Setting up a new dropshipping business can be an exciting time with a lot to consider. If you are struggling to come up with a new name for your business, then you might wish to consider using a dropshipping business name generator. This will help you find the ideal name with ease.

In this article, we provide tips and advice for choosing a great name for your dropshipping business. And, when using the dropshipping store name generator we go through the steps of the process to make it as straightforward as possible.

Why Use a Dropshipping Business Name Generator?

If you’re finding it difficult to come up with a name for your dropshipping business then you should consider using a dropshipping business name generator. This is a great way to come up with a unique name for your new business venture. It will help you choose a memorable name so people return to your store again.

Your dropshipping business will need a strong online presence and great SEO (search engine optimization) so customers can find you easily. Only one in ten dropshipping businesses actually last more than a month. The reason that most failed businesses state for their expiration is that they get frustrated with a lack of sales.

However, there are lots of options that dropshipping businesses can take to ensure that they get more sales. A unique name will mean that customers can easily identify your brand. You don’t want them getting confused and shopping at another online store instead.

It will be easier to secure the domain name for your dropshipping business and the associated social media accounts if you are using a unique name. For example, choosing a name like Bob’s Shop has been done many times before. It will be hard to get all the social media accounts and a website with this name. You’ll also find the Google listings pretty full and as you're going to be aiming for countrywide custom having a boost for local searches is not going to help.

Choosing a name for a new dropshipping business can be a time-consuming process and this is where a dropshipping business name generator can be very helpful. You can go through the process systematically and once you have made a final decision on a great name you are free to get on with all the other tasks on your to-do list!

Tips for a Good Dropshipping Business Name

Here are 5 top tips to read before choosing your dropshipping business name. With these tips, you can choose a great name that will keep your customer returning and help you attract new ones.

Tip One – Make it Unique

The first aspect to consider when choosing a name for your new dropshipping business is to make it as unique as possible. It is easy to set up a dropshipping business but you need to make yourself stand out from your competitors, many of whom will be offering similar products.

The best option is to think about the products that you would like to dropship and then decide on your USP (unique selling point) what makes your store special, and why should customers shop on your online store over others. Perhaps you’re offering a group of products that are not always put together but help solve a problem. For example, you might want to deliver heavy food and cleaning items as monthly subscriptions.

Tip Two – Consider the Future

Consider all the possible expansion options you have for the future so you don’t end up restricting yourself in the future. So you might start dropshipping heavy cleaning items but you might decide to also offer pet food in the future.

If you chose the name Cleaning Solutions then you might put people off from looking at your online store when you come up in searches. They’ll see the word cleaning and likely assume that you don’t offer pet supplies.

Tip Three - Concatenations Are Great for Names

A concatenation is when a name is made from the initials of full words. Examples of this include BMW and IBM among many others.

An advantage of concatenations is that they can be very catchy if they take off. They can help you include words that customers might not remember but that are important in describing your brand. They can also be useful if you would like to include a name or set of names in your branding. You see this often in trade businesses like DRA & Sons Plumbing.

Tip Four – Make Sure Social Media is Available

Social media is essential today and this is especially important for dropshipping. Your customers will want to keep up to date with your brand. You can use social media to advertise new lines and products. You can advertise your brand and show your audience what the brand has been up to. You can also share seasonal offers.

Social media can be an important way for you to reach audiences. You can use Facebook Advertising and other paid features to reach a larger audience and grab the attention you need. The more content you publish, the more attention and traffic you will also get.

However, don’t get complacent. To truly succeed at dropshipping, email marketing is going to be one of your biggest sales channels.

Tip Five – Make Sure the Domain Name is Available

You will want to make sure that your domain name matches your brand. This is
essential because you don’t want to cause any confusion to your potential customers and a domain that doesn’t match can look very unprofessional.

It might be a good idea to choose a short name because a long domain can be challenging for people to enter into their browsers. Especially if your customers are shopping on their mobile.

Before you decide on a name you should check that the domain is available and not hesitate to purchase it when you make your final decision.

How to Create a Dropshipping Business Name Using the Dropshipping Business Name Generator

The steps below tell you how to use the Dropshipping Business Name Generator to create the perfect name for your business.

Step 1 – Create a List

Come up with a list of all the words you can think of to do with your dropshipping business that you might want to preclude in your name. It could be connected to the items you wish to sell, related to your location, or your history.

Step 2 – Reduce Down the List

You can then go through the list and decide which is the best match for your dropshipping store and narrow down the options accordingly. Have a look online to see if any stores are using similar words to your options.

If you’re struggling with reducing down the list, speak to members of your family and some friends. They might see challenges with certain names that others haven’t seen.

Step 3 – Add your Names to the Dropshipping Business Name Generator

Now is the exciting part where you use the free Dropshipping Business Name Generator. This is a great tool that will provide you with a large list of potential names for you to consider.

When you click on the tool you will see a new list of names like the following:

  • explicit Fashionable Items
  • continued Fashionable Items
  • unacceptable Fashionable Items
  • successive Fashionable Items
  • English Fashionable Items
  • improved Fashionable Items
  • unique Fashionable Items
  • shy Fashionable Items
  • evident Fashionable Items
  • private Fashionable Items
  • frantic Fashionable Items
  • primary Fashionable Items

  • short-term Discount Store
  • domestic Discount Store
  • sleepy Discount Store
  • very Discount Store
  • other Discount Store
  • marked Discount Store
  • passive Discount Store
  • impressive Discount Store
  • mute Discount Store
  • embarrassed Discount Store
  • convincing Discount Store
  • civil Discount Store

Dropshipping Business Name Generator

You can try the Dropshipping Business Name Generator down below. Every time that you click on the ‘Generate’ button a new, fresh list of names will appear.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Reduce the List Down Further

Take the long list of words and narrow it down to ten key options for your store and then think about what will be popular with your customers. You can check with friends and family and your followers on Facebook to see what they think of your ideas.

Step 5 – Check for Other Brands

Make sure the names you’ve chosen are not being used by anyone else on any social media channels or a website already. Don't be tempted to use a name similar to a competitor’s. It won’t help you at all.

Step 6 – Check Social Media Status

Check that the names aren't used on any of the social media channels you want to use and those you don’t. Check online sellers as well like Amazon and eBay

Step 7 – Check Domain Name Status

Finally, check domain name availability for the names on your list. This is an easy process for you to complete. When you have a shortlist, you can click on the name on the dropshipping business name generator. This will take you through to a partner website and they will tell you whether the name is available or not.

If it is not available, there might be a slight change to the domain name that can be made that will still be relevant to your business name. Or you might want to change the name altogether.

Be sure that there are lots of domain extensions available. For example, you want to make sure that you have the .com and .org with some others like .shop. This prevents others from registering the domain and then charging you for the use. Or you might get fraudsters try to copy your website to de-fraud your potential customers.

Step 8 – Choose your Name

Now you can make your final name choice! Make sure it works with your logo. You might also want to check that your chosen name is relevant to what your customers expect. You can always take consultations with your friends, family, coworkers and others.

Step 9 – Register Everything

When you’ve chosen, register your name everywhere you want to be, domain, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Don’t delay this once you start. Make sure you get everywhere registered at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not going to use the domain or social media channel immediately. As long as you have control of the account name, no-one else can take control of it.

Final Word: Dropshipping Business Name Generator

If you follow the steps in this article you will be able to come up with a great name for your dropshipping business. Think about what is unique about your dropshipping brand, perhaps you offer bundles of products that are unique to your store. Perhaps you offer exceptional customer service or rapid delivery. Make sure your name reflects your business.

When you have followed the tips you will have narrowed down your options and you can use the dropshipping store name generator to come up with the perfect name for your dropshipping business. You can then reduce your list down further by checking what friends and family think and doing plenty of research into other dropshipping stores on a wide range of platforms.

Finally, once you have made your choice check that it is available on all social media platforms that are relevant to you, including those that you may wish to use in the future, and also the website domain name which is the most important. Make sure you purchase the domain and register the social media accounts as soon as you can, don’t delay!

Almost any eCommerce or dropshipping store name needs to be unique so that audiences can identify you and not get confused. Using the dropshipping store name generator can help you to generate this new name.
You don’t need to have the same domain as the dropshipping store name. But it will help audiences who are trying to find you and know you by your dropshipping name.
The dropshipping name generator is a free tool for anyone. There are no costs to use it. And you can use it as much as you would like. Just click on generate and a set of new names will come along.
Naming a new business is always challenging. However, if you follow the steps above, you can find the name that you would be happy with, and can help you to become a success. A good name can help you be found and relate to audiences.
There are no limits on the use of the dropshipping business name generator. Sometimes you can have several dropshipping businesses and you can use the name generator for each of these for free.
There are numerous tips you can use for naming your dropshipping domain name. However, it is highly recommended that you ensure your domain name is unique and relevant. Audiences will remember a good name better than one that is common to others.
More than nine in ten dropshipping businesses will not last 120 days. Part of this is because they can’t get the sales to continue operating. However, with good SEO and social media campaigns, you can get your site ranked quicker.
Numerous brands own just one domain for their business. However, it is possible, and recommended, to buy multiple domains for one business with most domains parked and pointing to the main domain.
Shopify has become well-known for dropshipping businesses and rightly so. Any domain bought with our partner can be used with Shopify. There is a simple way to connect the two.
Your domain can be registered for between one and three years. It will need to be renewed on a regular basis. There is no option to buy your domain forever, this is against internet protocols.