Whether you’re starting out, or have been in business before, you know how hard it can be to generate a name for your new business. A store name can be more challenging. So many people are going to be referring to your store in the street and online. It can sometimes become a landmark. So here are some instructions on how to come up with a store name.

The Challenges to Naming a Store Name

How to Come Up with a Store Name

One of the biggest challenges for a store name is that you want to have something that will be ranked high on Google, memorable to customers, and easy to pronounce. It is a very delicate balancing act that can be tough to achieve.

One of the main reasons why it is challenging is that not only do you have to find potential names for your new business venture, but you also have to make sure that someone else is not using them.

Therefore, you can face a lot of challenges. For instance, a toy store in New York might have a name like New York Toys. It is a great name, it is memorable, would do well on search engines, and is easy to remember. However, it is also probably a store already. And that is the problem.

Two brands with the same name have numerous impacts. For one, it can be confusing to audiences, suppliers, and even government agencies when two brands have the same name. One customer might contact you when they mean to contact the other brand. This action can be infuriating and waste your time.

Another problem is that brands can protect their names. A protected name can lead you into court action should the other brand take action, which they have a right to do. Court action can be very costly and you would have to rebrand your business, should you survive.

Therefore, it is always best to get a unique name, as well as one that is memorable and will rank high on Google.

How to Come Up with a Store Name

How to Come Up with a Store Name

Here are the steps that are required to come up with a store name. These steps are very easy to follow and make use of the excellent store name generator, a free online tool that helps you build your strategy.

Step 1 – Consider the Main Values of your Business

The first thing that you need to do is to come up with the main ideas for your business. What are you looking to portray in your store? If you’re a vegan clothing store, then you want to have something that can connect your values with your business.

You might want to write these down in a list. These can be useful for later.

While you are writing down the list, you might also want to consider which of the words might not sit well with audiences. For example, some words that can be associated with a brand can be offensive. Especially if you’re looking at the word in other languages.

There are numerous times when a brand has created a name for a slogan or product name, then when translated into another language, something offensive, or inappropriate is there.

Step 2 – Add a List of Words to the Store Name Generator

How to Come Up with a Store Name

Now you can use the store name generator to help you create the name. All you have to do is to add one word or phrase to the store name generator and click on the ‘Generate’ button. Instantly you will be provided with a list of potential names that can be used for your brand. There are lots of options here and with just a shortlist of about 10 words, you could have hundreds of potential names to use.

The problem is that this name generator cannot guarantee that the names are not already in use. Therefore, you will need to check whether each name is available. This stage is covered in the next few steps for you.

Step 3 – Check Domain Status

The first aspect is to check the domain status of the potential names. A Google search will not be sufficient. Some people might have bought the domain but are not using it at the moment, have it parked, have it on a redirect, or something else.

A domain check is free to complete and you should be thinking of looking at all the names that are on your list. Ideally, you don’t want to be overladen with names, so try to limit the names that you have available to between 10 and 20 potential names.

Step 4 – Check Google

Now you can check for Google. About a third of brands don’t have a website, so checking for a domain name is not going to be effective. You might find that someone has used a Google Business account to register their business but does not have a website.

A quick Google search of the business name should demonstrate whether they exist. But it is not the final step.

How to Come Up with a Store Name

Step 5 – Social Media

One of the problems with stores is that many people have a small store on platforms like eBay or Etsy but don’t have a website or presence on Google at all. Instead, these individuals will have a social media account where they advertise their products and services.

There are so many different social media platforms and some sellers might not have a profile on Facebook, but be on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube. Therefore, you will need to search on lots of different platforms to make sure that no other person is using your brand.

Step 6 – Business Name Search

Another step is to ensure that you have checked your state’s business register. Many states require business registration, others only register LLCs. If you have a business that has a name, the name is protected by the law, no other brand can use the name.

There are also other benefits of using the LLC business structure. For instance, you can benefit from a better tax structure.

A business name search can be free. However, if you want to register or reserve a name there will be costs involved.

Step 7 – Choose a Business Name

Now you can choose a business name. You need to choose a name that has not been taken, which you should have eliminated before in the previous steps. If you’re stuck, you can always reach out to friends, family, and others to see what they think about your business name.

How to Come Up with a Store Name

Step 8 – Register your Store Business Name

Now you can register your store name. Registering with your state will protect your name from being used by others. Therefore, no one will get you confused with another brand. In addition, you should make sure that you can register the domain name and the social media name.

There might be some costs here. For instance, you might need to pay an amount for registering or reserving your name with the state, or several states, and the domain will have a cost. Shopify business accounts will also have a fee.

You should also register on Google Maps, to ensure that potential customers can find you.

Final Word: How to Come Up with a Store Name

Above are the instructions you need when you want to know how to come up with a store name. The simple process can take just a few hours, or it can take days. But a unique name will ensure that you have a brand that can last the test of time, as so many retail brands don’t. Good luck with your new venture.

Nearly half of all stores will fail within their first year. There are so many different reasons why stores fail, with lack of consumer demand, no money, and too-high costs being the main reasons.
A website is not essential, but it is highly useful. Research has shown that about 50% of sales start with a consumer looking online. That doesn’t mean that they are all online, some sales move from online to offline and others move in the opposite direction.
There is no right platform for your website. If you’re looking for a great eCommerce website, then you might want to try WooCommerce or Shopify. Otherwise, you could try Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress.
Yes, the store name generator is an effective tool for helping you to build a unique store name. However, you will need to check each name carefully to ensure that you can use the name and that it isn’t protected.
If you want to be successful online, then you need a range of platforms to advertise your store. It is highly recommended to use Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok at a minimum.