Are you an author or participate in role playing games and would like to create a character? You will need a good name for them. This can be hard. Most often, we choose names that are familiar to us and this can be offending to some people who will assume that the name is associated with them. If the character isn’t likeable, then this can cause friction. That is why some people look for random last names with the help of a random last name generator.

Within this article, we look at how you are able to use a random last name generator to help you build a fictional character that is completely unique for your storyline or character. This guide will include the steps to use, the FAQs and tips for the name.

Why Use a Random Last Name Generator?

There are numerous reasons why you will want to use a random last name generator rather than coming up with the name yourself. For one, psychologically, humans tend to name things based on their own experiences. This means that the last names you will choose will tend to have significant familiarity. This can cause problems with those you know when you know someone with that last name. Or upset people because they’ve heard the surname so many times before.

It might also be confusing for readers of your books when they see the name again and might consider it to be a character related to a previous character that you’ve written for.

It also might mean that you unintentionally create a random last name that is included in another work of fiction you’ve read. Therefore, to stay unique, you might want to work with some software to help you come up with something more unique.

Another factor is that you want to spend less time creating the name for your characters and more time creating the storylines. Perhaps the name of the character isn’t as important in your story as other elements or perhaps you’ve got deadlines to meet. The last name can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to the storyline as you refer constantly to the character through a title or the first name.

Whatever the reason for the use, a random last name name generator is a great tool to help you save time and build an excellent list of potential random last names to add to your novel, game or fictional work that you’re building right now.

Tips for Naming a Character

There are numerous tips that are available when you want to create a new character and their name. There are numerous reasons why you will want to make sure that you have a good name. For one, the character will become part of the life of your fans and audience, they will remember the name and feel immersed in the world that you’ve created. A good name can be a really creative way for you to get your character loved by the audience/reader.

So it is very important to spend some time creating the name for your character. It can also be symbolic, give away hints about their past or history or the place within the story.

So here are some of the tips that you want to use in the naming of your character.

Tip One: Consider the Era

The first thing that you need to consider is the time period that you’re basing your story within. Different eras have more unique naming conventions. For example, if you’re talking about the ancient era with the Romans and Greek empires then certain last names were used.

Compare that to the last names of those that are in the future could be very different. Future names are more likely to be shortened. A classic example of how this has happened in the past include Smith. In the past, this might have been Blacksmith or Coppersmith. These were often shortened over time to just smith.

Another example is when names were often connected with the family history like David’s Son which was shortened to Davidson or Davids.

Many futuristic names also include things like X’s and Z’s in them.

Tip Two: Naming Conventions

Naming conventions are important when it comes to creating character names for any era. For example, certain locations have certain names that are more popular and important to the history of the location. For example, many people might have a name that is associated with the home or the family home.

A classic example of this is Meadow, which often refers to the family living out in a meadow. Some families were also named after the jobs that their family used to do. For example, those with the surname Farmer probably had farmers as ancestors.

It isn’t uncommon, during history that families kept to the same occupation with the job being transferred from father to son. This is why the occupation used to be part of the family’s name. The old convention would be something like Jim the Farmer that would be shortened over time for Jim Farmer.

There are also connections to a culture’s religion, belief or more. This can be more common in older times, but if you’re writing a science fiction character, this could be something that you use.

There also might be names that you want to use based on the characters point plot using foreign languages. For instance, a name like Presige could be used to describe a character that has a lot of pride.

Tip Three: Storylines

Another consideration is that you might want to name your characters based on what they are doing in the storyline. For example, you might want to have a character name that is associated with them being a hero, or a villain that has something important about their past.

The association can be important for numerous reasons. For one, it can be a clue as to what is going to happen. Another reason is that you can use it as a decoy, to get the audience thinking one way and then swing the storyline in another direction.

Tip Four: Think About the Community

Another factor is that you might want to think about the community. What will your readers expect from the last name of your characters. Are they expecting foreign names or those that are connected to history? Audiences will want to feel immersed within the community and the storyline.

And it isn’t just about the one character that you’re developing the last name for. It is about their friends, family and other aspects. Their last name can be a gateway for these aspects.

Tip Five: Links

You can use a random last name generator to have a connection to the local area or to something in the past. For example, certain last names can be traced back to nobility or certain careers. They might also have a connection to locations that they’ve come from.

This can be seen in many place names. For example, there are places like New York and Boston that have connections to locations within the UK. There are also places like New South Wales, New Hampshire, etc.. And then there are countries like New Zealand that has a connection to a Danish island in Europe.

How to Use Random Last Name Generator to Name your Characters

A random last name generator are easy to use for anyone. So here is some help to get you to name your new fictional character with a random last name generator.

Step 1 – Create a List

The first thing that you should be doing is to create a list of anything and everything that can be connected to your character. This could be things like their culture, history, place in the storyline, era, family, friends and more. You need to include everything as you can to ensure that you get a lot of good options.

You can create a long list if you want to. This allows you to ensure that you can creating all the names that are suitable.

Step 2 – Reduce Down the List

Now you should reduce down that list to ensure that you are only going to use the most appropriate names for your character. This could mean removing anything that could take away the enjoyment for the reader, things that you might reduce the surprise or something that really doesn’t sound good.

This can be very challenging and might take some time. You might need to speak to fans of your novels, friends, other authors and your family. You might also be able to create a poll on your Facebook/Twitter account to help you find out what is happening.

Step 3 – Add your Words to the Random Last Name Generator

Now you need to take the remaining words that you have, which should be between three and five, and then add these to your random name generator. This is a good tool because every time that you enter a word into the generator and click on the ‘Generate’ you will get a list of new names.

  • homeless Smith
  • white Smith
  • useless Smith
  • capitalist Smith
  • gothic Smith
  • fortunate Smith
  • aggressive Smith
  • protestant Smith
  • moderate Smith
  • autonomous Smith
  • underground Smith
  • accurate Smith
  • close Smith
  • controlled Smith
  • swift Smith
  • surprising Smith
  • mere Smith
  • representative Smith

  • dry Burns
  • racial Burns
  • overall Burns
  • respective Burns
  • outrageous Burns
  • moaning Burns
  • elderly Burns
  • sensible Burns
  • chubby Burns
  • given Burns
  • convenient Burns
  • biological Burns
  • intermediate Burns
  • well-known Burns
  • easy Burns
  • chilly Burns
  • multiple Burns
  • just Burns

Random Last Name Generator

You can try the random last name generator below.

Get a Name Idea

Step 4 – Reduce the List Further

Now you should look at the potential names that you have generated on the website and see if you can reduce it down. This can be very time consuming but it is worth the effort.

At the end of this step, you should have about 10 names that you would like to move onto the next steps.

Step 5 – Check for Usability

Now check the names on the shortlist to see if they can be used. For example, you might not want to use the name if it is in common use across the internet. In some cases, film makers have changed the name of a character because they’ve found that there is someone with that name and they might sue if the name is used.

There are also times when a name might be used in other franchises and you will want to avoid these too. For instance, using James Kirk might not be a good idea.

Step 6 – Check Domain Name Status

You might want to check whether a domain name is available for your character name. This might seem an unnecessary step, but some characters might get so popular that a website for them might be a good way to earn some money or to market your books. There are some cases where in the past this has happened.

In addition, you might want to buy the domain name to stop people from using the domain name and profiting off your hard work.

Step 7 – Choose your Name

Now you need to choose the name that you want to use. There are many ways that you can check for this. For instance, you might want to speak friends, family, fans and others to help you out. You might also have reduced your choices based on usage elsewhere.

Random Last Name Generator FAQs

Do you have questions about the random last name generator? Check to see if the answer is below.

How Much is it to Use the Random Last Name Generator?

There is no charge for you to use the random last name generator. The tool is free and can provide a new list of names every time you click on the ‘Generate’ button, even if you use the same word. There are no charges when you use a name either.

Can you Copyright a Name?

In some cases, you can copyright the last name of a character. However, this is very hard to do. But if it does happen, then it can also be expensive.

Examples of when it is has happened include Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, etc..

Final Word: random last name Name Generator

Above are the steps, FAQs, tips and more that you might want to use to help you name a new character for your work of fiction. It is important that you use the random last name generator as it saves you time when building a new world.