is so that when you’re on the podcast, people can understand what you’re saying. They should also be able to say the name to friends and family and form a word of mouth kind of marketing.

Think about some of the lines that you’re going to use on your podcast regularly with the name. Are you going to be able to say the name easily?

Tip 5 - Check Availability for Name, Social Media and Domains

You want to make sure that you don’t have competition for the name of your podcast. This could confuse audiences and can damage your reputation. And it is important to stay away for search purposes.

You should look for names that are close as well. For instance, Social Media Today is very similar to something like Today’s Social Media. These names can be confusing for audiences and can often mean that listeners find the wrong channel.

At the same time, you want to make sure that social media channels and domains are available. These are key ways that you can market your brand. Social media platforms don’t prevent brands from having the same username on their platform. So this is something that you have to check yourself.

However, domains can only be registered to one entity. A website is a vital aspect of your marketing and you should look to build a good domain around your podcast. It allows for better marketing and monetization.

With a podcast name generator, you can often check whether a domain with the name is also available. However, you need to check the name on social media yourself.

How to Create a Brand Using a Podcast Name Generator

Here are the steps to help you create a podcast name using a podcast name generator.

Step 1 – Create a List of What You’re About

The first step is to always create a list about your brand, the content and what you’re going to do. This could be a simple list, with just a name for you, your content or the topic you’re going to talk about. Or you could create a list of several words.

Step 2 – Reduce Down the List

Now you need to reduce the list down to just a few things. For instance, if you’ve written down several different topics that you’re covering, then you whittle this down to just a few options. Try to keep your list to those topics that can encompass numerous things.

For instance, you could choose social media overusing things like ‘Twitter’, ‘Facebook’, and ‘LinkedIn’.

Step 3 – Add your Names to the Podcast Name Generator

Now you should add a few of the names to the Podcast name generator. For every name that you enter into the tool, you will get a list of potential brand name ideas.

Podcast Name Ideas

  • Annoyed About Something
  • Redundant Reviews
  • Quaint Food Tips
  • Pleasant Guests
  • Brown Rice Podcast
  • Burning Questions Podcast
  • Regular Management Podcast
  • Excellent Marketing Reviews
  • Vast World

  • Scientific Reviews
  • Modest Home Improvements
  • Lively Music Review
  • Fit for Purpose
  • Historic Knowledge
  • Canadian Travel and Tips
  • Planned Success
  • Associated Questions
  • Wet and Wild Podcast

You can try the Podcast Name generator down below.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Start Working Through the List

Now you need to read the list and start to reduce the list down to a few personal choices. There can be hundreds to go through, depending on the number of options that you’ve entered into the name generator. If you need help with the name list and reducing it down, consider asking friends and family if they see names they like.

This point is not about choosing just one name. You want to have a list that is about ten names that you can choose from. If you don’t have ten after this task, but have about five, then this is okay.

Step 5 – Check for Similar Names

Now you need to check online to see if there is a similarly named podcast to those names that you’ve shortlisted. You need to check for similar names as well as exact names.

There are different platforms that you can check.

Don’t use a name from podcasts that are no longer recording. While they may be inactive now, they may not be in the future. In addition, you can’t be sure that people won’t find that podcast and then assume that you’re not recording anymore.

Step 6 – Check Social Media Status

Check for the availability of social media names that are similar to your podcast. You will want to check several different platforms for your podcast.

Again, even if there is a similar name or username but the social media channel is now inactive. You might want to remove that option from your list. An already existing account can reduce your chances of being successful.

Step 7 – Check Domain Name Status

Check the availability of the domain name status for your potential names. This can be easy to do as it can be checked using the Podcast name generator by just clicking on the name. You will then be taken to a domain registration site that can help you find out whether it is available and then purchase the domain.

It might be important to purchase the domain because there is a chance that someone else might purchase it too. If you own it, no one can do that.

Step 8 – Choose your Name

Now it is time to finally choose the final name that you would like for your podcast. You might want to consult with friends, family, colleagues, potential listeners, etc. You might also want to check the name against different logos and images.

You can take the time for your name choice. But remember that the more generic the choice, the higher the chance that someone else might be trying to secure that name too. So, don’t be too long.

If you need outside help other than that already mentioned, you can also create a poll on Facebook/LinkedIn to see what others think of the names.

Step 9 – Register Everything

Now you can register everything on Podcast channels, social media and the domain name.

Podcast Name Generator FAQs

There are many questions you might have about the Podcast name generator. Here are some of the questions that are often asked, and their answers.

How Much Does it Cost to Use the Podcast Name Generator?

It is free to use the podcast name generator. You can use it as many times as you like for finding your podcast name. Every time that you click on the ‘Generate’ button, you will be provided with a list of unique names for you.

Can you Guarantee the Names are Available?

It is not possible to guarantee that any suggested name is available across all channels. You need to complete your own checks.

Can Two Podcasts have the Same Name?

Technically speaking, you can have two podcasts that have the same name. However, this is not always the best policy for your channel because it can confuse your audience. This can reduce the impact of your marketing and cause you to lose listeners.

Final Word: Podcast Name Generator

Above are the steps and tips that you can use for naming your podcasting using a Podcast name generator. This will help you create a unique and excellent podcast name. However, you need to make sure that the name that you don’t have too much competition for the name.