If you enjoy playing medieval style role-playing games or writing novels written in medieval times then you might want to use a medieval name generator to help you create exciting and realistic new names for your characters, settings and items. This helpful tool is a great way to come up with original and authentic names.

This article will show you step by step how to use the medieval name generator to produce an amazing set of names for your fictional stories and role-play. This straightforward process will have you producing fantastic character and kingdom names with ease and it is completely free to use. We even include a set of FAQs to help.

Why Use a Medieval Name Generator?

There are many reasons why you might want to use a random medieval name generator for your next storyline, characters, settings and items. Perhaps you would like a sword to feature heavily in your adventure and what it to have a great name. Where do you start? Well, the medieval name generator can help you with this.

For a start, it means your names are going to be original. It can be really easy to use a name we’ve heard from somewhere else without even realizing it. To prevent this from happening use a random name generator.

You might also have written stories or created role-play characters for the medieval period in the past and be struggling to move past the names of characters that you have become attached to. You might also risk naming characters too similar to previous characters you’ve created and you don’t want to confuse your fans.

Another factor is that you might not want to spend ages thinking of names, you might want to get on with writing your novel or planning your role-play. You might not want to get stuck for hours trying to create a whole group of names.

Finally, using a medieval name generator is really fun and will likely bring up a whole lot of ideas that you might not ever have considered.

Tips For Creating Character Names

So to bring your character to life you will have a lot to consider and the name really is only a small aspect. You will need to consider their clothes, backstory, abilities, skills, family and friends. You will then require further names connected to the character. The names all need to sound realistically medieval and believable.

Take your time when choosing the name and follow the tips below to create some fantastic names for your medieval characters.

Tip One: Consider the Time

Fantasy writing and role-playing are usually set in medieval times, with medieval weapons and levels of technology and clothing. Think about names that were commonly used in medieval times. What were your characters connected to? Were they village people with village-based jobs that might make up their name? Were there names connected to Gods? Are their names going to vary by status?

Tip Two: Naming Conventions

Think about the setting. Are you writing a medieval story or role-play based in a fantasy medieval land? If so you can use names of well-established creatures such as elves and goblins. These characters tend to have well-established character types and traits and some naming conventions already so you might want to research this.

Many fans of the fantasy genre are very particular about writers keeping to character traits and naming conventions of established fantasy creatures.

Perhaps you are basing your narrative on the medieval times of a particular country so you will want to research naming conventions that are historically believable. This will also give you plenty of ideas for the medieval name generator.

Tip Three: Storylines

You might want to base your characters name on what they do in the story. For example, a warrior type character whose narrative is to follow a quest and perhaps battle a terrifying foe will want a name that suggests they are a warrior.

Alternatively you might have a reluctant hero who is revealed as being more powerful than the reader originally thinks so you might want to use a different name to add to the deception.

If you are choosing a name for a character that interacts with a variety of different characters in their medieval village you will want to make sure that the characters' names are all convincingly similar. So the reader can imagine that they all came from the same medieval village.

Tip Four: A Community

Is your audience expecting to read a historical medieval novel? Are they perhaps hoping to read a medieval historical novel based on known royalty, are they going to be expecting to feel like they are part of a medieval court.

Think about how you are going to create a community around your character. Who are the recurring characters going to be? What are their backgrounds? How are they going to be identified? What keeps the community together?

Tip Five: Link Your Character to the Past

It might seem like you’re already writing in a setting from a long time ago but remember that your character will have a past and history! Perhaps their family traces back to nobility or clan. Perhaps they had a certain career or looked after a mysterious ancient heirloom.

Perhaps you are writing a medieval fantasy role play and the character has a responsibility to defend ancient landmarks that can take people to and fro in time! There are so many options but creating a rich heritage for your character can help with choosing a name.

Your character’s name may be linked to royal names used in the past. You might choose to link your location names to modern locations and perhaps alter the names to make them sound more medieval.

How To Use the Random Medieval Name Generator

The Medieval Name Generator is really easy for anyone to use. It is also free and you can use it as many times as you like! It will help you come up with fantastic names for not only your characters but also your settings and items. Here’s how to use the Medieval name generator.

Step One – Create a List of Important Words

First of all, you need to come up with a list of words that are associated with your character. Consider all the tips above and write down any words that you feel are strongly connected to your character. This could include culture, places, era, history, etc. Include all your ideas because the more options you have the better.

Step Two – Now Reduce Down the List

Now you need to look at the whole list and choose perhaps the strongest 5-10 words that stand out and are the best representatives of, your character, Don’t include names that give away too much of the story or names that you realize are irrelevant. You also might not want your readers to make a quick judgment on your character and some names might do this.

Step Three – Speak to Friends and Family

You could ask friends and family what they think of your ideas. You could also see what people think of your name theme ideas on Facebook. You could even run a poll on Facebook.

You want to narrow your list down to the best 5 name ideas at this stage.

Step Four – Add your words to the Medieval Name Generator!

The next step is the most exciting. Add the names on your list to the random medieval name generator. Every time you enter words in the list to the generator and click on ‘Generate’ you will get a new list of potential medieval names that you can consider using for your character, setting or plot.

Here is an example of the names you could get.

  • rainy Little Town
  • vast Little Town
  • cultural Little Town
  • inherent Little Town
  • beautiful Little Town
  • imaginative Little Town
  • integrated Little Town
  • juicy Little Town
  • agreeable Little Town
  • blonde Little Town
  • black Little Town
  • graceful Little Town
  • vertical Little Town
  • poised Little Town
  • variable Little Town
  • mathematical Little Town
  • neat Little Town
  • nineteenth-century Little Town

  • shivering of the Valley
  • robust of the Valley
  • legitimate of the Valley
  • grubby of the Valley
  • provincial of the Valley
  • artistic of the Valley
  • exciting of the Valley
  • territorial of the Valley
  • printed of the Valley
  • prepared of the Valley
  • nursing of the Valley
  • coming of the Valley
  • spanish of the Valley
  • fluttering of the Valley
  • principal of the Valley
  • stormy of the Valley
  • key of the Valley
  • dominant of the Valley

Medieval Name Generator

You can try the Medieval name generator below. It’s a great tool and easy to use.

Get a Name Idea

Step Five – Reduce the List Further

Take a look at all the names that have been generated by the medieval name generator and see if you can reduce your names down further. This can seem time-consuming but it will make the next step more worthwhile.

You should now have a fresh list of 10 fantastic potential names for your medieval character.

Step Six – Check For Usability

When you have your list of names, check that they are all suitable to use. Some of the names might remind you of another character by coincidence. You could look the name up online to see if they are an established character from a well-known series. You don’t want to infringe on someone else’s copyright. You could also check that the name isn’t of an unconnected historical person as this could just confuse your readers.

If your character is for role play you will want to check out how the name sounds. Is this a name that the person playing the character will want to use? Does it sound good?

Step Seven – Check Domain Name Status

This might seem odd but if you expect your fictional character to have their own fan base then you might want to check that the domain name for the character name is available. You should also check the character's name on social media platforms.

This could be particularly important if you are choosing a medieval name perhaps for a clan or dynasty or a family name and that is going to be the name of the book series. A lot of people like to have a website connected to a book series so they can connect with other fans and find out behind the scenes information and learn additional info from the author.

A website is a great place to generate additional revenue, especially as your popularity grows. You can sell merchandise, books and places at book signings or events.

Step Eight – Choose Your Name

Now you can choose the name for your medieval character, setting or item. There are a number of ways to choose the final name from your shortlist. One might stand out to you straight away or you might wish to go back to friends and family and see what they think.

Medieval Name Generator FAQs

Do you have any questions about using the medieval name generator? See if your question is answered in the FAQ below.

How Much Does It Cost to Use the Medieval Name Generator?

The medieval name generator is completely free to use and you can use it as many times as you like. Every time you click on it you will get a completely new list of potential names generated. Even if you use the same word again, a completely new list of names will appear.

Can You Copyright Your Choice of Name?

Names can have copyright applied to them but you will need to look into this and seek professional advice. An important first step is making sure that someone isn’t already using that name, to begin with.

Can I Purchase the Domain Name?

If the domain name is available you can purchase it through a reputable company that sells domains. We suggest that you do this as soon as possible because you might lose the opportunity yet have an established name. This is especially important if the name is for a series of books for example. Prices can vary and a domain can be purchased for between one and three years.

Final Word: Medieval Name Generator

Above are the simple steps to help you use the medieval name generator to create characters, settings, locations and item names for your medieval novel or role-playing. You can use the medieval name generator as many times as you wish until you find the perfect name.