Are you looking for a great Instagram username for your brand? Then you might want to use an Instagram username generator. One of these can help you generate a professional appearance that can help you build a great following and even earn revenue from your efforts.

In this article, we look at how you can build a good brand and reputation on Instagram by using an Instagram username generator.

Why use an Instagram Name Generator?

There are numerous reasons why you will want to use an Instagram username generator. The first is that Instagram is one of the most used platforms on social media. They cover a lot of different areas of life from cooking to fashion, lifestyle to DIY tips. However, this means that a lot of potential usernames have already been taken.

There can be several users that have the same or similar name. And this can be confusing for your audience. For instance, if there are two channels that are called DIYTipsUS and DIYTipsUSA, it would be hard to determine who is who. Therefore, audiences can be confused and if you have a follower from another platform trying to find you on Instagram, they might follow the wrong brand.

Therefore, when you’re starting out on the platform, you need to build a profile that is unique and good for your business. You might also want to move away from the traditional names that are used on the platform like the DIYTips or MakeupHelp.

Tips for a Good Instagram Username

There are many tips for a good Instagram username. Here are some of the top tips for you to consider.

Tip One – Unique Name

The first thing that you’ve got to make sure of is that you’ve got a unique name that cannot be confused with another option. This is mentioned briefly above. This can lose you the audience in one of two ways. Either the audience follows the wrong person, or those that have a similar name do something inappropriate that costs you followers because people get confused and unfollow you from their mistakes.

Tip Two - Stage Name

Another thing to consider is whether you want to use your real name or stage name. Many people who use platforms like YouTube and Instagram will use a stage name. While this is not appropriate on some platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn, for example) on Instagram it is a good idea.

There are numerous reasons why you might want to build a brand with a stage name. The first is that it can protect your personal details and real-world name. This can make it harder for hackers or thieves to steal information from you. Another reason is that it can be more professional to have a stage name that is more connected to your niche rather than your name.

Finally, there might be challenges in pronouncing/typing out your name or remembering it where a stage name will be better.

A classic example of this is PewDiePie. Their real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. His fan base is really big, but not everyone knows what his real name is. However, it would be very hard for followers to use his real name on a mobile device.

Tip Three – Use Concatenations

You should consider using concatenations, by just entering your initials with other terms. This can be a great way to build a brand on several different platforms. There are lots of examples online. For instance, there is Marques Brownlee. They use the concatenation of MKBHD for his YouTube channel name and Instagram. The channel name is: the first three letters from his initials with the second two to describe that videos are only uploaded in High Definition.

Tip Four – Check for Social Media Availability

Whatever platforms you want to use, you should try to register your username on every platform. Why? Because while you might not want to build on that platform now, you might want to use those platforms another time. Therefore, you want to ensure that you have control over the name on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

And you want to make sure that you have the name that is the same. So you don’t want to have something like DIYHacksUS on one channel but then HacksDIYUS on another platform.
Therefore, be sure that you check the potential list of Instagram usernames that are also available on other channels. You might want to check that you’ve got Facebook secure because you can connect those two platforms with ease.

Tip Five – Domain Name Availability

There are going to be many ways that you will be able to grow your following on Instagram. One of the topic options is to have an SEO optimized website. This might include adding blogs, videos, galleries of your published content and more. This is very similar to how some brands like CBR, WatchMojo and WatchCulture work.

They create a blog post that has similar content to the videos and image galleries that they produce. Sometimes there is a slight twist to what they have written. However, it does help them to bring in a great audience and earn some more revenue.

To get this to work, you need to think about your domain name and whether it is available.

Tip Six – Think of Expansion

Now you need to think about the expansion of your Instagram account. While you might be covering home DIY now, what if you want to move into gardening, decorating, lifestyle hacks or something else at a later date? This could be in a few months or a few years. What will you do? It is inadvisable to make changes to your username at a later date.

Therefore, you might want to think about having a more generic Instagram username.

How to Create a Brand Using the Instagram Username Generator

Here are the steps that are required if you’re looking to create a brand using an Instagram username generator.

Step 1 – Create a List of What You’re About

The first thing that you need to do is create a list or single word about what you want your Instagram account to be about. This could be something as simple as laptops, DIY, gardening or something else. It could also be something like your name or something about where you live.

Step 2 – Reduce Down the List

Now you need to reduce the list. Your list doesn’t need to be excessive. You should look at about two or three meaningful options for you. This will be enough for you to have a long list of potential names from the generator.

There are several ways that you can reduce your name list down. For instance, you can remove names that are too specific.

Step 3 – Add your Names to the Instagram Username Generator

Now you need to add the list of words that you have identified to the Instagram username generator. This will give you lots of potential names for you to use on social media channels. An example of the lists that you can get is listed below.

  • dramatic DIY
  • scottish DIY
  • italian DIY
  • satisfactory DIY
  • prospective DIY
  • literary DIY
  • central DIY
  • balanced DIY
  • so-called DIY

  • tasteless Fashion
  • weary Fashion
  • wooden Fashion
  • responsible Fashion
  • kind Fashion
  • huge Fashion
  • realistic Fashion
  • preferred Fashion
  • noble Fashion

Instagram Username Generator

You can try the Instagram username generator below.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Start Working Through the List

You should now look at reducing the list again. You can get hundreds of names depending on the number of words you’ve used in the Instagram username generator. If you want to have some help with your name choices, then you can discuss them with current fans, friends and family. Or you can look at what kind of names are being used by competitors on the platforms.

Remember the tips above to choose the names that you want/don’t want.
At this point, you want a list of about 10 of your favourite names to choose between.

Step 5 – Check Availability on Instagram

Now you need to check on Instagram and see if any other users have similar names to the ones that are on the list that you’ve shortlisted. Be sure to check for exact names and similar names as well.

You might also want to check that you don’t have names that are inactive as well as active. While inactive might not show in the feeds of people, they will show in search results. And if users check out these inactive accounts, they might forget about your account or think that your account is inactive.

Step 6 – Check Social Media Status

Now you need to check other social media accounts and platforms for the name that are on your list. You will want to check nearly all the platforms that you might want to use. You again need to check for exact and similar names. This can be very challenging and can take some time.

Even if the account is inactive, it might not be a good idea for you to use the name on Instagram or other accounts. This can cause confusion and it can also be limiting the potential growth of your brand.

Step 7 – Check Domain Name Status

One of the final checks that you need to do is to ensure that you can register a domain that can be connected to your Instagram account. You can do this by just clicking on the name from the results on the Instagram username generator.

A good website allows you to build a following allowing you to build a brand and earn more revenue.

Step 8 – Choose your Name

Now you can choose the name that you would like for your Instagram account. You might want to speak to several people before you make your final choice. And you might also want to see how the name looks on logos, merchandise or images.

Choosing the name can be very challenging, so remember to take your time, but not too much time. There might be others who are also looking at the similar names you are and they might work faster than you.

Step 9 – Register Everything

Now you can register everything on Instagram, social media, YouTube, domain and more.

Instagram Username Generator FAQs

There are many questions that people have about the Instagram username generator. So here are some questions and some answers.

How Much is it to Use the Instagram Username Generator?

The Instagram username generator is free to use for everyone and you can use it as many times as you need to get the right name. Every single click on the ‘Generate’ button that you make will offer you a unique set of potential names.

Can you Guarantee the Names are Available?

It is not possible to guarantee that the name that is listed on the Instagram username generator is available. You will have to check this yourself as we’ve detailed above.

Can Two Profiles have the Same Name?

It doesn’t matter if two profiles can have the same name, the fact is that you want to differentiate yourself as much as possible. Therefore, you can ensure that audiences don’t get confused when you are directing audiences to find you on Instagram.

Can I Trademark a Username?

It is challenging for a creator to have a trademark claim on a username. However, it is not impossible. The trouble is that if you’re looking to claim a name that has been active or created before you have created your own, 90% of the cases have been found in favour of the original owner.

Can you Copyright a Username?

Application for a copyright can be made. However, you need to complete a form online and this can be expensive. You will also need to have the name of the logo designer, contact details for the creator and more. And although you can copyright a YouTube name, it is very challenging for you to enforce that, unless you are a large business with a legal team and monitoring options.

Final Word: Instagram Username Generator

Above are the tips for you to start creating your Instagram username. Using the Instagram username generator allows you to make the process quicker. And with it, you can build a good following with ease.